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Coagula Contest 3 Turtle Map Event
Coagula Contest 2 Pack Released.

Posted by underworldfan [] on 2003/08/14 13:24:32

Almost 6 years... and was a pack that everybody loves it!

What about a turtle map event for this theme?

During the February month? Or the hole march?

Anyone ?
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Yeh, coag3_start.bsp 
Map tomorrow, Ricky 
Wait, I send it to Ricky, right? Not spirit? 
awkey. not today though. tomorrow after it hopefuilly fullvises. also needs 50 more monsters. 
I'm tweaking gameplay on mine and will need to finish up tomorrow morning. Probably have to send it in the evening after letting it fullvis all day. 
same here. 
Take Your Time 
I will package them in about 24 hours. 
I had a very late night last night, it was gone 5:00am when i retired to bed, and here i am four hours later, sat at work.

Vis takes about 5 hours, still running from when i went to bed!

Technically the map is in beta atm. It went from WIP to alpha to beta last night! I got some good feedback, as well as someone found a shortcut which would have screwed the map slightly so thank god for that! (well Trinca actually, but the two are close)

So yeah - i will have to make a few final adjustments after work, then re-compile and send to Spirit, probably in about 16-18 hours from now...... Yay!

NB: It would appear that using the info_notnull ogre grenade explosion hack breaks the reaperbot mod. I had intended to to some testing for the DM mode. The map has about 10 DM starts as well as a few added weapons, and very minor flow differences, it should be OK for DM, but I have never made a DM map before. If I type "deathmatch 1" in Fitz, then "kill" it seems to work fine - each one of the spawnpoints works, so hopefully that will be OK!

Setting the info_ntnulls to "not in deathmatch" via spawnflags doesn't seem to remove them. I'm assuming you can't remove info_notnulls from the map in this way. 
Ok, deadline is here!

I just want to leave some few words!

I want to thanks all the involved guys, even the ones that wanted to map, but real life eat then alive.

I�m glad there is a lot of people in this community that still spare some of there free time to map for such an old but great game as Quake is.

Big thanks to all.

kisses to negke and hugs to all 
ahhh one thing!!!

Ricky please get a job in the industry of gamming man, you was born to map... 
I'll send you my map sometime tonight Spirit. It's still early, early morning here in America. :)

And since my map was barely finished at all, no DM support! 
Spirit, map late evening German time.

It went from WIP to alpha to beta last night!

Sounds familiar. 
I'm almost done! Will send to Spirit tonight when I get home (8-9 hours from now).

I'm actually pretty happy with the gameplay and how some things play out in the map. It's neat. I wasn't all that happy with it until I started getting the monsters in there and tuned correctly. Hooray! 
My map is done, it's in the final build.

There are some misaligned texes, but this was just due to the tight (relatively) deadline. I'll include the source, so anyone who really cares can please fix them himself. :)

It supports coop and DM, though.

I hate spawnrooms, this is my last vanilla Quake map. Number one annoyance with id1. I have like 40 spawning monsters.

The second huge annoyance is the limited number of targets/targetnames and the third would be no spawnable items (wait till you see the map).

Spirit, map'll come like 10 or 11 PM I guess. But you're probably packaging them tomorrow anyway. 
I'm working on west coast US time for this one, need a few more hours to tidy up the lighting.

But I need a map list before I can even final compile anyway, so figure I can afford the hours without slowing down the pack release... 
nonentity wait for a email from Spirit...

1st of April is the full day to compile the stuff... take your time no stress... 
Very Very Stupid Error 
My map is fullvised and even sent to Spirit - but it appears to be broken in id1. You get all the items immediately because of a target/targetname/killtarget messup that on paper looked id1 compatible, but doesn't work.

Apparently certain killtargets and targets block each other in a complicated way.


I will not be able to fix this in time, thus I must resign.

I built the offending part while still testing in RemakeQuake, and later switched back to id1 and everything looked good, so I went back to RMQ. I am pretty sure I used *no* RMQ specific features.

I was very short on time, so it didn't show earlier.

I might put the map out anyway, just for shits and giggles. It is playable, but off balance now.

Off balance is better than nothing! I say include it. 
Let�s do something?
please all that are in take day 1 to make final builds... post today everybody that have a map for noent make start map!

And release day 3 of April?

I think 2 or 3 days isn�t bad at all since maps are almost done?

What u guys think? 
It Looks Like 
Trinca, ericw and myself think that 1-2 days more could be good.

I know I could at least fix my map then. Anyway, I'll wait until tomorrow and see what happens. Any way is fine, since luckily this is just for fun :) 
i delivered mine last week i�m having lots of work, and i dont have time to map :\ my map is small but was what i could have made :|

just enjoy it as it is... 
i think Ricky still need some time to... i think 2 days will be good for everybody!

and as far as i know we will have!!!

coag3_negke -> will be delivered later!

so there is 8 maps 
I Vote For 2 Days More 
not that I have a map for you :) 
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