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Engine Limits
When I started mapping for Quake I ran into 'compilation problems' from quite early on, and it is only through my failures that I have improved. Later on I began to understand what r_speeds and vis-blocking are all about. Slowly I have built up an understanding of all of the jargon which has been hurled at me by mappers on Func_ and the tools themselves, as well as web reference sources.

So I was gonna make a post saying

I have got my current project in a state at the moment where there are 18000 marksurfaces and roughly the same amount of clipnodes, but 32 lightmaps. This is the best ratio of lightmaps/clipnodes/marksurfaces I have ever had! Also fast vis is currently 3 seconds! I am proud to have achieved this, because I know I can still expand the map greatly before I reach the limits, so it will be a bigger map.
Also I would like to point out the wonder of the humble "func_illusionary". This is quite possible the most usefull of all solid entities (or non-solid as the case may be) because you can really add a lot of detail into a map using this, without screwing up your clipnodes count or vis times.

Let this thread harbour other such points and discussions of similar nature. I.E various ethos behind good mapping in Quake.
make small maps please! :p

i will make my tchak(Maya one) also very big but it will be my last... i think Quake was made for small maps and �personaly i enjoy more playing a small map then a big one ;)

but that�s my opinion!

peace, god bless you all

or not

Huge Maps Are So 2006... 
What's wrong with just having a 50-100 monster map, or maybe even a few of them? No-one really complains about the original mapes being not long enough. Some people have the opposite complaint, in fact. But that's mainly people who can place it with care. Or abandon. Whichever's quicker... 
Play the original maps. I only started playing them again because of remake.

Now I'm relearning that medium sized maps are good as well. 
I Do... 
I play the original maps all the time. When i need a quick break from something (i used to do that at work :-P), i beat the first episode.

In fact, the original Id style is the one i like mostly. Of course i do like the bigger maps, but i can hardly say i finished many. I always prefer an episode of small bite-sized maps instead of a single huge map.

Note however that i don't mind detail: actually i like it. A small map can also have a lot of limit-breaking detail. 
You should look forward to Remake Quake 
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