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ZDoom Stuff
ZDoom forums are such a mess... so this thread is for news and other stuff about the project, and to link to the occasional epic mod that floats along, such as Knee Deep in ZDoom
and Torment and Torture .

Just some background info in case anyone's missed out. Zdoom is a highly customized Doom engine written by Randy Heit and having a GL fork, GZDoom. Enhancements over Doom 2 include immersive cut-scenes, 3D worlds with jumping and swimming, removal of most Doom engine limits, translucency, a powerful Quake inspired console, screenshot tagged game-saves, and support for all Doom engine games including Doom 2, Heretic, Hexen, and Strife.

It does have it's down sides... the worst of which is a very dynamic api where three things come to mind: It uses the closed source (and ever changing) FMOD library for sound and music; Randy occasionally makes disruptive changes of his own; and the GL features of GZDoom mean mods will often only work with either GZDoom or ZDoom. Did i mention Linux support is an f-ing nightmare. See these forums , ,
or get some old binaries here .
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I just had to post... Love this level, but things like this often go under the radar. It's a Hexen inspired castle, with a variety of monsters from KDIZD, Doom 2 and many brand new. It has moody lighting and intricate detail throughout. Highlights include the hoard of new monsters, an unreal-esque mirrored floor, an interactive, macabre dungeon, and interesting finale.

Gameplay is v.good and the secrets (unmarked) rewarding. You should probably make sure to get the plasma gun amongst the towering stacks
of the library as it's sure as hell not easy. (I cheated a couple of times).
Game was played on skill 2 (out of 5) with GZDoom v1.1.4 (GZDoom 1.1.0 or
newer recommended). 
Good Idea Steven 
I like Doom in all variants. 
Zpack has some good stuff, too (as long as one watches the difficulty setting): 
Good Topic. 
Useful if it can become an all-round Doom reference in a digestible format. 
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