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SM148: Don't Touch That!
3 speedmaps by Eric (another first-timer, yay!), Spirit and Willem.


Download: (500 Kilobytes)
I did not follow the theme but instead wanted to try some scale (I always have trouble with that, always map too big) and lighting things. It did not really turn out as intended but I gave me a fixed time limit. :)

Eric: Great first map! The exterior looks really good. I was only lucky (nah, I am sooo skilled!) to survive though, heh.

Willem: Nice idea on the "don't touch that" theme. Took 2 rooms for me to learn and in the end my impulse was > my wisdom, heh.

Decent Bunch Of Crap 
Erich: Dunno. Proper speedmap. Could have used an additional detail brush here and there.

Spritz: It's horribly cramped and dark.

Wilhelm: Good take on the theme, especially in the last part. 
Ericw and Spirit were quite fun.

Willem's was brilliant, great ending. 
Haha, Spirit, massive FAIL on the last room but you got through nonetheless. :P 
Nice Heap. 
Nice newcomer. Lots of wrinkles to be ironed out. I'm a sucker for a blood red sky...

Spirit... Hmmm quite... Hmmm....

Willem. U win. Let's hear it for MAC users!!!!

Demos, in which the player goes through these nifty maps for the 1st time(well, ericw's 2nd) on skill 3. Some sheer cowardice, and a total lack of deductive skills... Zap!!! You're dead! 
I died in Willems too! Activated the shamblers, tried to jump to exit from ones plat, and then fell in the lava. Well done Willem, hope theres more where that came from.

Spirit and Eric Awesome show, good job! 
ericw - good start! More ammu! Hate it to leave with running monsters.
Cover skytex from the ground, looks odd.

Spirit - I just begone.

Willem - Good map, but can't kill them all.
Good challenge! 
fun pack full of action!!! love then all

but spirit zombie feast was to good ;)

first deaths and second demos :) 

As a hint, guys, you don't have to shoot a single shambler in that final room. Just "don't touch that!" :) 
Hey, thanks for the feedback everyone. That was fun!
Enjoyed the demos.. I'll have to remember to record them next time :)

Spirit: nice little zombie building!

Willem: great use of the theme. I couldn't think of a good way to incorporate it. I'm curious how long yours took to make since it seems quite large to me. I spent somewhere around 3-4 hours - not very efficient :/

Looking forward to doing more.. I've been lurking here and playing people's maps for too long, it's good to get involved more! 
Willem we can resist :) but you are right i made a run with no touch!!! 

I spent about 6-7 hours on it (spaced over 3 mornings). I could have gone faster but I got caught up in doing some minimal texture alignment and stuff like that. I just can't let go yet.


Yeah, I think that first Shambler that you see was a mistake. People instinctively fire at it before they see the rest of the room. 
Ehi, I'm Not That Dumb! 
I did a full run too, I did not touch shit, but it's too annoying trying to record a demo, too easy to get fried!

Then again, I'm not nearly a good player as Trinca... 
Then again, I'm not nearly a good player as Trinca...

me single player = noob :)

me Dm QW = rules!!! 
ericw - yup - pretty nice execution, fun monster balance, some nice bits of architecture

spirit - classic Quakey feel, got killed pretty quick!

willem - dont touch that!

(v. nice, didnt like the ending...... not fair, but quite cool none-the-less)

Thanks all! 
"not fair, but quite cool none-the-less"

Not fair? You don't have to wake up a single Shambler if you do it right. :) 
Well I started to record demos, first runs, but stupid me over-wrote Spirits and ericws with yours, Willem. Its on my home PC, so I can post it later.

Anyway. - You would see that I resorted to god mode after slaying the third Shambler (or the second - or was it the first?)

I was never much of a stealth player ;P 
" after slaying the third Shambler "

You are complete NIPPLE. Hadn't you got the point of the map by then?! 
Isn't that the point of every Quake map?
Well someone will probably quote that its "to stay alive and find the exit".

You are complete NIPPLE.

stupid me

I was never much of a stealth player

I preferred the way I sed it.

I did like the bits with the spike-shooters.
And I loved the bits where it said Dont touch that! Made me think of this: 
Nice Maps. 
Liked them all.
Spirit - enjoyed the zombie killing
Eric - nice map, there were some good infights
Willem - good idea, some fast figths also

here are my first play demos: 

Nice exit! :) 
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