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Operating Systems Thread
Vista is Microsoft force feeding us shit.
Linux - for jobless geeks only.
Macs might get you laid, but you'll have to pay and pay.

XP has a colour scheme for autistics, but is destined to live forever....
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Desktop Linux ? 
is a joke sometimes. Trying out Fedora 10 last night... it installed ok but I couldn't log in. Not from the GUI login screen or the console. Not as root or user.

F-ing unbelievable.

So i rebooted into runlevel 1 via grub, disabled SE Linux, rebooted again and could now log in as user. As you do.
Everything i tried was broke anyway. Kde-4.1 is still a pre-alpha disgrace (stick with 3.5), Kolf (mini golf) is now broke, no mp3 or video playback despite having multiple players installed, Gnome icon theme wouldn't resize, chess program glChess (gnome-games-2.24) is crap, and it screwed my system clock too. 
Ricky, I had a look in my bios for a PnPlay item. The Bios is a bit shit actually.. there is a PCIPnP menu, but the only options are for PCI Latency timer and PCI IDE Busmaster, not the usual "PnP operating system"... So no win98 :( 
Want It That The AGP Didnt Work? 
I mean if you have an agp gfx card then look for AGP settings in bios, not PCIe

im no expert 
Want = Wasnt 
Windows 7 
Already making it unsafe to store your personal data! Buy Windows 7 now! 
Oh Noes... 
now i have to worry about people breaking into my house to install malware? 
Dual-booting a really cut-down optimised version of XP, and Ubuntu 8. Works for me, think it's pretty unlikely I'll switch to Windows 9.

Anyone tried Ubuntu 9 yet? 
no problems so far.
boots really fast. Very cool indicator applet. New nvidia driver with opengl 3.0 8)

What I don't like is that they removed some partitioning features from the installer. Had to create the partition with gparted. Still using ext3 though. 
And Its 
9.04 -> April 2009

not 8. 9. 
Ah Yes 
the bi-annual naming convention. Was running 8.10 before, and obviously its April now. Might be worth the reinstall from what I've seen. Tempted to try kubuntu 9.04, never ran KDE before but it always looks sexy as hell. 
No Fucking Way 
That Amiga OS that Aardappel was working on and then wasn't, and we never heard about again. THAT'S THE SHIT. 
9.04 is fine for me. Suffering a bit from the "intel graphics are slow" problem.

Also FF3 seems to have a fetish for eating all the RAM in the machine, but that was going on with Intrepid too. 
the new kernel doesn't work on my Dell Latitude c400. Nor does a custom compiled one.

i run it fine with the 7.04 kernel though. the 8.10 one doesn't resume from standby...

Not that i noticed any difference besides new less annoying pop up bubbles... just that there's now more of them . 
Stop Complaining About Vista 
Repeating what you hear on fuckwit anti-MS websites and posting experiences of running Vista on "brand" PCs loaded up the wazoo with useless bloatware won't make it true.

Vista is fine, on machines with 1GB ram, its as fast as XP, on machines with more, its faster. 
I Have Vista On This PC Here At Work 
I like it. Its great! Runs like a dream, boots fast, everything works, even got an old demo of Carmageddon 2 to work on it fine, Quake, everything. USB peripherals load faster (noticably).

Asus N10j NETBOOK running Vista Business - on an Atom processor:

Runs fine, no complaints there. OCed the Atom from 1.6Ghz to 2.01Ghz and despite what it says on the GamesRadar website Fallout3 runs fine.

4Gb and 2Gb RAM respectively. 
Seems like most of the complaints about it hinge on the fact that people are scared of change.

I've got a new setup arriving with Vista.

I'm one of the windows lazy. 
Vista is alright but damn is it slow doing some basic things. My work machine takes no less than 10 minutes to get from from power up to "ready to work" state. And most of that time is spent after I log into Vista. 
Well Vista runs on my machine like a dream just a few seconds boot time, Linux too and I guess XP would also run well.
But thats not really the point, it does not mean that I have to like it. 
Multiple Replies 
Jago: You are a braver man than I...

Vista is fine, on machines with 1GB ram

I would still not want to try with anything lower than 2GB. Good thing this computer I have now has 4GB...

ijed: I switched about a month ago. Some things will piss you off in how they've changed from XP. UAC has high "marmite factor", but I would definitely try with it on first before turning it off. 
I'll Give It A Try 
It's alot faster than my old machine in any case. Downside is it's capable of playing games after 1997. 
Very quick, but don't know if thats the machine or OS. 
Desktop Linux 
Just Installed Windows 7 
Meh, pretty good. Very similar to Vista in a lot of ways, but generally seems more polished and less annoying. Doesn't seem like a huge leap right now, but maybe it isn't supposed to be. I like some of the new desktop backgrounds, for what that's worth :)

Still can't stand the Aero theme though, it's just way too busy and it takes up way too much space. Unfortunately, as with Vista, they haven't taken much care with windows classic mode, looks a bit buggy and crap.

I'm curious, what do people here go for, the full pazazz of the modern OS themes, or something clean and simple?

Currently I'm using a custom theme which is very close to windows classic, with the Vista font, and Icons from the tango project ( ). Very happy with this at the moment, about as clean and inoffensive as it gets. 
As a Mac nerd, I feel the OS should deliver nice aesthetics without slowing to a crawl or causing crashes. 
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