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Fresh New Quake Textures Discussion
Alright, so I re-installed Worldcraft and loaded it up for the first time in 6-7 years. Looks pretty basic, I'll get the hang of it pretty quick again.

Problem is I have no textures. And if I remember correctly, i've never made a single map using ID textures. So, are there any awesome new textures out there for Quake that people want to see used in a Q1 map? I'm thinking anything that isn't base. I want to do something metal or gothic like Autumn Haunting, only bigger and more epic. Oh and what compile tools do we use these days? I installed Worldcraft 3.3 with the Q1 adapter. Is that hip now?

Oh ps. I redesigned my website, now hosted at

Telefragged/Atomic Gamer are cocksucking sons of bastards that deleted my site long ago because 'apparently' I had porn on there. They won't reinstate it.
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Thanks dude I'll check them out :D 
watlah u talking kona so stupid! 
hey everybody shut up n stop 2 commend,no job isnt 
I Swear 
I did NOT create a func comment generator 
i don't get it 
I was trying to make a new water texture. Something that could look like a waterfall. There is a +fall animation that works like 8 bmp-files. They are attached like +0_name.

Having the new Quake Retextured set I was wondering how a 512x512 tga of 16M colours can be used with only the name #water.tga?

I can split up the file in other bmp or tga's, so I'm not getting the idea behind it.

Sure the retextured files look good, and I'm not sur a good animating texture can be made for it. But I would like to give it a try. 
Did any map ever come out of this thread? 
Not from I. Damn this threads 6 yrs old already. I downloaded lots of textures but decided mapping takes too long and fucked some hookers instead. 
At least that means I've mapped more in the past 6 years than Kona. 
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This Map Came Out Of This Thread. 
Doom For Quake Textures 
Didn't someone like Lunaran make a really badass remake of the Doom base textures? I'm sure they did. 
Yeah Used In Lun3dm3 
in the fabled czg05 
They're Not That Badass 
the concrete looks way too grainy to me now.

twas before I learned noise isn't texture. 
I See What You Mean 
but it still looks pretty good to me... I dunno, you can always redo it I suppose ;) 
noise = quake 
Good Texture Creation Tutorials? 
Using Wally, and while the toolset is very straight forward, all my texture tests turn out muddy and bland in-game. I suppose I just need to keep at it, but I was wondering if anyone knew of any good quake-texture-creation tuts anywhere? 
I still use a free, full licence, version of Paint Shop Pro 7 that I got from a magazine CD about 10 years ago. I have 2 separate versions of the quake palette for making textures, one with full brights and one with all the fullbrights replaced with a bright pink texture (this helps remove fullbrights from appearing by accident).

It takes practice to make decent textures, I only dabble in it when I need to touch up a texture to suit my needs. Just practice like hell and you'll get better. 
If you're in photoshop, I make extensive use of the gradient map adjustment layer. Create a gradient that matches a palette row, paint under it in greyscale however you want, never have to worry about palettization again. 
Was It Starbuck 
who made the curves for photoshop? You can get them on quaddicted/tools 
When I made those curves, I was ignorant of the gradient map feature, which seems like a simpler and better way of doing it.

I don't know if there's a premade bunch of gradients anywhere though.

saved out of CS2 so possible backwards compatibility issues if you're on something older than that 
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