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Coagula Contest 3 Turtle Map Event
Coagula Contest 2 Pack Released.

Posted by underworldfan [] on 2003/08/14 13:24:32

Almost 6 years... and was a pack that everybody loves it!

What about a turtle map event for this theme?

During the February month? Or the hole march?

Anyone ?
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The ID1 glitch with killtargets is "If the killtarget is set, the target does not fire". I'd bet that the map can be fixed with just a bit of entity hacking, so that the vis data doesn't have to be lost. e-mail me a copy, and I'll see if I can do it tomorrow evening. 
ID1 means you'll need an extra trigger_relay per event.

AguirRe Quake shows a message letting you know a killtarget is blocking a target.

Hm. Maybe include specific killtargets, like Q2.

Although I remember your entity hacking method in the old progs new tricks thread, Preach. 
trigger_relay can be a point entity so no need to rebuild your bsp, just update the entities, unless there's something more complex that needs to be done. 
2 More Days Sounds Good 
Sorry for the stalling.. I'm now fullvising.
I'll see if anyone on irc is willing to beta test tomorrow :) 
It would be a shame to lose some maps just because of (selfmade) pressure!
April 3 sounds good. 
Well Mine Is Sat On My HDD! 
I re-adjusted a couple more things last night, mainly to stop Trinca from being able to speedrun it. And to put another secret in. :)

Im having a couple of evenings off mapping now!

Well done all, good to hear that there are plenty entries! 
negke can u do it untill 3? 
Grr ... Well, I sent mine in so I'm done. Whenever y'all get your acts together we can get this pack done. :) 
negke you shouldn�t sleep untill friday and map like a maniac.

now go map! 
So what's happening with this thing then? We're waiting until Fri to release? 
There will be 8 maps...

But only 7 until Friday...

Negke map will take a life time to fullvis!

I think when Spirit got the 7 maps he will talk with nonentity for the final setups about the pack!

If the 7 guys involved sent it over early why not release before Friday?

Spirit how things going? 
I'll send mine to Spirit in the evening, so I guess he'll put them up tomorrow or, if the startmap has to be tweaked, perhaps the weekend.

Relax. This isn't Base Pack. We're not talking "six months until the progs is finished" here ;-)

nobody is stressed i was first to say delay and mine is finish long time ago...

this is not for money... i think delay a little will not kill anyone!

Of course basepack was a abuse!!! but this is history. 
I just want to know what to expect is all. "A small delay" is vague and unsatisfying. "It will be out on Monday" is concrete and something I can relate to. 
Preach, thanks but I also had to change some textures. Map is finished and sent. 
Good going Trinca for organising this, alot of maps it looks like. 
That my entry died a death. 
I'll Be Sending Mine In A Few Hours 
I got some beta feedback today - thanks spy and TheSilent. 
I received maps from

ericw is testing, will submit soon.


negke needs some arousal so he can finish off for a change. :(

Trinca, I dropped out earlier. 
Six Maps 
+ negke's map later, not bad 
Spirit you lazy bitch :p

Stop been raped by negke on Quakelive and go map :)

I want to thks all that have been involved in this...

6 maps is deadline is great!

thks all and I cant wait to play then all :)

Since I only played 2 and they are much much better then mine small map based in sm151 :p

Sorry, but my time as been really short ;)

Hope you guys like it, and I�m pretty sure i will get the 6 place! But I�m happy with me because I did something :)

i want to thks Necros again for the lights teaching that make the map look sexy because of him ;) with the lights skills i use to have the map would look fucking ugly :p 
Trinca, it's ok. Concerning smallness, your map is the least thing you have to worry about.. >;)

I'm a little surprised there are so many entries after all. What about the start map now? Can't wait to play the pack. Maybe this will arouse me - I'm motivationally challenged as usual. 
Map Sent (finally!) 
Sent my map to Spirit.. sorry to hold things up. Can't wait to play the pack :) 
"Maybe this will arouse me - I'm motivationally challenged as usual."

This pack was good for me in terms of length. I didn't get it ALL done but at the very least, I was able to take a break from the project a few times and come back to it, maintaining motivation. When the deadline is too tight and I lose motivation, that's basically the death knell for it. 
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