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Explain Your Username.
See title. It's not rocket science is it. Obviously some people's will be their own names or variants thereof, but others I suspect will be more interesting.

Me: Shambler, simple, favourite monster from Quake, I got into gaming and all this from Quake SP.

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Ok Lol 
Trinca is Portuguese word that means biter...

when I was 18 years old I was pretty nasty with women�s and my friends start calling me "Trinca na ma�a" that means bite in the apple. And since then everybody now me by this nick :|

pretty weard but many dads of friend of mine don�t call me Rui, always Trinca... 
No back story. No explanation.

Really just wanted a nick that didn't sound like something you would see elsewhere (how many 'Deathbringers' do you see online?), and something that I would be fairly sure wouldn't be taken.

This is the result. 
And You Like It!!! :DDDDD 
Well my name is Rick, or atleast thats what I call myself, and my mother affectionately called me Ricky as a kid but I always said I prefered Rick. And that was that. I called myself RickyT23 because I was 23 at the time, it rhymed and I thought my name would annoy pretenciously dark named people because it would burst their bubble. A bit. Or something. Now I see that the 3 would make a very nice chin which resembles an arse. >(8-)3 
Trinca Likes It I Moean 
My initials. I am imaginative and creative.

Actually, when I first started posting on the internet, back in the stone age, I was in a rush for some reason, and didn't really care--just wanted to post and respond to someone, or get my question answered, or whatever, and get back to what I was doing.

Still don't really care about nicks, but if I did it over again, I'd probably go with something else, only because 3-letter combos are often taken, or below minimum length. I use "aas Bandit" as a regular alt if "pjw" doesn't work. 
Improbable Jedi 
I was working with a fireworks / sound system crew called improbable for a week constructing a stage, taking it down, setting up the rig and 'performing' - setting off fireworks and carrying pieces of metal sculpture around.

I was out of it at the party afterwards and had a drugged up rant when the idea came to me to spell jedi wrong, making it improbable.

You don't get much geekier than that. 
My real name is Eric but at my first job in a sandwich shop I wore a name tag that said "generic." I did it because getting a job was what everyone expected me to do in high school and I never wanted to. My manager used to think it was funny to "fagify" my chosen name by calling me, quite loudly, GEN-ER-REY! Of course, he was also known to freeze in position and do "underwear poses" at random, but that's another story. 
I wanted a new nick as I didn't want to use Taskmaster anymore as I'd been using that since, shit ... high school, I think. Anyway, I like Willem DaFoe the actor so I took his first name. And it looks like my real name, Warren. 
just because of TF's spy 
I needed a net name since I was working on a Quake map that I intended to release. So I emailed some preliminary screenies to the Team Shambler's Quake Level Review site and I said call me Scrag Bait. It seemed like the best I could come up with since it was Quakey and I was bait for Scrags. Shortly afterwards, I combined the two words into one.

The moon icon is because this story makes readers sleepy. 
When I started in mapping/quake stuff, I actually didn't have a nickname and just went by real name, including on map releases.

It was when I started deathmatching in quake and quake 2 that I needed a name, so I went by "metal_slime" after the enemy from the NES game Dragon Warrior.

Then later, i started hanging out in various IRC channels and generally the IRC networks didn't allow names longer than 9 characters, so i shortened it to "metlslime". 
Which one?

In order;

Bad early teen 'darkness'.

Then came to me in a dream.

Then taken from a line in 1984 (not a brush reference).

Then pretensious post-millenial abbrv. faggotry (nntt, which I now use everywhere except here).

Oh, and a derivative of the mayan's name for their own society. Or 4 in their language for full abbreviation (my wow/gaming name, tawantin/tawa)

Yes I have multiple personality disorder... 
Which one was grindspire then? 
That'd be the dream one. Seriously. 
My two over-riding passions at the time (in gaming terms anyway) were Tony Hawk's 2 and Quake levels.

I had this dream about some vast industrial castle complete with vores, knights, half pipes and giant rails used to travel everywhere (kinda like that boarding mod for Q1 a few years ago). It was called the Grind Spire. Hence the name... 
I played Descent and Quake way back in the day, but never online. Starsiege: Tribes was the first game for which I needed a nickname. I was very much a high-ping bastard at the time, so I tended to play a supporting role very heavy on base maintenance, defense, and preparations. I chose the name to reflect my playing style. In maps like Broadside and Scarabrae, even doing repairs of your base can keep you very busy. However, servers playing mostly Roller Coaster or Deadly Crossing brought me out of my shell.

I haven't played games online in years, but the name has continued relevance for describing the way I deal with online message boards. 
Generador De Dolor Rectal 
I picked mine so that one day on IRC Vigil could call me Rectal Pain Generator (or was it Friction who said that? Beats me--they're both Finnish so they're probably just the same person anyway). 
they're probably just the same person anyway

I get that a lot.

As I'm the super intellectual type, and my broad knowledge of the universe left me with way too many options for a nickname, I stuck with Daz, because that's my name... 
Speech Impediment 
Throughout my life, I've had a number of speech impediments. Don't know why, just have.

It was during one such time that I used to say 'Gler' when I couldn't think of something to say. That progressed into 'Gleeb' when I chose my name.

Before that, I used a_vinalaff (from an April's Fool advert, back when compuserve was cool). Since, I have used Gleeb Torin/GleebTorin (blame Guild Wars) and BadSushi (Some sushi misbehaved) 
Nothing Fancy 
I needed to sound like an Englishman when on-line and I realised that my real name spelt backwards made me almost that: Ekim Mahdoow. Nobody has ever questioned it. 
Mike Wins 
... are self ecplanatory in my case: just edit my profile.. you'll understand ;) 
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