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I know no one will care for it like no one cared for OQPlus, so i'll make this simple and straight:

- It's a from-scratch data recreation of Hexen2 completely licensed under the GNU GPL v2
- No stupid puzzles (maybe find key open door IN THE SAME MAP 'puzzles', but no retarded puzzles like Hexen 2)
- There's plenty of textures to choose from already. It requires SVN read access because i'm not putting them up as wads for download. Compile them yourself. Begin your slacker whining here.
- Several differing themes (wasteland, underwater dome, big dark evil fortress, frozen snowy land, etc), though only two are common between the two games (medieval and romeric)
- It's not Quake.

Potential turnoffs:
- It's GPL v2 licensed, meaning you can't frankenstein copyrighted commercial game content into it. And you have to share your .MAP
- Arcane map compiling tools of no sunlight/ambient/bounce etc. Because no one ever did them.
- Anime-style rather than the typical western style of Raven's games (done for the sake of reducing confusion)
- More colorful palette, that's more colorful than Hexen II.
- Darker than Hexen II.
- No overbrights; no, not even in software
- All the ports for H2 don't pretty the game, but what does that matter to you?
- It's not complete.
- It's not Quake.
Now That's Psychology 
Actually looks pretty interesting, but the biggest turnoff is time. 
Hexen II 
Best game ever/apart from the unfair stupid puzzles, but there are plenty of walktroughs with maps.

HexenII doesn't doesn't need to be pretty.No need for colored lights,caustics,particl effects and all that stuff. It kills the mood of the game.

Unfortunately there is not really a community, it really died :(

Keep up your work! 
Should Be In The News Section? 
I initially thought this was a good idea and a worthwhile project, but then I realised that it wasn't Quake. At all. I mean, what the fuck man. Also, it doesn't look complete...?

I agree with the anime art direction though, as I found the medieval theme of Hexen II quite confusing. I mean it's like 2008 not 1008 kekeke. We don't ride horses and shit now lol. 
hey, I know people who DO ride horses.

I want to map for Hexen 2, I've said that before, but I don't have any time for that now, at all. 
someone was asking which editor to use under Linux. I can recommend Quest. It supports Hexen2 and comes with a .def file. 
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