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Soul Of Evil: Indian Summer: New Version (Includes New Content)
Today Patrick Martin and I release a new version of Soul Of Evil: Indian Summer, which includes the following:

-A new map, Nsoe6: Summer's End, with 300+ monsters, including previously unused ones such as the Warlock and Gremlins.

-Newly rebalanced gameplay throughout the episode, both maps and monster code, making the fights fairer while remaining challenging.

-Other new features and items including a new version of the legendary Mjolnir, Dragon Armour, and the deadly MIRV.

Download here: (28 MB)

Screenshots here:

We have also released the nsoe devkit, containing documentation and source code, here: (1MB)

And the sources for my major maps (nsoe3,4,5,6) are now available here: (2MB)
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Think I agree about the comparison to UV-fast. 
Tronyn Summer 
So I actually did try this on Hard... and succeeded! With lots of dying and some cheating anyway. It really does what it says on the tin - it's fucking HARD; so I got what I've asked for...
Several fights are pretty much impossible without prior knowledge, but what makes those situations worse is that the architecture (as cool as it looks), the terrain in particular, is often not optimized for proper movement so it's easy to clip on various stuff in the wrong moments and thus catch missles. Balance is an issue, too. And there seems to be too little health in general. But since I knew what was I was in for, it kind of worked out... patience-wise. Except for the void map, however, which must be the most annoying map you've ever created. Seriously, placing vores and archers and all kinds of spam missle enemies thousands of units away AND enabling them to attack the player still was an asshole move par excellence. I know I've complained about this before.

The bane fight has too many regular monsters in my view (considering he has the ability to resurrect them - apart from this own strong attacks). He's beatable on Hard, but I didn't bother longer than three attempts. Some powerup would have been nice there, like the Tomb of Power, or at least a Trinity.

You shouldn't have made so that the weapon inventory gets reset in every map. Also, too many/strong dragons.
Still, a proper fantasy mod with lots of cool stuff. Cheers Tronyn and PM.

I've even recorded my awkward attempts in a bunch of demos if you care (protocol 666). Your maps start at #9. I stopped halfway through the new map. Please tell me when I can delete the file. 
quick drunken response
well giant appreciation to you for playing, first, and being interested enough to replay second, these projects. I think we do tend to take a rather brute-force approach to gameplay, basically Doom+vertical element+UV skill, and this has limitations, and is the opposite of the sophisticated smart gameplay style that your maps tend to work with. I will say though with NSOE4 (the void map), one secret allowed a telefrag of those monsters, and I will certainly admit that the weapons reset was a huge misstep, which was my idea alone. My problem is the RL, I should have maybe just asked for the RL to be some kind of temporary GL upgrade item, since the GL is so much more interesting to use.

Anyway, thanks, muchos gracias, and more responses coming in the next few days. 
The pent secret, yes. But even then, there are more than enough additional vores and archers to keep it painful.

In such ultrahard horde maps, the RL is vital. The player needs to be able to utilize every single weapon to its fullest. You did it right in ARWOP, giving the player plenty of everything so he won't have to worry about running low. And while blowing a horde of soldiers into gibs with a single rocket isn't challenging, it's fun and a rewarding experience to the player. This is what counts more.

Like I said in the original thread, the episode is worth playing, if only to see NSOE3. It's still my favorite map of the pack and it's one of the visually most impressive fantasy maps for Quake, colorful, varied in style, and arcane. 
Only 30 Demos? 
One has to admire your tenacity, Negke! ;) 
Episode 4 
Stuck In The First From Library On 'the Morbid Manse' 
i couldn't find the original soe thread, so i guess here's as good a place as any.

loads of mages. killed them all. can't get out.
the console msg says 'one more to go', but i can't find anymore mages, they're all dead.
i thought maybe all the enemies you have to clear out can be a mixture of scrags/mages, so i looked up into the ceiling to see if there was one last scrag waiting to be baited down..nothing.

i spotted a panel on the side of a bookcase. i shot it. i tried to follow the sound from where it came in the far corner of the room, but it doesn't appear to open anything permanently, maybe temporary(?). i can't see anything, though.

in the end i had to noclip through the door. has this happened before? 
I haven't heard of it before. Is this the library with the lava pentagram?

what skill level? 
Skill 3 
and it is the lava pentagram room 
yeah I just tested it and I can confirm that, one too few wizards is there. sorry about that, surprised no one played it on nightmare and found that (or reported it anyway) all these (lol 10 - damn time flies) - years. Another thing to fix for the final Drake. 
Thank Christ For Noclip! 
something that consoles do NOT have.

some ammo/health boxes were stuck halfway in to some walls, and one ogre had missing skins (white torso with black legs/feet).
none of those above things prevented playback in any major way, of course, but i was thinking at the back of my mind "i hope that this isn't a sign that a major crash is on the way". 
The missing skins thing I think is a savegame bug. I've seen that before. Ammo boxes in walls I haven't seen. Could be the mod, map or engine ;)

What engine btw, Quakespasm? 
'tis Qs! 
i still haven't managed to get quaddicted maps/mods to run in dp.
i get the impression the majority of user created mpas/mods are better appreciated in an engine like qs. i'm quite at home home with it now. 
So nsoe6 is new? Why did i already know the map then?
did some dragon hunting nonetheless: easy run in 1:46 
It Was New To (christmas 08), Not In (august 08) 
I was curious as to how you did that. Nice run, that was pretty epic. Skip the army, just blast the dragons! 
DP: I run everything in DP. Even maps/mods that say to not run it in DP, I still do and they work fine... 
be careful. DP breaks some subtle things which may not be apparent during play through.

notably, the traceline code is broken in some way when it hits invisible bmodels and sound attenuation has been changed and may result in messier ambient sounds. (apparently, he 'liked' it this way...) 
my excuse for making retarded jokes is the 15 months I worked in a warehouse, where retarded jokes were half of all dialogue (a quarter of the remainder being necessary communication, and the last quarter being bitching)... buuutt...

"be careful. DP breaks some subtle things which may not be apparent"
insert beavis and butthead reaction here.

shit (snort-laugh) I'm already sorry.

ahem. Soul of Evil! 
a quarter of the remainder makes no sense, I should have said half the remainder, aka a quarter of the total. sigh. 
couldn't let today pass by without wishing happy tenth birthday to the original soul of evil :) 
my god time flies! 
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