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BSP (editor) Revisited, Again.
Hi! Please bear with me; about 2 years ago I started playing quake through a game you may well know, the q2mod-turned-standalone Digital Paint: Paintball 2. The game uses BSP, an old editor for quake I/II and related games. Since all work was ceased in 2007 after a year long revival, I have started tweaking it. So far I have added just a couple of features: automatic setting of skybox from worldspawn and an option to use to disable the 3.1-style window edges. Most of the work has been cleaning up the source. I wondered if anyone else is interested in reviving this great editor for another few releases, and what features, if any, they would like to see included. Please post any feature requests or comments or insults (preferably humourous) related to the project here :)

Thanks for your time if you bothered to read all of that :)
Your mum!

sry. I'm aware that's technically humourless... 
I think if you would find it rewarding you should work on it and forget what other people might want or need. For the first release, anyway.

Code, have fun, add features, and release it for people to play with. That will get people much more interested than posting a, "I'm thinking of doing X, is anyone interested in X?" message. 
Try To Please The World = Fail 
For Quake 1 
Make a pretty built-in GUI for the compilers where you can make on-the-fly changes that avoid the need for messing with batch files.

Make the leak trace-lines more defined

Add a hide lights button a la Hide World and Hide Entities

Provide an option for the arch maker to work in units, not % 
Another Nice Feature 
extrude a brush from a selected face ala 3dsmax :) 
It's already there 
the editor needs an undo function. It was the only thing that put me off back then.
this one has all the things I need: 
No undo? How can you get any work done without undo? Geez. 
You can get plenty of work done. You just can't undo any of it. 
It already has undo 
One level undo is not enough. 
One Level Undo Is Not Enough 
This editor work in Vista? 
BSP Runs In Vista 
But I didn't enjoy trying to use it.

WC/Hammer, I have no idea.

Radiant (1.5) does, but you need to disable desktop compositing (which will mean that Aero isn't useable while it's running), otherwise you won't be able to see any of the main views. The current NetRadiant build does this automatically. 
WC / Hammer has the old bug where the 3D view can't be used to select objects, except now it's permanent. The Texture conversion utility also doesn't work, though I did transfer the converted textures from my second machine that's too much of a ballache to do every time.

Wc is a good editor but its been going down for a long time - they keep adding features but not fixing the bugs. Hammer would probably work but I had lots of issues when using it on my previous setup.

I've got bsp installed now and it seems to work fine. 
I've been using it with Vista since the RC Vistas in 2005/6. No problems.

The latest versions of BspEditor do not use the registry, which is a good thing. But in the very latest (last) version, the facility to link with Tony B's utilites was removed so I have stuck with 96b.

I have written my own Utilites GUI in VB and would recommend others (if you have programming knowledge) to do the same. This means I can call up the GUI from within Bsp Editor and amend all of the parameters for the three main utilities (Qbsp, Light, Vis) and effectively stay in BspEditor.

I've used it for 10years and as you probably have guessed, I rate it. 
Batch Files 
Making custom batch files for BSP are pretty easy, but that gui looks cool. One thing I like about BSP is its GL Fog. It looks better in the editor than it looks in Quake, ...for me any way. 
What are 3.1-style window edges? I'm not sure what that is. One thing that would be good though, is a single texture browser window only in the Menu Bar. That would clean the clutter. Maybe then, a double mouse click on a texture can bring up a full view window of any texture (some of this can be done already with config). Otherwise, this is the most unbuggy editor I've tried out. I like it. 
Refer to the screenshot in #16 above:

The texture browser is on the task bar, bottom row left hand side. It's a drop-down viewer - click to select the texture from there.

Alernatively, 'T' toggles the main texture window. I have this appear over the Top and Front view windows (left hand side of the screen) leaving Right and 3D views still visible - obviously, I use the 3D view to select brushes for texture update.

You can adjust the display size of the textures in the texture window and when you use the drop-down texture menu, the selected texture will appear in the texture window.

You can have animations on or off in the texture window.

As you probably know, you can have the models display in the 3D window in GL mode. 
Oh, yes, fog is cool seeing it the editor's 3D window. 
I have set it to only 4 windows like you have it, and it's much better. I didn't think about using the toggle for the texture window for some reason, but i was using the toggle for the surface, entity, etc, windows. 
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