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Favourite Game Weapons Thread
Melee: Jedi Academy lightsaber

Sidearm: CS:S Desert Eagle

Shottie: HL1

Light Rapid-fire: CS:S Mac10

Heavy Rapid-fire: AvP Smartgun

Singleshot Accuracy: Quake2 Railgun

Incendiary: Kingpin Flamethrower

Rocket launcher: Quake 2

Throwable 1: Quake 2 Hand Grenade

Throwable 2: HL1 Snark

Novelty 1: HL2 Gravity Gun

Novelty 2: Blood voodoo doll

Heavy Weapon: Quake 1 Lightning Gun (complete with water discharge)

Ridiculously overpowered behemoth of a gun: Doom BFG9000

So what are your favourite game weapons? Not just limited to fps titles but all the games you have played.

Also, what concepts do you think would make for great weapons in a game?
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Whats The Thing In Fallout 3 
That fires 9 mini nukes? 
Doom Shotgun (in combination with grunts' health and animations). Half-Life's is nice too.

Quake Grenadelauncher (with its "sticky" grenades on slopes, I LOVE that)

Quake Rocketlauncher, because it's got the most powerful feeling. Q3's is nice too.

Q3 Railgun and Plasmagun. The gauntlet is nice too.

Deus Ex' Riot Prod (or whatever that electroshocker is called)

Jedi Knight's laser sword and mines.

In UT I only really liked the flak gun. The others felt silly (maybe in combinations with the enemy animations eg the sniper).

The weapons in Cave Story are great, I especially like the machine gun to fly! It's like rocketjumping but a vital part of the gameplay. I also love weapons you can charge, so I like the Spur.

This does not quite fit in with the rest, but the Boomerang in Zelda games (the old ones) is amazing. Also the sword that shoots swords. :>

Grimm's buttstomp is unique and feels damn powerful, heh. And I always liked jumping on enemies in Mario games (2D). 
Repeating Alot Here 
UT Flak Cannon
Rail Gun
Remake Quake Shotguns
Doom2 Chainsaw / Chaingun
Undying Scythe
Q2 Awakening Jackhammer
HL2 Ant Lion Pod
OUM / Zerstorer Riot Controller 
The Painkiller 
Easy Choice 
Doom - fists of terror
Goldeneye - the mighty Klobb 
Mine Favorite Weaps 
doom/doom2 - plasma rifle/chainsaw
quake - shaft+rl+gl combo
quake2 - bfg10k :)
quake3 - rg/shaft
doom3 - chaingun+soulcube combo
thief/thief2 - blackjack/water arrow
undying - dbsg/scythe 
Razorwind from Turok2 
I liked Sin's pistol. 
Melee: WoW Glaives of Azzinoth sword set
Sidearm: HL1 Revolver
Shottie1: Doom
Shottie2: Undreal flack gun
Light Rapid-fire: Quake SNG
Heavy Rapid-fire: TF2 Sasha
Singleshot Accuracy1: Quake2 Railgun (quaded)
Singleshot Accuracy2: Unreal Rifle
Incendiary: TF2 Backburner
Rocket launcher: Quake 1
Throwable 1: Quake 1 GL
Throwable 2: Unreal Tournament Green Slime
Throwable 3: TF2 Demoman's grenades
Novelty: HL2 Gravity Gun
Heavy Weapon: Quake 1 Lightning Gun (complete with water discharge)
Ridiculously overpowered behemoth of a gun: Unreal Redemeer 
Von, you can't use WoW weapons. They're not really different, just change of dmg.

Also, the MSA from Naxx was far better (op hemo kekeke nerfplixkthxbai l2p... Sorry). Also the fist set from ZG that turned you into Tony the Tiger.

Also, I'm going to repeat the whole U/UT shock rifle thing. I don't see how people are rating the flak cannon above it, yeh it was a good gun, but I've not seen a gun that utilises dual fire modes so well...

And on an Epic note, stop bigging up the guns from Gears2 Willem. Having actually played more than just the annoying 'shoot the driver or insta-death and spawn 5 minutes back' I'm more inclined to rate it (wasn't as set pieces as I thought and some very good 'standard' combat). Still haven't completed it tho, my copy has a acquired a deep scratch right on the loading point for level 5, so can only play the first 4 levels or it crashes :( Ironically if I'd warezed it I could just reburn the disc, but I actually bought it so Willem wouldn't cry... Damn joo ;p 
Damn, got distracted by ranting about scratched discs, my point was supposed to be that all the fun combat aside, the guns are fairly basic fare (the only standout imo is the aiming line for the grenades (and mebe likewise the bow)) 
Why Can't I Use Wow Weaps? 
the topic says favourite, so they were my favourite ;) big, green, heavy, mean looking, just lub them and miss them.... 
Still Adding . . . 
L4D automatic shotgun 
I'd like to add the Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II rocket launcher with its sticky, delayed detonation rockets. Gotta love watching a terrified storm trooper run around with a smoking missile stuck up his arse. 
Quake Mod 
There are also some cool weapons in QKP mod: fireball launcher, flamethrower and proximity mines are my prefered :) 
Oooh Yeah, Quake Mod 
Somebody needs to make a Quake mod which includes every single one of the weapons mentioned in this thread.

It would be terribly unbalanced, but ohsofun. 
Hey ! 
It wouldn't be unbalanced if monsters are ported too ! As example, BGF9000 with CyberDemon / MasterMind, etc... :P 
lol, you mean, turning this into a favourite monster thread?

a couple additions, in the not-so-fps genre (hey, other people did it first)

Ethereal Crossbow - a great shotgun-type weapon
Dragon Claw - cool graphics, nice upgraded attack too

Heretic II:
Storm Bow, Force Blast.

Short Sword, Broadsword, War Sword... actually just all the swords. And the BatteAxe.

another thing I've always admired is how id managed to put the Q2 railgun and the Q1 rocketlauncher in the same game, and balance it, with Q3. 
I liked the marathon rocket launcher. Yes, I am very out of touch with games yes... 
No Way 
the q3 rl is slower and has a much smaller splash-dmg radius than the quake rl.

That said, it feels a lot better than the quake one -- must be the player physics. 
I don't like the sound of the Quake RL. Feels like a glorified shotgun, which it probably is.

I also don't like that it eclipses the other weapons in effective power. Why even have other weapons then, for decoration?

I'm also increasingly pissed by Quake's nailguns. Again, a big part of that is the sound.

I would work with the Q2 engine, if it didn't have relatively sluggish movement and controls. The precision of control in Quake 1, and the whole movement, is unmatched. It just feels better to play. Not to mention the monster lineup and the artwork.

The Q2 engine can be best described as solid - you can take it and turn it into Heretic II, and it works. Plus it has basic features like transparency, rotation, inventory and going back and forth between levels (aka hub system).

I spent many hours playing Heretic II yesterday, and cursing at its sluggishness. Afterwards, I blasted through the first act of Hexen II with an assassin, and it was just 200% more fun. To return to the topic, the assassin's crossbow is pretty wicked. You can practically play it like Quake, drop into a room and open fire, and the archer knights won't even know what hit them :) Eats mana though.

I stabbed Famine to death, by using Backstabbing with Tome of Power. It started saying "Critical hit!" so I just kept doing it. I felt a little stupid for knifing the episode boss in the back though, but it was pretty cool. The Assassin levels up pretty quickly, too.

Hexen II is really fun if you know where all the stupid keys are, and ignore the mediocre level design, and just turn up the difficulty, and play it like Quake. Someone should make a cool, large SP map for that game. ^^

Especially the Tome of Power idea is brilliant, as well as the whole lot of powerups and the user friendly inventory. Shame about the level design. 
For Me 
Q2�s weapon set killed it.

Run it under the Awakening mod and you immediately think - what the fuck were they thinking? 
Not thinking enough. 
Good Thread Daz. 
Like it.

Gosh what weapons do I really like??

The DKT weapon that drew a pentagram in the ground and summoned a demon that tore everyone to shreds, fucking awesome.

DKT Rocket Launcher as well, spiraling rockets were sweet.

Q2 Railgun, just had the feel spot on.

Q1 Perforator, brutal, visceral, and totally to the point.

Mechwarrior 4 heavy gauss weapons, could really feel the firepower behind them.

UT Redeemer, another awesomely entertaining idea.

In fact most UT weapons were pretty cool.

Q2 DBS, pure beef.

Q1 RL, so simple, so effective, the definitive RL.

Melee, something from Severance probably... 
Q2 DBS, pure beef.

mebe we should replace the crate as the logo... ;p 
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