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Fresh New Quake Textures Discussion
Alright, so I re-installed Worldcraft and loaded it up for the first time in 6-7 years. Looks pretty basic, I'll get the hang of it pretty quick again.

Problem is I have no textures. And if I remember correctly, i've never made a single map using ID textures. So, are there any awesome new textures out there for Quake that people want to see used in a Q1 map? I'm thinking anything that isn't base. I want to do something metal or gothic like Autumn Haunting, only bigger and more epic. Oh and what compile tools do we use these days? I installed Worldcraft 3.3 with the Q1 adapter. Is that hip now?

Oh ps. I redesigned my website, now hosted at

Telefragged/Atomic Gamer are cocksucking sons of bastards that deleted my site long ago because 'apparently' I had porn on there. They won't reinstate it.
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Is Anything "hip" Now? 
Most people here tend to use WC of some flavour. Personally, I prefer GTKRadiant, but that's only because I'm used to it now.

Metal and gothic makes me think of knave.wad, althoguh that's almost been done to death by Kell. You are likely to get directed to the Quaddicted wad archive at some point in this thread to get them all. But I can't be arsed to find the link... 

Lucky guess --^

Loving the new website Kona, nice and bloody. 
I'd Love To See 
your take on the Knave texes :) 
More Kona maps!!!!

Yes Please. Love the website. WC3.3+Quakeadapter (its on is the best thing to use IMO - it has better texturing and texture lock than 1.6 and a 3D accelerated view. The only flaw is that you can't increase the texture brightness :(

This is exciting! 
Not very new and not entirely non-id textures but there's Speedy's CR8 and Speedbaze: 
This required a thread? 
I think any legendary mapper (or near legendary... I'm not sure what the difference is around here) returning to mapping would be threadworthy. Would you really complain if it was someone like ELEK? 
Yes. Yes I would. Same goes for any old mapper returning (with the possible exception of headshot deciding to make a new map). And in specific reference to ELEK; knowing him he'd have expected me (or someone else) to kick off if he'd done this...

In fact, it's actually less excusable when it's someone who's been around a while, they should know the standard etiquette for func, including the purpose of the GA thread.

Oh, and the bullshit about 'any legendary mapper' can fuck right off. While I respect Kona's work (along with the work of many, many designers over the years) that does not mean he deserves any special treatment.
I'm not sure what the difference is around here - The difference is that if a random newbie has to obey the rules, so does the most seasoned veteran. It's not one rule for us another rule for the many, it's called equality. Try it rather than acting like a blind fan boi hero worshipping your personal jeebus. 
You Just Jealous 
Oh, and couple of other points just occurred to me;

You seem to be labouring under the impression that anything that is an 'interesting piece of information' deserves it's own thread.

Unfortunately this is not the case, the discussion threads are for... well... discussions. Topics where various viewpoints can be expressed, discussed and debated till either a conclusion or nonsense is reached. Films, gameplay theories, largescale memes, those kinds of things.

Now obviously this thread is far from that, it's a basic question/answer (in fact, a question/answer that is less than 150 posts previous in GA), something that is far more suited for mapping help or general abuse, which I'm sure Kona will accept and take into account in the future.

However, you seem to be arguing that the return of formerly retired mappers is somehow a discussion topic. This makes no sense to me, there is little to discuss (other than ego-feeding, etc) in this, making it unsuitable to a discussion thread, but maybe a news thread would be suitable. It is after all a piece of information to be disseminated amongst the users (a la other news posts).

Thing is, I doubt that even you would argue that a piece of news that contains no new releases (maps/textures/code/wha'ever), no links to a potentially beneficial resource and frankly little of major import deserves to be in the news listings on the front page...

Which brings me back to my point (which you seem to disagree with, although I've yet to see an argument supporting why this is);

This belongs in mapping help or general abuse. 
WTF nonentity?

Ethereal Hell is back!
This is worth a new thread, imho.
(Great design, btw...) 
no links to a potentially beneficial resource

Ever visited Ethereal Hell before? 
maybe a news thread would be suitable.

oh really? 
Ever visited Ethereal Hell before?

Well since you mention it... Yes, since back when it was that evile flash abortion Shambler hated so much. And taken from the current front page;

Welcome to Ethereal Hell, the homepage for level designer Shaun [Kona] Ross. This website is an archive of my legacy on Quake, Quake2, Quake3 and Half-Life.

Archives of an author's own maps that are already hosted on other sites aren't really 'potentially benefical resources' now are they?

And while I can see how you'd think;

Oh ps. I redesigned my website, now hosted at

was the focal point of the thread, especially given that the title is "EH gets new host"... Oh, wait, no, it's "Kona Needs Quake Textures". You see why I might be slightly confused.

Oh, and as a final note, the potentially beneficial blah line was talking about things being valid for news submissions. Not discussion threads. This is a discussion thread.

Feel free to actually understand my point before you respond to it again. Or then again, not, the counter arguments are so much easier this way. It's your call. 
oh really?

ya rly.

Now stop quoting me out of context ;p 
Holy Crap 
are you having a bad day?

anyway I thought I'd contribute something to the thread while it's actually a thread (if it isn't, I can't help that).

[Kona], I'd recommend not using pure Kell (kdmtex, apocrypha, knave) textures, as, awesome as that theme is, I actually think by now it has been overdone. However there are tons of good textures in there. Maybe try combining it with something else (Sock Egyptian which comes with WC, or Heretic 2). I recommend Heretic2.wad, it's underused and it's interesting.

There are some good modified metal textures, but they're mostly in DM maps (and House of Spikes).

Yeah I remember original Unforgiven - lol, good thing you released your maps! My main map for unforgiven has 650+ monsters and tons of little bugs. I'll get to fixing/finishing it after Arcanum.

For compile tools, and engines, make sure to get aguirRe's Quake stuff. THE most helpful set of mapping tools EVER. Compilers/engines give you stats on everything - what limits you're breaking, exactly what problems the map has where - incredibly useful. Without these tools, epic sized maps would probably be impossible. 
Not really, I just posted 4 (imo fairly accurate) words and got the flame icon in response. I generally take that as a cue to start shooting... 
Archives of an author's own maps
Ever clicked on 'Reviews' 'Ratings' or 'Level Of The Month' links on EH?

If not, you should go there.
Reading is good to calm down when throwing such a tantrum.

Btw, enough 'discussion thread' for me right now! ;) 
I Hate You Nonentity 
You have ruined my day with your trivial preciousness.

This should have been posted as a discussion thread. There is a lot to discuss here. Kona is back and he is asking US for help, as well as re-introducing his website.

Well, whatever. He wants to have a discussion about it. Not about you defending your argument that he should have posted this in GA. Why dont you get a job as an old tired history teacher (female) or something. Go and buy yourself a really thick pair of glasses an sneer at bored little children. I would love to play you at chess. :)

Kona - I would use the tools provided with the Quakeadapter. Unless you want coloured lights in which case I would find the latest version of Tyrlite. Also AguirRe's modified GLQuake is really useful for bug finding.

More at

(AguirRe's site) 
I think WC3.3 is hip, but may dont and prefer Radiant or something. Not sure. Also that BSP editor is meant to be pretty good nowadays. Or the recent version of QuArK. And someone said OGIER. Dont know what that is. 
Stop. Quoting. Me. Out. Of. Context.

And Ricky, the reason people get disciplined in school is that children tend to not understand rules. The same applies here, with the exception that I assume the majority are old enough to be aiming for something slightly above childish disregard for etiquette...

And yeh, this still shouldn't have been a thread, as proven by the fact that it's pretty much the quaddicted archive link, the aguirre tools link and a discussion about what should be a thread... 
OGier, lit, the one who is more OG (Original Gansta) 
well I've enjoyed this thread. 
Title Should Be Changed: 
nonentity vs. Rickyt23 thread

For what it's worth there have been some really pathetically shit discussion threads, can't say I'm bothered by this one.

And it did make for some interesting comments. 
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