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"Evil Exhumed"
�Little is known about the facility except that it was constructed to study some newly discovered ruins. Scientists working the dig site were reportedly quite excited about what they had found and were continuing to find. Everyone was surprised when we lost contact with the survey team. Someone needs to go up there and figure out what happened.�

This is a single player level for Quake. It�s best if you play this level using a modern engine, like FitzQuake, as some of the areas will grey out on vanilla software Quake (although it does surprisingly well for the most part).

Screen shots:


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Yeah, the fiends were a mistake. I'll place them better next time. :) 
The Fiend Bug 
is really stupid. :(

i wonder if we as a community should do like an 'unofficial' patch to quake. no mods but fixes to stuff like the fiend jump bug and fish death count and such...
that way, we just replace the id1 progs.dat and never have to deal with it again. :S 
I'm glad you liked it. The demo I mean. 
there's something called the "Ultimate Regular Quake Patch" which supposedly does all that. Let's see if i can find it...

Nice Little Map 
Weak points were the distracting centreprints and an mine area that seemed uninspired after the interesting entrance. Strong points were some nice idbase architecture and good realisation of the map concept. I particularly liked the library.

There are a few clipping issues in the mines and some minor lighting irregularities, but mostly a solid and enjoyable map. 
ToeTag 2.30 
For those waiting on a new version of ToeTag:

Include source code, as always. I think, hope, and pray this fixes the WAD loading crashes. Adds some features as well.

submit as news item. 
Eh, I figure anyone who cares will either be reading this thread or will be checking my blog. I don't want to clog the news feed with an announcement every X weeks of a new version of ToeTag. 
Cool Stuff 
played it on skill 2, enjoyably right up until the ending during which I ran out of ammo for some reason.

Top Map 
tough and challenging without being unfair. The only minor slipup was the fiends as everyone has said.

Looks are clean and quite impressive. Extremely nice work! 
Finally Played This One, Too... 
... and i really liked it. i agree with negke on all points, just some minor criticism:

- mines could have been a little darker,
- fiend-trap didn't work for me as well,
- the shamblers at the end could have jumped off their platforms, they were really easy to kill from the distance.

over all: a great map! give us more! 
Question To Willem 
if you still have the src, could you re-release your warehouse map with properly aligned the crate textures, please 
Please Don't 
just leave old releases as they are 
Yeah I Know But... 

Hey, that was heralded by some reviewers as an awesome way to get some extra life out of those crate textures. So, like, your Mom and stuff. 
It Would Be Really Nice? 
So would a massage from a young claudia shiffer. What id like to see in future maps is the story elements integrated better - probably with some qc. 
Those Crates Are Lol 
Oh, and as for the source, that was 11 years ago. Many, many computers and hard drives ago. The source is LONG since lost. 
Just played this at last!

Did my usual trick of playing on skill 3, and thus died repeatedly before having to cheat on the last room!!

I really like the map - it has a great classic Quake style, nice clean texturing and build, and the cave area is excellent! Very nice rock-work, as they say...

Monster positioning and gameplay:

1 - Well for starters I had no problem killing the feinds. I just stood back in the cave a bit and they couldn't get to me, so I shot em with the SSG preetty close range.

2 - I quite liked the horde combat with the grunts, that was fun. Also killing the Ogres in the caves - also fun. This was made interesting by the cramped space. The cramped space, incidentally, I thought was a problem with the feind fight. A bit more room all round would have made for a more entertaining combat there.

The library - once again a cool area, although I entered it with no ammo except for grenades, and no GL!

The end I thought was rediculous on skill 3. No chance at getting past the 2 shamblers and the vore and the scrags and the enforcers and grunts. I think some sort of lab, or another part of the dig would have been better here!.

Either way this is a well made map with plenty fun combat! Thanks Willem! 
very good map, unique theme (for Quake-we have seen similar in various AvP and Thief2 games, but I love it). I would not be against playing whole episode in this "dig site" environment (preferably based on Quoth?). at the first time I was unable to find the way out of the mine though, exit is too narrow and dark.

PS: how to make centerprint font bigger in Fitzquake while using high resolution pls? fonts are too tiny to be read, same problem when playing Fitzquake coop and try to chat. this reminds me... what's the point in creating SP map and NOT placing few coop starts and few additional ammo boxes for coop play there??

PPS: I hope there are more of your maps available, let me google them 

Reminds me, should play this one again. 
PS: how to make centerprint font bigger in Fitzquake while using high resolution pls?

I had the same problem - after screwing around a bit, this is the best solution I could come up with:

scr_conwidth 640
scr_menuscale 2

Give that a go... you can obviously play with the numbers if you like, but using those variables will allow you to scale the console text, centerprint text and menu scale. 
there is also scr_conscale as an alternative to scr_conwidth. 
Copy/paste From My Quaddicted Comment Follows :-P 
This is indeed a very good level and i liked it :-). The "log messages", the excavation site, the secret labs are all well story design decisions and i believe the map could have easily been part of a larger episode with a more detailed story behind it.

Also i liked the clean architecture (This is how i like the base maps :-) and the design contrast between the base and the underground area. 
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