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I Have Built A U3 Package For FitzQuake
Hey just wanted to let you guys know, i have a U3 Installer for FitzQuake and ID's Shareware Materials (Full Version PAK, Sold Seperately :p ) I was wondering if you guys want to try it out.

Maybe John will put it up on the FitzQuake page
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what is a U3 package? Not Unreal 3 i assume? 
Joke? Spam? Adware/virus? Actually genuine?

Shotgun not testing the random file... 
... no way I run a .exe without trusting the provider... :P 
Ths seems a little unnecessary. FitzQuake is a single exe file. You dont need an installer to put it on your computer, just extract to your Quake dir and you are ready to go.....!

So y bother? 
Look, that virus/spyware isn't going to install itself. Make with the double click already. 
It's for U3 smartdrives or something. 
But Yeah It Is Rather Useless 
OK... So.. 
... who want to vonluteer to test it ? 
Good man! 
You misunderstood: I was asking somebody else but me to volunteer :P I am not that stupid :) 
That's virus scan site is funkeh. However, that doesn't rule out spyware/adware. Or give a reason for it's existence beyond a coding exercise (if it is genuine)... 
I Did It Just Because I Felt Like It 
i thought it might be useful, i will post a you tube video later of it in action 
But We Don't Actually Know What It Is.... 
So I looked it up, it's some sort of method to run programs from a bootable USB drive.

So it's useful for people that have a U3 drive. 
The YouTube Video 
This thread must be april fools come lately or something... Anyway...
The exe is an auto expandable archive. Opened it on my Mac.
Got a file named 'Desktop.1' (8.9 megs Unix).
That flash drive installer must have it all!...

What an usual way to promote Quake and omg!... Metl!... FitzQUAKE!...


One should never underestimate the powers of Yog-Sothoth! 
Do you mean it is a self extrat zipped file ? 
Its For Windows 
i thought some people might have U3 Smart flash drives i'll post my .zip that has it, jeez, nevermind, next time i'll just keep it to my self 
Don't Get Upset, 
TheDude, sharing is fine. Your intention is good enough I guess. However, to be honest, quake engines (Q1, Q2, Q3, I don't know Q4) are all green softwares and can be started without installation. So, an U3 package for Quake is a bit meaningless, I guess. 
OK, You Can Actually Open The .exe In WinRar 
For those of you that want to do an inspection of the Package yourself, go into WinRAR and open it its that easy, it's just a Self extracting Zip archive with a bit of U3 SmarDrive installer code.

Now for the main reason i made this, I love FitzQuake, It is the best source port for the quake engine, i just thought it was a hassle to have two or three windows open just to get to quake, (especially when i'm running an easy to use app launcher), So me and my friends like to have LAN games, instructing 8+ dimwits on where i have located the Quake stuff on a flash dirve is a pain. Especially with my friend DJ who can't navigate a filesystem to save his life. so with a bit of keyboard grease and I come up with this. Actually, a friend of mine suggested i put this in the internet, if you want to spam him for his suggestion, i can give you his e-mail. :P 
What's the U3Action.exe file in the Host folder ? 

Sorry for the negative reaction but you have to understand that most people aren't familiar with what you're promoting here. A little more info in the original description would have gone a long way. :)

Please, keep sharing stuff like this. 
And to be honest you didn't get much flak there.

Now that we know what this is I can see it being very useful indeed.

Trying to explain how to install Quake is a pain in the nuts - the last time I had to PC hop until we had a coop game. Which wasted alot of time. 
Heh - I Have A U3 Flash Drive 
a "cruzer micro 8Gb" - maybe this will come in useful afterall :D

U3Action Manages closing everything on ejecting your usb drive, oh and you can only run instance of Quake at a time 
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