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Favourite Game Weapons Thread
Melee: Jedi Academy lightsaber

Sidearm: CS:S Desert Eagle

Shottie: HL1

Light Rapid-fire: CS:S Mac10

Heavy Rapid-fire: AvP Smartgun

Singleshot Accuracy: Quake2 Railgun

Incendiary: Kingpin Flamethrower

Rocket launcher: Quake 2

Throwable 1: Quake 2 Hand Grenade

Throwable 2: HL1 Snark

Novelty 1: HL2 Gravity Gun

Novelty 2: Blood voodoo doll

Heavy Weapon: Quake 1 Lightning Gun (complete with water discharge)

Ridiculously overpowered behemoth of a gun: Doom BFG9000

So what are your favourite game weapons? Not just limited to fps titles but all the games you have played.

Also, what concepts do you think would make for great weapons in a game?
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To Start Things Off 
The cerebral bore from Turok on the n64. You shoot a projectile into an enemy and it bores into their skull and forcibly removes their grey matter in a vivid arc of gore, complete with drilling sounds! Very satisfying :) 
Gears of War : Lancer

I know I'm biased, but it's so damned fun. :) 
i love beam weapons <3 
daikatana discus (?) was pretty nice.
daikatana sidewinder rocketlauncher, too (the twirling rockets one).

q3 gauntlet just rocks.

doom3 mg, quake2 mg, Kingpin tommy gun.

q2 minigun

blood2 double sawed-off sg.

best weapon ever: descent 2 gauss gun. 
The unreal shock rifle.

Best weapon to ever appear in a FPS hands down.

Altho yeh, the cerebral bore was hilariously overpowered. 
Also, sticky grenades (Halo's stand out ofc, but I'm sure they didn't invent the concept in games) for 'throwable' 
The stake gun from painkiller ;) I realise its just a stylised railgun, but that thing never got old! :)

Halo did have some cool weapons, I also remmeber being pretty fond of the one that shot all those purple spines into things, that then detonated if you managed to get enough of them on a target, very very satisfying :)

Willem, hehe I must say that the chainsaw attack on the lancer is quite inspired, and it is accompanied by one of the best "chainsaw ripping through flesh" sounds I have ever heard :) 
Tomb Raider (/Anniversary)'s double uzis.

The Reckoning: Ion ripper (boomerang thingy)

The weapons in Dino Crisis 2 were pretty good, I especially liked the heavy machine gun, really sounded like an MG 42 and was pretty effective against the dinos.

Malice's Trusty .44, uzi, and vert-barrel shotgun. 
Doom 1 Shotgun

Quake Grenade Launcher

Q2 Rail Gun

Q3 Plasma Gun

Unreal Flak Cannon
8-ball launcher was cool also

UT Redeemer was hilarious

Dark Messiah - all the bows - archery in that game was damned fun. Rope bow was a cool grappling-hook type utility too.

Far Cry - all the weapons were really well done. 
Few Good Ones 
The Quake Team Arena Nail Gun -- nice design, satisfying sounds

No One Lives Forever weapons were all splendid in their sound, kick design etc.

A few stand outs -- I liked using the Shepard Arms P38 9mm Pistol almost exclusively. One shot to the head per kill so I could wrack up medals and accuracy bonuses. It also made me feel like a dirty little professional hitgirl.

Braun 9mm Parabellum - had a nice feel with the kick, and it was so loud.

Hampton Carbine -- good sniper weapon -- the Lucky Strike of sniper rifles, clean and satisfying, not like that Geldmacher SVD which would reveal your locale with its loud bang, a real dirty Camel of a gun.

Sportsman EX Crossbow -- another good sniper gun. Brings the pain hardcore to the aortic artery. Baddies seemed to writhe more when struck with a bolt.

Though I hated using the AK-47 Assault Rifle because it would fuck up my accuracy percentages, the NOLF version came in a sleek
red and black design that outclasses any realism mod.

And the Super Atomic Laser Weapon, cool for the 60's low budget movie sound effects, and the phase out effect when the enemy is vaporized was good for a snort.

If you haven't played NOLF, what are your waiting for? Go!! GO! GO! 
Game Guns 
Mega Man 2 - metal blade

Metroid - ice beam

Contra - spread shot

Bionic Commando - grappling arm (does this count?)

Raiden - that twisty/bendy energy beam gun

DooM II - double-barreled shotgun

UT - redeemer, flak cannon

Q2 - grenade launcher 
Quake: Rocket Launcher / Super Nail Gun

Doom2: Plasma gun

Doom3: Plasma gun

UT2K: Snipper riffle

COD2: Snipper riffle, whatever it comes from

HL2: Rocket Launcher 

Rocket Launcher / Super Nail Gun + quad

Are out there any other games?

Serious Sam Cannon 
was pretty fun too. 
OK so others:

Half-Life: The machine gun with the attached grenade launcher was always fun, cross bow

Gears: Lancer, Torque Bow

UT: Redeemer, Shock Rifle, Goo Gun 
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