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Explain Your Username.
See title. It's not rocket science is it. Obviously some people's will be their own names or variants thereof, but others I suspect will be more interesting.

Me: Shambler, simple, favourite monster from Quake, I got into gaming and all this from Quake SP.

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...that would've been cool, but no, much simpler 
Ooh, A Dune Reference! 
I missed that... Should have known but it's been a while since I've read the book. 
i cab't even fucking remember 
that wasn't me

I'll explain the whole "Clench Throckmorton" thing sometime, but I'm too knackered right now, and anyway it's a long story, which, in the immortal words of Fermat, this margin is too narrow to contain 
Fermat Was Such A Troll 
He didn‘t have a proof, and if he did, it was sure as shit wrong. He is for sure one of the greatest trolls of history. 
So my real name is Ijaaz(my user is so fucking creative) and this is my third account, because I lost the first and second accounts password 
...there are many Ijaaz multiplying...growing; but, they are only one?

Quake paradox at work... 
That would've been much more impressive as a Haiku. BTW, when are we having the Haiku jam. Levels structured in the Western interpreted Haiku structure 5/7/5 ? 
Short and simple, Newhouse is my surname if translated from finnish to english. 
Uusi Talo 
I bet Google just fucked up really hard on that. I just typed „Newhouse“ into the translate. 
It went right "Uusitalo" 
Cool :D 
Ever Played Runescape? 
I just wanted a cool fantasy-like name for my Runescape character like 13 years ago, so I just took the first two letters of my name and added the rest. Quite a few people called me Israel, but nope, I wasn't thinking about the country at all, when coming up with the name... at least I think. xD 
"The act of cleaning ones genitals, post coitus, on a conveniently placed piece of material, when a tissue or similar conventional cleaning device is not near at hand."

zwiffle wins worst username award :D 
Agreed! @_@ 
Zwiffle wins the most apt username award more like. 
I'm a creep, I'm a man,
I'm like a monkey when writing code, yeah
I'm at peace, being a failure
I can chill because in my code I trust, yeah
It's nerd behavior, uh huh
It's resolution dammit! 
A Fan Of PJ? 
First name of a giant gangster-hedgehog* from a Monty Python sketch, but with botched spelling.

(* not as of yet established whether real or imaginary) 
L = the first letter of my first name
Powell = my last name
129246824*10^294299424 = the number of cryptography awards I have in storage 
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