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Q1SP : Stark Monstrosity - Quoth 2
I have finished this massive base map.

Requires Quoth 2.1 to be installed.



This map is about as big and detailed as I could possibly ever make a map without breaking engine limits. Its also proof that you can go slightly over the limit for marksurfaces and it wont crash your engine!

Quoth 2 point triggers have played a large part in making this possible.

Im sorry its not a non-base map, but hopefully you'll enjoy it, and I pledge to make a non-base map someday, after new projects are done.

Thanks Willem for your filehost at and testing slightly... (I think I forgot to put you in the readme... 00ps!)

Big thanks for those who helped, there are some great people out there who are very passionate about their art.

And thanks to Scampie.
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Any Other Tip... 
... for MAC users?

BTW, I have no problem decompressing 7zips(at home, not here on my MAC), but I wonder where is the gain in using means to share stuff that in the first place needs a very uncommon application ...

Sorry for the OT, guys, back to the map for that last secret... 
.. I think you may find a (win/Mac)rar.exe for Mac on the internet... google it !

If you want better compression factor: use dzip

For linux user, you have to find the source, and compile it... maybe with your kernel, reboot,and then cross finger it will work :P 
Just use ZIP guys. Honestly. 
Perfect, JPL, Thanks!!! 
... Perfect for un-raring .rar files.

.dz files are simply not recognized. Invalid format. 
"Invalid format."

DZip. It provides extra compression for demos so they'll fit onto floppies which is a very pressing issue in 2009. 
Heres A Mac Program For Dzip Files

(TBH I just googled "dzip", although I see that's not obvious unless you know dz is a format for a program called "dzip")

Anyway it says that there's a Mac version there :)

Another point, without wanting to start another long discussion about formats for compression:
I know 7zip is a great program and 7z is a great format, but I tend to use .zip for stuff nowadays because it doesn't require any messing, ats the most widely used format. And I know that the other formats have tighter compression, but the difference is not so great, the convenience outways the slight increase in potential file size. 
For Those... 
...who like downloading large files, here's an extra 4meg of zip bloat for y'all: 
Thx, Shambler... 
...You're one sexy huggy bear.

And for the xtra meat, well, more cushion for the pushin', ain't it?

"the convenience outways the slight increase in potential file size."

Right, that's the crux of the issue for me. Saving a few hundred KB doesn't mean as much to me as being able to open the file without a hassle. 
I finding right click / open with dzip / extract to be a world-ending pain in the ass*

(* a bit like Willem's posts on here ;)).

Anyway, silent, it is me bumbling away for nearly an hour. Any tips on gameplay skillz, hit me with them. 
Not everyone is using Windows. 
That's fair enough, I've been using Dzip by default but these days it makes little difference. Zip it is. 
Sweet, thanks! I love watching demos and it sucks having to twat up every new map release thread with DZip whining. :) 
1. the map

2. look here

(...) being usable by all.

Not everyone is using Windows.

(...) it sucks having to twat up every new map release thread with DZip whining


Umm, you do know how to install software, yes? If I do the whining, people say "Install Windows FFS" but if you do the whining, people say "Yes Sir, Mr. Mac user"?! 
We had this discussion before, is your memory that fogged?

gb: It does not run on modern MacOS. 
Watched Shamblers demo. Shambler your level reviewing skills show here - your'e very thorough! I was heartily impressed!

Heh - try doing skill 3 with no secrets...

Also I cant decide weather to fix the map now or not because the dodgy secret says "nice jumping!" and, well I guess you only trigger the secret if your jumping is good and true. I should probably fix it.... :P

Nice work! 
Another beautiful base map release right after ASPS2! Really like the architecture and layout, but DAMN! Either I suck really bad or everybody is really good! I had to put on god mode but I got lost toward the end and couldn't get through the exit doors and then i fell into the lava and gave up. I'll have to download some demo to see how to do it properly. Quoth is really cool, nice use of the monsters. It was sweet getting the plasma rifle towards the end.
nice job! 
I died many times too on Normal. :)

Solid map indeed. You'll see funny deaths in my demos, especially where I am getting squished. I was pretty pissed by that. The lighting was very bright and dull at many places, that's the only criticism I want to give. Nice fun to play!

Weird choice for the soundtrack though, heh. I guess it was the default in Worldcraft or something? 
Spirit, Link. Link, Spirit. Hi Link! 
... that beginning is so great, but way too hard. Great use of Edies ;>. Half way through but and hating that quoth GL. 
The gameplay is great, fun, and simple.

Brushwork also was simple but on a grand scale.

I liked the colored lighting and I have to admit that you used it very well also in your other releases.

Gameplay wins on this one, keep up the great work. 
"Twat up" is possibly the best phrase I've heard in a while... 
I think what shows through more is, well, my enjoyment of levels that are this engrossing, but also my respect for the challenge and stuff. Just trying to play well, at my relative standard. I was chuffed with secret 6 tho. 
skill 1
not too hard at all to start, but didn't finish. got lost after 2nd gold key and then didn't have time to figure it out so quit. Great scale - Kind of CZGish in size, though not nearly as pretty. Liked the architecture very much though. Favourite part was definitely the staircase that shambler mentioned before.
No demo, sorry.
Keep it up! Base or not, its all good. 
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