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Soul Of Evil: Indian Summer: New Version (Includes New Content)
Today Patrick Martin and I release a new version of Soul Of Evil: Indian Summer, which includes the following:

-A new map, Nsoe6: Summer's End, with 300+ monsters, including previously unused ones such as the Warlock and Gremlins.

-Newly rebalanced gameplay throughout the episode, both maps and monster code, making the fights fairer while remaining challenging.

-Other new features and items including a new version of the legendary Mjolnir, Dragon Armour, and the deadly MIRV.

Download here: (28 MB)

Screenshots here:

We have also released the nsoe devkit, containing documentation and source code, here: (1MB)

And the sources for my major maps (nsoe3,4,5,6) are now available here: (2MB)
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MIRV is some deadly virus you can infect monsters with and then spreads through unprotected infighting right? 
I should explain that whoever wants to play ONLY the new map, should download the new release, then enter the game and then command "map nsoe6" (enter) - and I believe you will find that map worthwhile. I admit 28 MBs is not what it once was. 
you can play that map starting with no weapons? 
nonentity: Assuming you are serious, MIRV stands for Multiple Independently Targeted Reentry Vehicle. In nsoe, the MIRV Launcher launches a big guided missile that can split up into multiple smaller homing rockets. Its power level is about on par with a BFG. 
Re: Nitin 
yes, you can start with no weapons, and all the weapons are provided at appropriate stages in nsoe6. 
Thanks Tronyn! 
Awesome gift. 
Still have to play this episode, now it'll be a good time 
Great Stuff 
combat is heaps better now. And nsoe6 is a tremendous map! 
What A Nice Christmas Present :) 
I definitely enjoyed NSOE more this time around, mostly because the gameplay is more balanced and not stupendously hard.

Although all maps are great fun, the last map is nothing short of amazing, and is the only one in the pack that rapes my PC framerate wise. Well done. ;) 
Thank You 
Did you take some inspiration from nethack? Good combo. Thanks for the source. 
It's way too hard for me on Normal, gotta try Easy. 
gb: Yes, for a few things, such as the amulet of reflection and dragon armor. 
No, you cannot kill Shub-Niggurath with the sword -- she has godmode to stop this. :) 
What Spirit Said 
I look forward to trying this again the next time I have a chance.

My first attempt when this was initially released I had a rather difficult time making significant progress and I don't believe in using godmode.

(Although I'm not sure I'll use easy, I'm sort of against that too.) 
I only played the new map. It's very nice on skill 0 - everything above isn't much fun (I started on 1 but quickly died from archers I couldn't even see somewhere in the distance). 220 monsters felt just right for the size of this map. Impressive how you always manage to pull off such massive and non-linear fortresses (just like the other nsoe maps). I still didn't really care for the coins and gems the monsters dropped, but the larger ones (map items) were helpful. Chainlightning gun was good in this map, the improved SSG also. Cool boss battle with the boots and the MIRV (somewhat unfitting mdl though, feels too modern for that kind of environment somehow). The two previously unused monsters were good, too. Somewhat unique texture theme, Soul of Evil as a special branch of Quake style.

There is a nonsolid brush error behind the exit tower (50 -2550 -280). 
Just finished map 4. Wow!
It reminds me a bit of Warpspasm, requiring strong nerves to keep on playing and being constantly rewarded for doing so. Enemies attacking from huge distances are a huge part of the bad things. But once one knows about it and adjusts gameplay a bit, it's not that much of an issue.
The music snippets are really adding a lot of atmosphere.
I am recording demos on and off, will upload them once I am through. 
Did anyone tested this one hard?

is simply impossible... :( 
I've Played Through The Whole Thing On Hard 
It wasn't easy, and I died plenty of times, but it's certainly not impossible. 
Heh, it was impossible for me as well. I had to cheat on Normal skill. I'm not that good though. 
Orl the brushwork of the map is spectacular as all Tronyn maps but the game play takes all the fun :(

I dare someone to make a Hard demo with no deaths...

Is impossible...

or will be a 4 hours demo with sniping game play everywhere...

Despiste that the map is fucking to sexy� finish it in god mode :p 
Its Pretty Playable In Normal 
I found, different tactics than usual but you get used to that. 
Played It.. Liked It :D 
Yep, it is indeed a fucking good mod. I didn't have the chance due to lack of time to play it when it has been first released, but I just can say it is really good: new monsters rocks, new sounds are cool, gameplay is never boring, and the maps are very good, huge and very good.

I just noticed a small leak/clipping issue in nsoe6, close to the LG location just in the back of the exit: if you try to pass almost on the right side of the green terrain (actually this is the second face from right to left)... then you can walk through the terrain without falling (fortunately)... Not a real issue if the area is cleaned from monsters, but it can cause some blocking issue during heavy fights ;)

Keep it up !! 
Impossible You Say? 
I dare someone to make a Hard demo with no deaths... Is impossible...

Your gonna eat those words after you see this :)

Hard demo of nsoe3 from start to finish. I even made a few mistakes in it, but theres enough health armor and ammo to get through.

This is almost a 30 minute demo, so unless you don't have anything better to do, here is my skill 2 playthrough of nsoe3. 
I still remember your sickbase demo too.... 
Blonde Nsoe6 
Great map, thanks. I found skill 1 tough, but fun. The new moljner and mirv are perfect imho, and the chain LG is so sweet. Shame they're not in a bigger mod. Dragons are well balanced ;> I'll have to replay the whole thing. Only critiscism is.. played quite a few on Tronyn's great mellee maps, and they're exhilarating, but start to feel the same. Like screwing the same dumb teen blonde, like i wouldn't know ;> 
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