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Q4SP: Use Destruction
Found at this looks like some good Quake 4 singleplayer.


Looks like fun, I'll try it later today and report in.

PS: Q4 symbol please! :P
Looks very nice.. A shame I don't have Q4 on my PC :( 
F-ing awesome intro. My box gets slowdown at the opening of the nexus2 map though (Sempron3400+/GF6800) Others ? 
Dang, I forgot about this because I didn't have Q4 installed anymore. Time to change that. 
Runs too badly for me, damn. 
It's not too bad ;> Upto Nexus 5 or 6 with my new PC, and gameplay and quality are about as good as the original, with some new monsters and scenarios. It's starting to have a bit of a gory Q2 feel too. Still, Q4 SP gameplay isn't amazing. 
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