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Getting Back Into Mapping
For those of you who have not run away screaming at the thought of me involving myself in the Quake community after such a long absence, I have a question.

I want to get back into mapping. After talking idly to someone (a coder, can't trust them) I found that GTKR is no longer being maintained and that NetRadiant is the one to consider as it's successor.

Only problem is, I have no idea what the tool-chain would be to get a Quake 1 BSP compiled out of a NetRadiant map.

Can anyone provide some help?
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First Of All 
You will need the game pack, which is available from the GTKR website, or a GTKR install (NetRadiant doesn't come with it by default). This will let you add the correct entities in game.

Radiant needs the wad files to be in your id1 folder for them to display in the texture browser and the 3d view. Remember that you can use a relative or absolute path in the wad line of worldspawn to find the wad files. And also note that there may be issues with using backslashes in the path, so use a forward slash instead.

The default build menu can be changed by editing the XML file. Or you can just use the command line to compile.

As for the actual tools, most people around here will tell you to use a set of tools that they believe is the best out there; however, when pressed to explain why it's the best one, they resort to shouting "because it is" at you, without ever really explaining why...

My personal preference is to use hmap2, due to ease of use (it's one file, rather than 3 or more), and not seeing any appreciable difference in results to other tools.

There will be a number of factors in your decision, though, and in the end, you should use what works best for you. Anyone who tries to bully you into using what they think is best without explaining why, should be told in no uncertain terms to fuck off. 
Typical Func Complaint 
But next time you should post in mapping help, or I think there's an editor help thread somewhere.

It might sound like pointless nit picking, but there's a good reason - anyone else who has the same problem only needs to look at one thread to find thier answer.

Going over to to see which maps you made before. 
Wait, What? 
What is NetRadiant?

Oh, and hey Gleeb, welcome back! :) 
Dear Ijed. 
Dear Ijed,
Today, I received your letter regarding my open letter asking for help in selecting a toolchain for NetRadiant. You rather sharply suggested that questions like mine should be in either the 'Mapping Help' thread or an 'Editor Help' thread.

Unfortunately, I didn't feel that their of the thread were relevant, as my particular issue does not pertain to the act of creating a map, nor to the usage of an editor of any type.

I understand your point of centralizing information, however, as I was in a position of trying to find this information, I was able to see more directly the path that someone in my position might take, thereby choosing the appropriate course of action, which I deemed to be creating a new thread.

One of the reasons that I did so is because as someone who has mapped before, with a total of 4 maps to my name, I have recorded experience in the field. As you can see from Mr Fribbles' (Hi Fribb <3) reply, I am also recognised here, meaning people would know that I am able to interpret the mapping community in a manner that a person new the the mapping community would not.

Thank you for taking the time to read this reply, Mr. Ijed. However, I fear that you may have skipped the content of my letter, only to see the end to ascertain the tone of my correspondence, so please, all me to clarify here: Up yours.


P.S. I forgot I made those two speedmaps. I'll have to have a look at them. 
is a gtkradiant 1.5 fork 
Dear Gleeb 
Thanks for your constructive criticism.

It could have gone in another of the threads but you put it in a new one, not the end of the world. And since a number of similar themed threads gets recreated every couple of weeks by new / returning mappers maybe more obviously named ones are needed.

But as you mention I see that you mapped before me, ergo you're a more evolved life form.

Go fuck yourself.


Mr ijed. 
For Example 
Getting back into mapping is a pretty good title, shame I think it was taken by some troll. 
Hes Not Really A Troll 
Hes just British!

I wasn't aware Gleeb was ever "gone", just inactive...

This thread sucks however. 
Come on guys, it's not like this deluge (1-2 per month) of posts "in a vaguely inappropriate spot according to the forum guidelines" (which are widely recognised as being non-standard compared to most forums) is interrupting the flow of discussion here. It's not like there's 10 great discussions going on and he's bumping one of them off the page.

I for one would rather see returning mappers post their own thread, as they have been doing, rather than throwing it in mapping help or something which I could easily miss. 
I agree with Fribbles. People coming back to the scene is a good thing and shouldn't be met with trolling and abuse.

Welcome back, Gleeb! Find an editor you like and let's see some brush work! :) 
I Don't Think Ijed Likes Me :( 
Getting Back Into Mapping 
Hi, I have a bee-farm and would like to sell you honey at very competitive prices. Please buy my very delicious, all natural bee-farm-made honey. Thank you,

Foreign Business Man 
No, you did convince me that Getting Back Into Mapping was a reasonable title for a thread. Previous ones have had a variety of different names, probably why you couldn't find them.

I didn't realise I'd been that sharp in the original post, sorry if I hurt your feelings.

And it looks like you skipped the body my post and went straight to the expletive as well.

You're a beautiful, individual snowflake that makes maps.

Zwiffle, do you accept Chinese Pataca as payment? 
ijed was harsh?

Gleeb dont take it personally. It wasnt meant to be personal. People always say "should have gone in the other thread" but its not important. 
I remember that, DJQuake was funny.

Actually, I was reminded of that strip recently by Penny Arcade - 
welcome back Gleeb 
Don't Get It 
I'm trying for decades now to make cartoons,
but I can't stop mapping.
What is it whith this editor thing?

I'm using Quark so long now I made a quarkcube monster. So I recommand Quark.
The time I installed Qradiant for mapping I spend weeks to install Qradiant.

Don't mind my whailing goodbey. Im the one who's always afraid of making new posts, concerned they return as rubbish.
But everyone on func its own toppic. Glad I'm not a moderator.

Hey Gleeb! Gone to back?
where is Grim? 
This QuArK Is The Best QuArK Ever... 
it just happens to be amazingly amazing 
Maybe I'm Just A Noob 
But I found it too confusing.

Laying a brush should be as simple as going to the bog.

There's probably utube tutorial videos now which would make it alot simpler, but back when I tried it it seemed like a lot of hoops.

I use Worldcraft / Hammer, btw, probably the most visual editor. Of those I've seen, at least. 
Quark = really easy to work with

GtKradient = pure hell

welcome back... now go map for me :\ i dont have for mapping anymore :( 
I Much Prefer *Radiant 
I found that, while the Radiants are a little hard to use at first, once I broke through that barrier, brushes flowed out of me and into Radiant like water in a river.

I used to use Worldcraft, but I found that while it's good for very angular work, I couldn't easily do the detail I wanted.

I had a look at QuArK, but there are so many things to click, so much visual noise, I can't easily find a focus with it.

So, Radiant it is. Hard to learn, easy to Master :3 
tried quark once. hated it. Never tried Radiant. Interested, considering Nastrond and AC, and the fact that Vondur switched to radiant for the latter. 
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