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Soul Of Evil: Indian Summer: New Version (Includes New Content)
Today Patrick Martin and I release a new version of Soul Of Evil: Indian Summer, which includes the following:

-A new map, Nsoe6: Summer's End, with 300+ monsters, including previously unused ones such as the Warlock and Gremlins.

-Newly rebalanced gameplay throughout the episode, both maps and monster code, making the fights fairer while remaining challenging.

-Other new features and items including a new version of the legendary Mjolnir, Dragon Armour, and the deadly MIRV.

Download here: (28 MB)

Screenshots here:

We have also released the nsoe devkit, containing documentation and source code, here: (1MB)

And the sources for my major maps (nsoe3,4,5,6) are now available here: (2MB)
MIRV is some deadly virus you can infect monsters with and then spreads through unprotected infighting right? 
I should explain that whoever wants to play ONLY the new map, should download the new release, then enter the game and then command "map nsoe6" (enter) - and I believe you will find that map worthwhile. I admit 28 MBs is not what it once was. 
you can play that map starting with no weapons? 
nonentity: Assuming you are serious, MIRV stands for Multiple Independently Targeted Reentry Vehicle. In nsoe, the MIRV Launcher launches a big guided missile that can split up into multiple smaller homing rockets. Its power level is about on par with a BFG. 
Re: Nitin 
yes, you can start with no weapons, and all the weapons are provided at appropriate stages in nsoe6. 
Thanks Tronyn! 
Awesome gift. 
Still have to play this episode, now it'll be a good time 
Great Stuff 
combat is heaps better now. And nsoe6 is a tremendous map! 
What A Nice Christmas Present :) 
I definitely enjoyed NSOE more this time around, mostly because the gameplay is more balanced and not stupendously hard.

Although all maps are great fun, the last map is nothing short of amazing, and is the only one in the pack that rapes my PC framerate wise. Well done. ;) 
Thank You 
Did you take some inspiration from nethack? Good combo. Thanks for the source. 
It's way too hard for me on Normal, gotta try Easy. 
gb: Yes, for a few things, such as the amulet of reflection and dragon armor. 
No, you cannot kill Shub-Niggurath with the sword -- she has godmode to stop this. :) 
What Spirit Said 
I look forward to trying this again the next time I have a chance.

My first attempt when this was initially released I had a rather difficult time making significant progress and I don't believe in using godmode.

(Although I'm not sure I'll use easy, I'm sort of against that too.) 
I only played the new map. It's very nice on skill 0 - everything above isn't much fun (I started on 1 but quickly died from archers I couldn't even see somewhere in the distance). 220 monsters felt just right for the size of this map. Impressive how you always manage to pull off such massive and non-linear fortresses (just like the other nsoe maps). I still didn't really care for the coins and gems the monsters dropped, but the larger ones (map items) were helpful. Chainlightning gun was good in this map, the improved SSG also. Cool boss battle with the boots and the MIRV (somewhat unfitting mdl though, feels too modern for that kind of environment somehow). The two previously unused monsters were good, too. Somewhat unique texture theme, Soul of Evil as a special branch of Quake style.

There is a nonsolid brush error behind the exit tower (50 -2550 -280). 
Just finished map 4. Wow!
It reminds me a bit of Warpspasm, requiring strong nerves to keep on playing and being constantly rewarded for doing so. Enemies attacking from huge distances are a huge part of the bad things. But once one knows about it and adjusts gameplay a bit, it's not that much of an issue.
The music snippets are really adding a lot of atmosphere.
I am recording demos on and off, will upload them once I am through. 
Did anyone tested this one hard?

is simply impossible... :( 
I've Played Through The Whole Thing On Hard 
It wasn't easy, and I died plenty of times, but it's certainly not impossible. 
Heh, it was impossible for me as well. I had to cheat on Normal skill. I'm not that good though. 
Orl the brushwork of the map is spectacular as all Tronyn maps but the game play takes all the fun :(

I dare someone to make a Hard demo with no deaths...

Is impossible...

or will be a 4 hours demo with sniping game play everywhere...

Despiste that the map is fucking to sexy� finish it in god mode :p 
Its Pretty Playable In Normal 
I found, different tactics than usual but you get used to that. 
Played It.. Liked It :D 
Yep, it is indeed a fucking good mod. I didn't have the chance due to lack of time to play it when it has been first released, but I just can say it is really good: new monsters rocks, new sounds are cool, gameplay is never boring, and the maps are very good, huge and very good.

I just noticed a small leak/clipping issue in nsoe6, close to the LG location just in the back of the exit: if you try to pass almost on the right side of the green terrain (actually this is the second face from right to left)... then you can walk through the terrain without falling (fortunately)... Not a real issue if the area is cleaned from monsters, but it can cause some blocking issue during heavy fights ;)

Keep it up !! 
Impossible You Say? 
I dare someone to make a Hard demo with no deaths... Is impossible...

Your gonna eat those words after you see this :)

Hard demo of nsoe3 from start to finish. I even made a few mistakes in it, but theres enough health armor and ammo to get through.

This is almost a 30 minute demo, so unless you don't have anything better to do, here is my skill 2 playthrough of nsoe3. 
I still remember your sickbase demo too.... 
Blonde Nsoe6 
Great map, thanks. I found skill 1 tough, but fun. The new moljner and mirv are perfect imho, and the chain LG is so sweet. Shame they're not in a bigger mod. Dragons are well balanced ;> I'll have to replay the whole thing. Only critiscism is.. played quite a few on Tronyn's great mellee maps, and they're exhilarating, but start to feel the same. Like screwing the same dumb teen blonde, like i wouldn't know ;> 
Help Please 
Get this error when loading a savegame using Fitzquake. I beat the first level, then got another similar error upon loading the second level, so I went to load my save game and it doesn't work.

Chamber of Mazarbul

SV_StartSound: archer/arrowr.wav not precacheed
CALL2 215(setmodel)setmodel()
shot.qc : AkArrow_Launch
archer.qc : M_FireAkArrow
archer.qc : archer_fire1
archer.qc : archer_hold
no precache: progs/arrow.mdl

Host_Error: Program error
VID_Gamma_Restore: failed on SetDeviceGammaRamp 
Did you save this game with the older version of the mod, then load it with the newer one? Save games aren't necessarily valid from one version of a mod to the next. AFter re-reading your post I'm no longer so sure it is the cause, but it is possible.

For people with an interest or who make mods, here's why: A save game consists of a text file containing a dump of all of the entities and all of the global variables at the time the game was saved. This isn't a complete record of everything the engine needs to know, importantly for us it does not contain a list of precached sounds and models.

When the engine loads a saved game, the first thing it reads is the map name, and then it spawns the map as if you were starting a new game on it. This should precache all of the sounds and models in the correct order, so it lines up with what the save game expects. It then goes through and repopulates the level with the entities from the save file, thus restoring the state.

When you change the progs.dat between saving and loading, this process can go wrong in a number of ways. You could do something obviously dangerous, like removing the precache of a model which can be seen in the save file.

You could also just shuffle the orders of precaches, if you swapped the precache of a monster with it's projectile, you might notice the models of the monster and projectile also get swapped. This is because the save file stores the .modelindex field as well as the model, and reordering the precaches might change the modelindex corresponding to those models.

On a related note, the game loading code also makes the assumption that the order of precaches is deterministic. If you were to add

if(random() < 0.5)
precache_model ("progs/h_knight.mdl");

to the top of worldspawn then each time you load a save game you'd have a 50% chance of getting all the modelindexes before h_knight.mdl wrong. This may sound like a perverse example, but if you imagine an entity which picks between three corpse models on a random basis when spawned, it's easy to see how it could also arise in practice.

Finally, this problem is not exclusive to revising the progs.dat, you can cause the same problems by creating a new version of the map; if you add a monster, or reorder the ones you have, or change the number of brush-based entities in your map then the same thing can happen. If you're trying to do something like that(although it makes less sense to keep save games compatible with a new map version) you must be sure you haven't changed the order or precaches on all skill settings. 
I've played Soul of Evil using Fitzquake before and I played through it fine on nightmare.

I made a whole new folder for Indian Summer called nsoe. Never played the old Indian Summer before. Don't know why this happens, but I'll start a new game and see if it crashes again. 
Ok, I beat the first level again on Hard, and it crashes upon loading the second level with this:

CALL1 229(precache_sound)precache_sound()
axeman.qc : axeman_cache
axeman.qc : monster_axeman
hknight.qc : monster_hell_knight
PF_precache_sound: overflow
Host_Error: Program error
VID_Gamma_Restore: failed on SetDeviceGammaRamp 
Engine With Higher Than Standard Limits Is Required. 
Having the same limits as standard Quake, FitzQuake cannot run much of nsoe. Most of the nsoe levels will break a limit in some way. 
So To Summarize 
RTFM ;) 
#30 Is Correct... 
based on the previous releases, nsoe2.bsp has excessive sounds, and nsoe3.bsp has excessive clipnodes, signon buffer, sounds, and lightmaps. For these reasons, fitz080 can't load them. 
7608 planes 152160
34016 vertexes 408192
13621 nodes 326904
6725 texinfo 269000
26710 faces 534200
32364 clipnodes 258912
8254 leafs 231112
32277 marksurfaces 64554
121753 surfedges 487012
61835 edges 247340
186 models 11904
144 textures 1353760
lightdata 988847
visdata 2049759
entdata 191151

My map is close to a few!! :P

Models, clipnodes, marksurfaces, (entities (!) (for Tyrlite)) and it has 61 lightmaps (64 limit)


Sounds like the map (^^^) was on the model limit to me...... 
Nose6 Is A Monster 
It crashed aguiRe's enhanced winquake and nehahra engine for me, when I tried to load a quicksave. 
Aguire's Regular Glquake 
worked fine for me. 
It Can Work Alright, 
but I tried to record a second demo with saved game (my 1st run demo of NSOE6, and I died when going for the third runekey, so I need to record a second demo with savegame), it started ok, then when I tried to quicksave after making some progress, it crashed.

The error message says:
ED_ParseEdict: EOF without closing brace on line 467 
Now It Seems The Two Savegames 
are both fucked up. I can't load them now in aguiRe's glquake, winquake, and nehahra engine.

Just a moment ago I was still able to load it and continue a bit, but now it can't even be loaded! 
Nsoe6 + darkplaces killed my linux twice. First crashes i've seen in ages. 
Nose6 Save Bug 
i tried various versions of darkplaces and nose6 itself works fine but save is broken. there are also some brushes near the mjolmir secret area where you can fall through into void... can this be the reason?.... 
OT: 666 Threads Right Now 
Re: A Few Things 
Re: # 25
You make a good point; after Masque, and four maps on par with it in terms of scale and horde combat, all in a similar style/texture theme of medieval outdoor ruins (except nsoe4, which was fairly different), I can imagine the gameplay getting a bit exhausting even with the constant challenge. Hopefully Arcanum will, at least in places, provide a moodier, more subtle experience. It's the first set of "indoor" maps I've done since SOE E2 - even nsoe4 worked like an outdoor map despite its underground setting.

Re: Bugs
I've had Darkplaces work fine with nsoe6 on all the computers I've tested it on (4 different PCs, different hardware and setups), same with aguirRe's GLQuake. Savegame bugs are probably something to do with the progs rather than the map although I'm no programmer and I could easily be wrong. I'll ask PM.

I apologize for the problems people are experiencing in nsoe6. It's one of my largest maps. I was aware of two clip problems (one by hammer secret, one by chainlightning), but they shouldn't crash the map. My advice is to use aguirRe's GLQuake; Darkplaces is great but it's a picky engine; I could never get it to run nsoe3 except with all brush entities on noclip. Funny that I'd be able to break a limit-breaking engine, but then, only aguirRe's engines are really designed for mappers. I actually had to wait a few years to finish some of these maps until the tools and engines caught up to the scale of stuff I'd built; even now, nsoe3 and 4 were once one map, and after that nsoe4 and 5 were one map. 
Enjoy It 
I enjoyed playing this. Having to deal with the dragons was very intense and I liked how the usual "go hide behind something" was not a useful tactic at all because they were airborne.

Hats off for the huge amount of work the cumulative features of the mod included. I can only imagine.

I never did find the MIRV or the hammer. I did end up being terminally stuck on the map where you first confront Bane. I couldn't kill him, probably because I didn't have a heavy weapon. 
Mjolnir and MIRV Launcher can be found in nsoe2 and nsoe6. Mjolnir is hidden within secrets in both maps. As for the MIRV Launcher, it is near the exit in nsoe2, and near the final rune in nsoe6. 
> I've had Darkplaces work fine with nsoe6 on all the
> computers I've tested it on

Yes.. it worked for me. My two crashes might be hardware, though my new system seems solid doing other stuff; Quake 4, compiling kernels, etc. 
Fun Fun 
Crazy fun on nightmare. After completing nsoe6, I started going through the previous NSOE levels again, and found the instructions for the MIRV... Oh well! I love all the levels, even though nsoe5.bsp is one map I will never try to complete a run without saving. 
Arena Mode 
Where�s the arena mode? 
Dm Mod With Frikbots 
Re: #46 
If you are asking about dmsp mode, that can be accessed by typing either 'temp1 1' or 'impulse 70' into the console, then restart the level.

Instructions for adding FrikBots is the same as in the SoE 2002 release. 
Low Framerates 
Hello, I am using Aguirre's engine to run NSOE6. I am getting low framerates in certain areas of this map. Is there anyway to make it run faster, like removing corpses? I am always using r_shadow 0 and r_flatstylelights 1. Thx 
My video card is an intel 945G, my processor is a celeron M, the speed
> is 1.6Ghz and my ram is 504mb. 
Not Really Man 
You might have luck with the gl_picmip command.
Set it to 1, 2 or 3 I think
But it basically makes the textures less detailed with each higher number.
Start off with "gl_picmip 1" :) 
Re: #50 
Nsoe supports corpse removal, although it is off by default. To enable corpse removal, type either 'temp1 4' or 'impulse 72' into the console, then restart the level.

The nsoe devkit documentation has the full list of impulses. 
Re: Framerates 
A few things to try:

1) turn off the vertical sync setting in the Windows display settings (Control Panel -> Display -> Advanced). aguirRe's engine doesn't allow you to change this in-game, but most drivers allow you to override game settings.

2) make sure you run Quake with -heapsize 64000 (or higher)

3) set r_oldsky to 1 (disables skybox) 
Low Framerate 
I think a better question would be, who doesn't get a low framerate during NSOE6? 
Was Fine For Me 
except in a couple of spots. 
I Didn't Have Slowdown, But Maybe I Shouldn't Use That As A Rule 
I have 2.4 ghz processor, 1 gig ram, ati radeon 9600 - so overall fairly old/crappy computer by today's standards, but still looks like about double or 1.5x the speed of yours yhe1.

there was a reason it was cut from the original release though. hopefully corpse removal speeds it up some. 
RE: Low Framerate 
Me, but i can run Crysis maxed with above playable framerate so i dont count :-P

I haven't played the original but so far i can say that this is an awesome episode - and i loved the small touches, like the monsters dropping stuff, the extra sound effects (like the metal "klangs" when you hit an armored monster), the AI that assists you and of course the atmosphere-enhancing music :-) 
Corpse Removal 
The corpse removal do help a lot. Where do I put the "temp1 4" to make it run automatically for each map? command line, config, or autoexec? 
put it into autoexec.cfg 
Undocumented Temp1 Values. 
Here are the 'temp1' values used by nsoe.

1 = DMSP
2 = Cranked
4 = Corpse Removal
8 = Footsteps
16 = Qrack
32 = Summon Test
64 = Angry Monsters

Cranked mode powers up some of the monsters to make them even nastier, and falling damage becomes variable and deadly.

Qrack mode is for engines that replace flame models with other custom graphics. Such replacements can make some attacks that use the flame2.mdl look bad, and turning this mode on will make those attacks use an alternate model.

Summon Test enables all of the monster summon impulses. All monster files get precached, which means standard engines would crash due to exceeding precache limits.

Angry Monsters means every monster spawns aware and angry at the player.

The values can be combined to activate multiple features. For example, 'temp1 12' turns on corpse removal and footsteps.

I would have used the 'saved1' variable for these options so they could persist from game to game, but since the Frikbot code uses all of the saved variables, I had to settle for temp1. 
@ Tronyn:

My computer may suck, but it has no problem running Marcher. I thought Marcher was the largest map ever created?

Btw, does Masque have corpse removal too? Haven't try it yet, just in case I get bad framerates with that one also. 
Marcher is technically superior to everything I've designed. Also even if it is larger overall, the average line of sight in it is probably shorter, both due to the indoor areas, and the better visblocking. In contrast nsoe6 is almost entirely outdoors and has almost no visblocking. heh. I tend to make retardedly huge outdoor maps, and then worry about the practicality of it later.

You should get better framerates in Masque - it's much tidier and has many more indoor areas. It comes with a hipnotic-pack - I don't know if it supports corpse removal, but if not you can always go into the .pak, extract masque.bsp, put it in the nsoe directory, and run it under nsoe. 
Just played this from start to finish, even though I played the first version back when it was released. I used to have a 945G back then and its poor performance didn't help much over my countless deaths in skill2, thus my run was in medium the first time around. This time I went for Hard and didn't get frustrated much: it's clear that there's definite improvement in gameplay balancing. My current graphics card being a Geforce8500GT, I didn't have any performance problems, apart from fps drops around 20 in certain points of nsoe3. Being free of rendering issues helped me to get a better vision of things - I really appreciate the effort Tronyn put into this, even though I still think that overwhelming combat prevents the player 
from fully enjoying the design. The new map is also fantastic, despite being highly systematic. It serves as a fitting ending as 'the last stronghold'. I also found all the secrets this time around - yay! Congrats, Tronyn. 
I Just Can't Beat The Bane 
On Hard... I can hang on until he splits into three, then I die within seconds. 
The trick is keeping the distance between him and yourself - if he ever gets close, you're doomed. 
How do I turn the music off?! 
Music Toggle = Impulse 18 
that does not work 
Aw Crap 
Wrong thread - I need this for ARWOP. 
Epic Battles In God Mode 
I really like how the story begins straight away after the starting map and the guitar music during the text was awesome. It really set the mood of the map pack perfectly and it was something I looked forward to at the end of every map. Well what a journey this map pack is, spanning 6 maps and probably more monsters than all of original id maps combined!

As usually I started the map at skill 0 and found the first map fun to play. I thought it was a really nice touch the books lying around for extra information and it was cool stopping and reading them. I was surprised with the ghost creature following me, at first I thought it was an enemy because it just appeared out of nowhere and was in my face. It would have been better if the ghost appeared from the wall opposite the book which talked about it. I think the situation needed a greater dramatic build up and not suddenly appear out of nowhere.

The first map felt lacking in general detail but it had a really nice up and over layout which I did not find confusing. I always felt like I was progressing forward but it never felt like a place, just a series tunnels and corridors winding their way upwards.

The second map the city of angels felt very sparce and barren. I did not realise the first AI were team mates and killed them! So much for friendly fire mode. :P The city layout did not feel city like and it lacked any kind of detail to suggestion what it was suppose to be. I loved the various books lying around again with diary entries and letters explaining what was going on.

I finally got to the dragon battle and walked outside and instantly got killed by the dragon. I suppose it was bad luck on my part but I did not see anything, no warning just instant death. So I reloaded and got back to the dragon battle and spent ages just wandering around trying to find a way up to the roof. Eventually I just got bored and went into noclip/god mode and zoomed around the city to find out where I was suppose to go.

I am not sure why the stairs up to the roof were put on the opposite side of the city because it did not make any sense. There should of been several ways up to the roof and at least a special path that opened up to hint at the right direction. Eventually I got the dragon morph trinket and I thought it worked really well. I also saved the city and then ran off! :)

The third map was just plain nuts, it was just crazy the amount of AI that was wandering around that map. At this point I permanently switched on god mode and it was full steam ahead with the AI armageddon. I really liked how the map was initially setup with the open air cavern section leading across a bridge to a church/bell tower on the cliff edge. The actually setting and scale of the map was amazing but the amount of AI was just ridiculous. :)

It was interesting how the route around the map went from underwater sunken ruins to the top of a bell tower to a sunken pyramid in the sea! (The pyramid bit was weird) The sequence inside of the pyramid was just beyond words of how crazy it was with regards to the sheer amounr of AI on easy skill level. The end battle with the mega spawning bouncing spawns was nuts. I can't think of any other way to describe it.

The fourth map with the towers and black sky was again crazy and I can't understand how anyone can get through that without serious amount of rage at the quantity of AI. Eventually I found way to complete it and run like crazy to the next level. The architecture was bold and gigantic but none of it made any sense of what it was suppose to be. I thought it was suppose to be a staging area for bane's troops but the spiral towers and castle draw bridge felt like a mismatch of styles. I sort of expected a huge cavern or underwater tunnels with large rooms.

The next level was like something from doom with long church like rooms jammed packed full of crazy hard AI all hell bent of trying to kill me at least 100 times over. There was the familiar cage fight sequence with raining AI and then the final battle upstairs in the mini church landscape affair. I really liked the setting and the scope of the level, I was just dumb struck with how many AI were running around trying to kill me at once.

The final level (it is ironically called the epic battle) was mind blowing again with the amount of AI wandering around. The layout was fun and interesting but the AI layout was crazy. I just can't see myself wanting to die endlessly trying to complete it, which I think is a great shame.

Overal the story, map architecture and the locations were fantastic, I just can't see myself playing it without god mode permanently on. 
Have To Admit 
Like the end of ARWOP, I've never beat this one without god mode, haha! Haven't tried it on easy - just normal and hard. It's that last battle, in either case - can't do it.

Sock, the pyramid in map 3 is a tribute to "shadow over innsmouth", one of the best old school Quake maps of all time. Still haven't read that story, but I'm pretty sure the pyramid in that map is a tribute to the HP lovecraft story of the same name. 
Wait, What? O.0 
Eventually I got the dragon morph trinket

you turn into a dragon? i just had god mode on and emptied all my guns into the dragons. 
All you guys just use god mode in tronyn maps? Is tronyn a far better quake player than all of us, or is this some sick joke?

(not hatin' just curious) 
Playing Test 
was done by ijed, so he must of been able to complete all the skill levels? without excessive death? It does make me wonder, can Tronyn complete his own maps on all skill levels without getting frustrating or dying all the time? How exactly is the skill levels created for horde style maps? 
Except For The Last Fights 
in Nsoe and Arwop, I can do his other maps on normal. Maybe one or two deaths every now and then but I do use quicksave after reasonable progress in all quake maps (and other games too). 
It Was Tough 
And I did complain about the difficulty. Tronyn and PM's stuff I find much closer to NM Doom.

The vores hitting from miles away (without a cue) and some other stuff put me into quickload spam mode a couple of times.

I was playing on skill 3 until PM said 'WTF are you thinking!?'

Normal is a reasonable difficulty for veteran players I reckon. 
But... Does that not seem ridiculous? If veteran players can only get through normal then why even have hard/nightmare. You're just excluding the non-hardcore for the sake of it. That doesn't seem like a sensible use of skill levels... 
In my opinion Tronyn maps are always played with caution... and even so I died more often that in other maps on hard :\ 
As long as monsters do not respawn, Quake can never be like Doom's Nightmare. At best, Quake Nightmare is just Doom Ultra-Violence with -fast monsters. Respawning monsters force the player to play the map like a speed run, at least if he wants to live.

As for Tronyn's maps, I can beat them on Hard. Of course, being the progs coder for Tronyn's later maps gives me an advantage in that I know exactly what the modified monsters are capable of. Even so, some of the maps are meat grinders on Hard, and the success rate can be low for me. nsoe5 on Hard is really nasty (but beatable) without savescumming. 
Think I agree about the comparison to UV-fast. 
Tronyn Summer 
So I actually did try this on Hard... and succeeded! With lots of dying and some cheating anyway. It really does what it says on the tin - it's fucking HARD; so I got what I've asked for...
Several fights are pretty much impossible without prior knowledge, but what makes those situations worse is that the architecture (as cool as it looks), the terrain in particular, is often not optimized for proper movement so it's easy to clip on various stuff in the wrong moments and thus catch missles. Balance is an issue, too. And there seems to be too little health in general. But since I knew what was I was in for, it kind of worked out... patience-wise. Except for the void map, however, which must be the most annoying map you've ever created. Seriously, placing vores and archers and all kinds of spam missle enemies thousands of units away AND enabling them to attack the player still was an asshole move par excellence. I know I've complained about this before.

The bane fight has too many regular monsters in my view (considering he has the ability to resurrect them - apart from this own strong attacks). He's beatable on Hard, but I didn't bother longer than three attempts. Some powerup would have been nice there, like the Tomb of Power, or at least a Trinity.

You shouldn't have made so that the weapon inventory gets reset in every map. Also, too many/strong dragons.
Still, a proper fantasy mod with lots of cool stuff. Cheers Tronyn and PM.

I've even recorded my awkward attempts in a bunch of demos if you care (protocol 666). Your maps start at #9. I stopped halfway through the new map. Please tell me when I can delete the file. 
quick drunken response
well giant appreciation to you for playing, first, and being interested enough to replay second, these projects. I think we do tend to take a rather brute-force approach to gameplay, basically Doom+vertical element+UV skill, and this has limitations, and is the opposite of the sophisticated smart gameplay style that your maps tend to work with. I will say though with NSOE4 (the void map), one secret allowed a telefrag of those monsters, and I will certainly admit that the weapons reset was a huge misstep, which was my idea alone. My problem is the RL, I should have maybe just asked for the RL to be some kind of temporary GL upgrade item, since the GL is so much more interesting to use.

Anyway, thanks, muchos gracias, and more responses coming in the next few days. 
The pent secret, yes. But even then, there are more than enough additional vores and archers to keep it painful.

In such ultrahard horde maps, the RL is vital. The player needs to be able to utilize every single weapon to its fullest. You did it right in ARWOP, giving the player plenty of everything so he won't have to worry about running low. And while blowing a horde of soldiers into gibs with a single rocket isn't challenging, it's fun and a rewarding experience to the player. This is what counts more.

Like I said in the original thread, the episode is worth playing, if only to see NSOE3. It's still my favorite map of the pack and it's one of the visually most impressive fantasy maps for Quake, colorful, varied in style, and arcane. 
Only 30 Demos? 
One has to admire your tenacity, Negke! ;) 
Episode 4 
Stuck In The First From Library On 'the Morbid Manse' 
i couldn't find the original soe thread, so i guess here's as good a place as any.

loads of mages. killed them all. can't get out.
the console msg says 'one more to go', but i can't find anymore mages, they're all dead.
i thought maybe all the enemies you have to clear out can be a mixture of scrags/mages, so i looked up into the ceiling to see if there was one last scrag waiting to be baited down..nothing.

i spotted a panel on the side of a bookcase. i shot it. i tried to follow the sound from where it came in the far corner of the room, but it doesn't appear to open anything permanently, maybe temporary(?). i can't see anything, though.

in the end i had to noclip through the door. has this happened before? 
I haven't heard of it before. Is this the library with the lava pentagram?

what skill level? 
Skill 3 
and it is the lava pentagram room 
yeah I just tested it and I can confirm that, one too few wizards is there. sorry about that, surprised no one played it on nightmare and found that (or reported it anyway) all these (lol 10 - damn time flies) - years. Another thing to fix for the final Drake. 
Thank Christ For Noclip! 
something that consoles do NOT have.

some ammo/health boxes were stuck halfway in to some walls, and one ogre had missing skins (white torso with black legs/feet).
none of those above things prevented playback in any major way, of course, but i was thinking at the back of my mind "i hope that this isn't a sign that a major crash is on the way". 
The missing skins thing I think is a savegame bug. I've seen that before. Ammo boxes in walls I haven't seen. Could be the mod, map or engine ;)

What engine btw, Quakespasm? 
'tis Qs! 
i still haven't managed to get quaddicted maps/mods to run in dp.
i get the impression the majority of user created mpas/mods are better appreciated in an engine like qs. i'm quite at home home with it now. 
So nsoe6 is new? Why did i already know the map then?
did some dragon hunting nonetheless: easy run in 1:46 
It Was New To (christmas 08), Not In (august 08) 
I was curious as to how you did that. Nice run, that was pretty epic. Skip the army, just blast the dragons! 
DP: I run everything in DP. Even maps/mods that say to not run it in DP, I still do and they work fine... 
be careful. DP breaks some subtle things which may not be apparent during play through.

notably, the traceline code is broken in some way when it hits invisible bmodels and sound attenuation has been changed and may result in messier ambient sounds. (apparently, he 'liked' it this way...) 
my excuse for making retarded jokes is the 15 months I worked in a warehouse, where retarded jokes were half of all dialogue (a quarter of the remainder being necessary communication, and the last quarter being bitching)... buuutt...

"be careful. DP breaks some subtle things which may not be apparent"
insert beavis and butthead reaction here.

shit (snort-laugh) I'm already sorry.

ahem. Soul of Evil! 
a quarter of the remainder makes no sense, I should have said half the remainder, aka a quarter of the total. sigh. 
couldn't let today pass by without wishing happy tenth birthday to the original soul of evil :) 
my god time flies! 
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