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SM146: Vondur Iceberg
Lurker lurks in Vondur's basement, Spirit pushes Vondur into some spirit and st3ady ices his first time (which hopefully marks the beginning of a steady speedmapping participance).


Download: (500 Kilobytes)
st3ady: good start, nice snowy something with ugly outside walls. Ran out of ammo for the Shamblers.

lurker: Looks pretty cool (also literally), I would move in right away. Probably sucks for dm, and what's with that outside area with no exit or hurt? You win for rendering Vondur's miserable WoW addiction. :)

Spirit: A real voncube would have turned the lava into liquid nitrogen. Still worth a laugh, even though .alpha is for the s4wk. 
Woo thanks, yeah I didn't know how to deal with outside very well, i guess next time i should make the walls the sky texture. Was fun and I plan to do more :)

Lurker: Awesome architecture, nice and clean, really like the lighting you did especially with the columns with the 4 light cut outs at the top and bottom. I would move in there too haha

Spirit: At first I was using fitzquake and then I switched to darkplaces and dropped the cube in (cool I need to learn how to do funcs like that) and then the monsters started groaning. After a while one of them died but I didn't feel like waiting forever for them to slowly die, so I jumped in. What key and value do you enter for making the ice cubes see through? 
I love lurker's too. Great looks.
st3ady's could have used some lighting, it is super bright. But somehow that is what snow is. Dunno. I had a lot of fun playing it. :)
Mine: Uuuughhh, as usual my brain is way ahead of Quake's capabilities. But at least I can take the time to draw the texture as an excuse. :p 
Icy House 
Well, globally what others said. Nice speedmap pack, my prefered map is Lurker's...

Just a comment for Trinca: where is your map ?? You pushed so far for this theme I though you will build something... you are deceiving :(

Anyway: thanks a lot to the 3 mappers. Keep it up !! 
JPL in weekend i dont have time to map :( i�m so wasted :(

i only map durring week you now... 
Nice ones. Liked lurker's the most! Now, i'm back to my iceberg :) 
i want speedmaps with monsters... :p bitches!!!

nice map st3ady :) didn�t kill then all because i was afraid of demos :\ didn�t had amo left :) hehe

nice start!!! 
well done. 
Hahaha awesome Trinca thank you so much for taking the time to make that demo, it felt great to watch someone play through it. I laughed when you typed "fear" hahaha. If you were more careful with your shotgun ammo you definitely could have taken care of the fiend :P

I will definitely make demos for the mappers of the next round of speed maps! 
Some Demos 
Nice map st3ady, too bright for me but I was able to record two speedruns, hopefully you enjoy them. :)
The fiend was a pain in the ass, jumping into the lake all the time. 
hahaha holy shit that was awesome to watch! 7 second speed run! 24 seconds complete! Nice goin' NahkahiiR :) 
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