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Coagula Contest 3 Turtle Map Event
Coagula Contest 2 Pack Released.

Posted by underworldfan [] on 2003/08/14 13:24:32

Almost 6 years... and was a pack that everybody loves it!

What about a turtle map event for this theme?

During the February month? Or the hole march?

Anyone ?
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That Just Means 
map floating in the void?

Never made one - I'd participate. Sounds like fun :) 
someting like my sm151 but bigger please :) 
That sounds interesting. A month to do a floating map then? 
Rules ? 
Any rules definition before it starts ? As well as a clear target date ?

Please no more base pack fuzzy timeline please :P 
I would definitely be interested in participating. And yes, hard rules and deadlines plz.

Make sure we post specs as well. What a turtle map means, how big it should be, limits, etc. 
Max 2.500 brushes?

Id only?

one month?

start Counting when everybody is on the ship?(better wait one week to see who is in.) 
Sounds Good. 
Not that I'd participate, but I'd follow it with interest and enjoy the results.

I'd say keep the guidelines to a minimum, other than "floating in space", and the short list Trinca posted above.

One thing I would say, if it's Id only (which is a fair idea, a lot of maps rely on Quouth these days), then add a simple encouragement:

"Aim for interesting gameplay"

(I'd like to see how far people can push simple Id gameplay).

Oh, and I want negke to definitely enter :). As well as all you dudes of course. 
since my english suck hard...

i�m better at making maps then giving rules...

Willem and Ricky shoot!!! 
Well I Dont Know 
Maps must me submitted by the 15th March

Maps must contain no more than 2500 brushes

Maps must be for standard ID1 progs only

Maps must be of the coagula type >8) 
sounds good! 
"Maps must be of the coagula type "

Details plz. :) I wasn't around for the original. Does that just mean "floating in space"? 
Well Apparently ELEK Invented The Style 
Heres what he said in the last competition:

#8 posted by ELEK [] on 2003/01/18 13:53:03
I would like to step in for a sec here and clarify something. Excerpt from the Coagula3 text file "The creation
of these levels follows in the same vein as that of the gameplay. The maps themselves are
an excercise in spontaneous creative impulse. I simply sat down and drew a quick sketch
of the map, found some textures that inspired me, and threw down brushes. Perhaps the maps
aren't as detailed as some of my other work, but the sheer impulsive creative energy that
went into these maps has inspired much of my other more polished work. For me these maps
stand as a testament to taking some risks and doing things that might not be the standard."

Essentially anything with a void beneath it, and dm starts, and a non-traditional theme-concept behind the construction would be a coagula style map. The key is quick....I think I spent about 2 weeks working each time. It might show in some cases....but that quick loose slapping down of brushes, was fullfilling. I guess I would say that I consider Coagula maps to be more like quick sketches one would throw down in their sketch book.

I don't know if that helps any of you....but I am excited to see the results of the contest. I really enjoyed the first go around.

Here's the thread: 
i realy want this to go forward...

is one of my favorit packs :)

if this threath dont go forward i will make a map anyway :)

but thks god i�ve got two dedicated menbers in the boat! 
From What I Reckon 
Floating in space, with a deathmatch-suited layout (the original Coagula map was originally supposed to be DM)

If enough maps are submitted, a start map might be useful (duh)

If the general consensus is "ID1 only" then fair enough, but Quoth has a bunch of stuff that wouldn't be out of place here (trigger_void which is a neater solution than trigger_hurt, hubs, void skybox, etc)

(I might actually shit out a map just for this, but don't hold your breath) 
just started working on getting the last 20% of apsp3 done, but I will enter if I have time. 
I Dont Have A Problem With Quoth Being Allowed 
Sounds Good 
My map for the first one has almost finished compiling actually!

P.S. Thanks Elek 
i�m not a expert in quoth and i now only few commands but if everybody is up to, i must follow... 
Should Be Optional Maybe? 
To Quoth or not to Quoth?

Mapper's discression. 
I would like to enter this, but I have no idea how to set up my gtkRadiant for use with Quoth, so that would suck if it were required or optional.

Regardless, I think March 15th is too much time. I would say by the end of February at the latest. Also, to whom do we submit these maps? 
Zwiffle is also my biggest problem...

no .QrK file for Quark :| only .Fgd 
one of us, just a matter of decide with one... I don�t mind to do it... but as u guys know my English is not a powerful weapon(more like a boomstick)

let�s wait untill tomorow to see who is in and vote! 
OK, OK, Hang On A Minute: 
Lets just have a pack with some Quoth maps and some Id1 maps, all together in the same pack!

All will run under Quoth anyway, so it doesn't matter :D

Trinca - Zwiffle - Anyone - Make an Id1 map
Anyone - make a Quoth map if you want.

All maps will be accepted (?) :) 
If it's Quoth optional, and someone makes a Quoth map, then why not just make it Quoth-required? I would want to make a Quoth map if possible, I just can't figured out how to get it to work in Radiant.

Like I said, if Quoth were allowed it would totally short-change what I would want to do. 
So Does Radiant Use .def Files? 
I made my own .fgd file for WC.

Whats the format for .def files?

I just changed the classname of a feind for example to become an edie or a drole, the enforcer variants and rocket grunts were similar, and Im sure I could figure it out.

I mean IS is def files for radiant? What about Quark? 
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