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The Tastyspleen TastyCast
Heya, I'm not really sure how to start this, but I wanted to say that I'm making the rounds to various community sites in order to get input on a new project - the Tastyspleen TastyCast ( ). It's a community Quake radio focused on bringing information and events together from across the spectrum.

Some of you may know of Tastyspleen as a Q2 community, and you'd be right. However, we're currently expanding due to the smexy servers quadz has blessed us with, and this is one of the directions we're heading.

So, right now, the possibilities are open enough for it to be utilized as a viable tool for promotional and informational pursuits. I'd like to invite the (talented) func community to offer input and contribute anything you'd like to see happen on the stream.

I'd hope this wouldn't be interpreted as a mere advertisement, because the goal of this post is to expand the scope of the TastyCast and therefore make it better, as opposed to merely spamming out the link in an annoying manner.
Err, looks like the link got truncated:
My mistake. :) 
Someone set us up Da Bomb !!! 
Be great to see some features on the cast from this community. Have been really enjoying listening to the cast so far, but Im really much more into Q1/Q3 so the expansion is really exciting. 
Have a look at it is primarily a Half-Life / HL2 podcast but they cover all Valve games during the show, and do it very well imo.

Maybe a format like this could work for you guys? 
Cool Link. 
Yeah, they have some cool shows, and I think we already have the ability to do features like that. However, we have the special advantage of being a live 24\7 broadcast, so the range of spontaneous things we can do is greatly expanded.

Now, the thing I really need to figure out is what the best way to bring func_msgboard into the fold. I know that map releases are covered, but I'd also like to be able to make it personal if it's somebody from this community specifically. Don't be surprised if I start asking recently-released authors to come on the show to talk about their work. :) 
But might I suggest you put out a weekly "condensed" podcast with all the meaty stuff in it that people can download.

Would be great to hear different mappers views on things in a podcast style, but tuning in half way through or missing it entirely for whatever reason would really piss me off :) 
Which is why they're recorded, really. Hmm, I'm thinking about doing a weekly combined mp3 as you suggested, but if things really take off, there will be several hours worth of content each week, so it might be best to keep the different sections seperate so as to make finding what you're looking for easier. What we have right now is really just the fledgling steps - we're opening up a couple new shows this week.

Actually, one of them in the works is a weekly roundup of all newly released maps, including all five Quake games (yes, including etqw). This is still in the planning stages, but I'm confident that we'll have something ready for wenedsday.

During that show, of course, we'll be listing func_msgboard as a primary source for the news, so you guys will be getting a good amount of promotion that way.

See, I'd like it to go in a direction that has something for a Quaker of every kind, so Quakers of every kind listen, and end up hearing about communities they wouldn't come into contact with otherwise.

Thanks for the suggestion though, your input is very helpful. :) No fears though, every feature we do is available for download shortly after being aired. 
I've Never Bothered 
With podcasts before, but I will listen to this. 
I Listened Too It :) 
Heh - cool! So which mappers do we want to hear do a voice interview? 
even tho he dont map :p 
If You Allow Me On It 
I'll sing a tune I wrote for Keira Knightley: If You Had Bigger Tits You Would Be A Ten  
I Agree 
In A Nutshell. 
What are the lyrics? 
Just So Yall Know - 
We'll be getting to work on the first Weekly Map Roundup show on monday, following Pappy-R's interview. We'll have it up on Wenedsday so as to provide a nice mid-week show. :) 
Sorry, Ijed 
I was drinking at the time. Maybe, they will come back to me if I drink some more. 
Hey, this is surprisingly good! Thanks for the Pappy-R interview, very interesting. 
That was very good, keep it coming 
And Extra Points 
For some quality breakbeat tuneage in the backgrounds of your interviews :) 
Working on the map review roundup. We'll be promoting several sites during this show, including levelmakers, lvlworld, and of course func. Q1\QW maps won't be in short supply for a while, as you guys (in the words of peewee) "make maps like you change socks". Though, some of you might not change their socks that often... I sure don't.

Anywho, expect warm fuzzy feelings for func coming directly from our lips tomorrow evening! 
Just to let everyone know, the Map Review Roundup is playing TONIGHT at 8 pm est \ 5 pm pst. We've got a map review for every Quake game, and it will be the first of a weekly session. You guys are listed as one of the primary sources for this show, so keep us fueled! :D 
This week's map reviews are airing 15 mins from now, and the site will be udpated shortly. Lotta maps this week. 
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