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Q1SP: Fort Driant
This time I'm definitively damned for sure... I wasted 17 days of fullvis just to generate HOMs that did not exist on the fastvis version of this project...

So after one year of work, I decided to release it as is... without trying to solve HOMs, regarding the uncertainty about any HOM solving after 17 days of fullvis process...

The action takes place on Earth, in a military base. Your mission is to enter the base, disable the nuclear reactor, and escape... alive as far as possible...

First I have several warnings:

1/ the map is fastvised, so you may experiment dome framerate drop down in some area

2/ This map exceeds 6 standard engine values, so you' prefer to play it with either aguirRe's GLQuake, or FitzQuake0.85

3/ This map requires Quoth2 mod.




As usual, feedback and comments are welcome ;)

Enjoy !


After readung the first set of comments, I've added an alternate download link for the fullvis version of the map (that contains .bsp and .lit file only) here
Please moderators add the link in the thread top post ;)

The HOMs are located in the reactor area... mainly (there are 2 big there) and a small one in after the SK door, before the first stairs..

Also, just a note I'd like to add: the maps rewards a lot exploration, as there are 14 secrets...

Thanks a lot for the encouragement ;)
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And That's Why 
jdhack is the greatest Quake engine coder ever. 
regardless if there are any floating point coordinates in the .map file or not it doesn't stop the compiler from using floating point in it's calculations.

mainly due to the floating point inaccuracies that are accumulated during the literally billions of calculations.

It should be possible to change the tools to be less numerically error-prone but that would also most likely make them take even longer time. 
Great Job 
Great work, JPL! This was quite a monster to play!

I played on normal difficulty, finished with all kills but one, and only 2/14 secrets! Must have taken 45 minutes or so. The fastvis version with fitz085 ran fine for me (7600gt, at 1920x1200).

Just the grand scale of this map made it awesome, but there were lots of details I liked. The use of flamethrower guys (especially the ones at the fort entrance that attack you through the windows) - that was the most enjoyment I've had encountering that enemy so far in Quoth. I enjoyed the theme and textures too - sort of a HL/D3 fusion feel.

A few suggestions - the button texture wasn't obviously a button to me, at first. The passageways in the fort were a bit narrow and difficult to navigate, and the high number of buttons made it hard to know what they were doing, sometimes. I was also hoping for (maybe this is hard to believe) more climactic fighting once I got to the top of the reactor and started heading back to the start. Maybe I needed to play on hard ;) Having the quad + RL made quick work of the last fight :) 
How Do You Calculate The Leafs ? 
That sounds like good debugging info. Do you type r_showtris 1 and count something (?) in the triangles, or the number of triangles? 
Ericw / Robot 
@ericw: Cool you enjoyed the map ;) BTW, as I already said, the exploration is heavily rewarded.. Also, the fact that "too many buttons, kill the buttons", is almost deliberate, as per the exploration reward context :P Anyway, glad you were able to play properly the fastvis-ed version of the map :)

@robot: The number of leaf is not important, what is important is the maximum visible lea, and if I remeber well this value is provided in one of the report (i.e TxQBSP or VIS, I don't remember exactely). 
I finaly got clued in that the elevator in the fast vis .bsp was okay. So it would be okay in the full vis version if vis did not act differently. My reasoning and fixes were not relevant here. Maybe if I played the fast vis version I'd find out sooner. I'm learnin...

JPL, I'll try Aguirre's TxQBSP and vis. 
The map looks really cool. You have made a good job in copying a real bunker. I liked this place. The set pieces were very well done. The tank, crane, generator, also the tight tunnels. I liked to fight inside those tunnels. The combat was very nice in the first half of the map. Later it got difficult on hard with me finding almost no secrets.
All in all I enjoyed your map a lot.
Here is my demo. I have died strangely in a laser trap. I got inside it during a fight and tried to get out somehow with a jump... 
Counting Leafs 
If this question (#75) was wrt my post, I did it by running Quake via a debugger (MS Visual Studio). So, no, it's not something that's related to any engine feature. 
Ok finally played, awesome map... during beta testing i never get far then the rook where the helicopter landing is, so end was a big surprise for me...

played on hard, loved the game play balance and the fucking great fun ending.

JPL maps smaller please... but this map doesn�t look big because the weapons were very well balancer to make the game play fast furious and fun :)

Thks my friend and there is goes my demo!

Start looking the demo after the roof... from that part i was in unknown lands!

P.s.-> Sorry not to beta trsting the enought times you need it :| but my time is very very short. 
Excellent Map! 
You really captured the whole WWII bunker feel through good use of textures and architecture -- I especially liked the reactor room. The atmospheric noises were a nice touch too. I did think some breakable glass and "real" explosive crates could have helped though.

A few combat situations were a little annoying on Normal, such as Rocketeers popping up behind you; and the normal Quake monsters (e.g., Shamblers and Fiends) seemed out of place in such a base-heavy map. The end sequence was also a little too easy with the Quad, IMHO, but I liked how you craftily used Pyros and Sentinels in the rest of the map.

Did anyone else find it strange that you had to enter an infested enemy bunker and shut down a reactor just to get through the 128x128 door that you entered in from? Maybe I should read the text file... ;) 
Only Me 
when I ran like a christmass turkey, thinking the whole thing would explode like in one of the mission paks.
It could have been possible, but then you wouldn't have had the atraction of the monsters on the way back. 
Ankh / Trinca / Generic 
@Ankh: Thanks a lot for the demo, I'll watch it this evening. Definitely, without secret it is a real challenge, and I'm glad you finish the map even with almost no secret ;)

@Trinca: Thanks a lot for the demo, I'll watch it this evening too.... and I promise to try to make smaller maps ;)... though... Regarding beta testing, it is not a problem, as I know you ahve to take care of your family, no problem, I understand :)

@generic: Indeed, you should have read the txt file before starting to play the map: it would have helped you to understand the context ;)

Thanks a lot for the feedback :D 
this was a big map that had the feeling it wasn�t that much... weardo :| took me 40 minutes to finish on hard! 
I liked the textures, quality, secrets and environs... Love the large electric fence, and the beehive like corridors towards the end.

It's a little unusual having a Q1 episode in a half-life envir, with all the Quoth badies around. 
I'm glad you enjoyed the map.... and I like to do unusual things with quake: I'm a little bit pissed of standard brown-ish quake environment, and standard quake bestiary. I really think Quoth has opened many areas that are not yet explored, and I'm trying, as far as possible, to explore some of them... Changes are good sometimes ;) 
I usually don�t like much Quoth maps... to hard and slow...

But this map and the one necros did (living end) and fucking fast and furious!!!

Love then!

Keep the good work 
Goddamn It. 
A Shame... 
.. the thread has been resurrected by a spamers... :P 
Excellent Map 
I like the bunker theme a lot, very atmospheric.
The end was a bit easy (with two quad damage)
Shouldn't the reactor explode or something? 
Shouldn't the reactor explode or something?

It would have been a good idea, but I don't know how I could have done this actually: it would have been a giant func_breakable + downcount + explosion sound to add... it is ossible with Quoth I guess...
Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed the map ;) 
I just played this and I gotta say it's impressive. I don't know anything about SP Q1 I gotta admit but I hadn't expected something like this to be possible.

I understand that quoth allows you to do some of the stuff in there, I'll check out some more maps that use it.

Really a masterpiece of a map.

Only thing I don't like is that some of the tunnels inside the base feel a bit like a maze. Map's fucking hard btw (but I guess that's cause I suck). 
Glad you liked the map :) 
Map's fucking hard
as betatester I must admit...
I'll never forget that xmass. 
Very Cool Atmosphere 
Wow, I am really impressed with the atmosphere of this map and the scale of the architecture is cool considering it is Q1. I will come back to this with a more indepth review once I play through the other skill levels. 
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