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Q2 Total Conversion: Gravity Bone
A new single-player map using the KMQuake2 engine port. Low-tech espionage fun. Is stand-alone and doesn't require Quake2 to run.
funny how I just saw this release in another forum, and suddenly found it is here too.

Is it any good? I can't find any screenshot at the site, just one download button. 
i played the 1st 2 levels but that bitch shot me at the end and i tried to reload but it kept freezing up so i couldn't finish it. maybe that was the finish anyway...

rather odd total conversation - not my cup of tea, but good to see your trying different stuff brendon! dl'ing your doom3 stuff now aswell. 
well, downloaded it and am playing.

Sort of like Grotto King, something for FPS training?

Not for serious action and shooting to be sure. Same as Kona, not the sort of release that I am thrilled for. 
I quite liked it. Nice approach to something a bit different. Would have been nicer with 3 levels though. 
Note Sure What To Make Of This 
But I liked the ending. Oh, and the music. 
i was about to download... but have to register to play? arghhh forget it...

put a direct link please! 
Stop playing faget games! roulf 
:p i played Q2... just wanted to try :(

evil bastard :( 
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