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SM147: Unlikely Escape
4 good speedmaps by Drew, Lurker, st3ady and Trinca.
Drew's is for Quoth (no-one but sielwolf would be able to beat it in id1)!

Screenshots (sorry about the wicked fog):

Download: (700 Kilobytes)

PS: Sorry for posting it so late, I somehow forgot what day it was.
(no-one but sielwolf would be able to beat it in id1)!

Not least because the first room doesn't open in Id1!! 
I Like The Look Of Trinca's 
Will download.

I somehow forgot what day it was.

Happens to the best of us... 
st3ady: Ok. Misaligned textures and boxed though. Yay for hl-esque vent bits. Watch out for rogue brush entites!

lurker: Going for simplicity atm? I expected some monster bouncing given the gumball machine theme. A bit more relaxed horde combat. Died still.

Trinca: Nice looks, got trapped in the Tarbaby closed and godmoded through the rest. "them"

Drew: Kinda nice with the different moving bits. Too many monsters for my taste, but beatable. Ran out of ammo for the last Shambler, though. Hardly any use of Quoth, so bleh for that. 
nice maps!!! some first runs demos!!!

fuck kill all bastards in Drew map then in last ogre i kill my self :\

more please!!! :)

Drew map looked like a turtle map...
Steady is impriving!! keep then coming mate!
Luker very nice vidualy... and the button issue didn�t know that worked with no mod!

anyway thks guys_! 
Lurker: really nice clean design for the gumball machine, liked the color choices and those triggers were nicely done, gotta learn how to do that teleporting monster function. Died on the last guy ! :(

Trinca: I played urs earlier and knew what to expect but I still wasn't able to find the quad and survive! tough map but very nicely done, and spooky.

Drew: I first tried in ID1 and kept dying, then figured out i needed quoth, then tried it and of course died again. I played through it with godmode and it was still insanely hard, i would really like to see a demo of someone beating it legit. You must really hate us players haha. It was a cool dynamic to have the platform lower and have more guys spawn in.


I look forward to the next speed map pack! fun times. 
Mines "Impossible Escape" in vanilla quake...

I really enjoyed St3adys map! Reminded me of my early maps for Half life. And I was totally okay with it being boxed.
Lurkers was a nice little kind of experiment map like Lun was talking about, wasn't it? Turned out nicely though.
Trincas almost killed me, but I really liked gibbing the zombies with the tarbaby.
Thanks guys, good job! 
Drew: Hey, I could build a map like this too! I never died here, even on skill 3. Booo for quoth. :/ First run demo included.

Lurker: Looks interesting. I had lots of fun here. First run demo included.

st3ady: Nice map although I almost lost my nerves at ladders. Too bad I overwrote my first run demo, here are 2 speedruns instead. Finding the secret took a while.

Trinca: The best map of the bunch. I did the easy run in 9 seconds, probably optimal.

Maybe I should dl quoth to see what Drew's map really looks like... 
NahkahiiR yes becouse if u dont have Quoth u dont get out of first room... and there are plenty of rooms full of nasty shamby

is the best map in my opinion! 
I Take My Words Back. 
I can't make a map like Drew's yet. It was more than a single box hehe. Quite difficult. I managed to beat it after several attempts (quoth monsters surprised me!). 
Finally Got To These!!! 
Very nice pack, dudez! Best one since QExpo.

Drew: Easily the best, nasty fighting, feels like a small legit map. Quoth a plus, but it was not essential.Kudos!

Lurker: Relaxing little map. Those Texes are so ugly....

St3ady: What Negke said, good effort nonetheless.

Trinquina: Better and better, can't wait for your next full effort. Did not find the Quad at first(but then I thought:"Ehi, it's a Trinca map, quad has got to be there somewhere!"), and went back to open up those canned Knights asses!!! ;P

Some first run demos, a coupla deaths, full runs and a quad. All skill 3. 
the silent cant open demos... some gib.mdl missing... 
i got that same error in fitzquake but then i tried it in darkplaces and it worked 
I recorded them in Fruitz Of Dojo's GLQuake. On a Mac.

I'm no tech expert, anyone has an idea? 
The Silent's Demos 
Looks like he ran all the maps in Quoth. If you run with -game quoth, the demos should work fine.

BTW, good bunch of maps! Drew's and Trinca's were chaotic fun, Lurker's had a unique look, and st3ady managed to fit a complete story-line into a speedmap! 
...You're right... I forgot to mention it... 
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