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Modelling Help\Screenshots\Requests
It has always been difficult to get decent models for quake 1. So a thread where people can get advice on making models and post a work-in-progress for critiques is long overdue.

Any requests for models may well get met with silence. Specific requests will likely stand a better chance; "I'd really like a knight but carrying a shield" might be better received than "we need a mdler to join our mod remaking counter-strike for darkplaces".
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Fucking Lol 
I Love Game 
"boning The Model" 
I laughed. Sorry. I have a dirty mind. 
you need boned
Heh heh! Is that the same skeleton (recolored, it seems) that's in your Veni Vidi Fuzzi map? 
Static entity of 124 snowflakes on a 512x512 dimension.
Still a small glitch, but if I succeed to break the symetric patron
it could have a flakey environement.

Flakes are 8vert/12tris, the demo model of qmle.
Now there are 21 frames but it could vary to more.
If I lower it to half I could dazzle 248.
Hey Shambler
I'm afraid it will break when interpolation is enabled. First and last frame will do a weird interpolation, but I may be wrong. 
you could solve the rain lerping upwards for one frame by having the drop go to zero scale the frame before and after the upwards lerp.

-metlslime, general abuse thread

nice test, madfox. is it necessary for the flakes to be models or could they be sprites? 
That sounds like black magic... but I like this attitude. 
My first test was with a sprite, but as I haven't fixed the viewframe with it, it keeps turning.
When it are models of a small size it's easy to fill up 124 of them or even more. Only bad is animating as the lot gets me dazzled.

Strange falling startframe without framegroups.

in game 
I made the flakes smaller so the amount is larger. There's that strangle sizzle in the animation, as if the interpolation slides along the stroll. It makes no difference if I use framegroups or not.
So far I'm glad with the result.

Now I bit of turbulence. 
Are Those QC Or Engine Mod? 
Because the uniformity isn't great (I know it's only a test). And the white colour doesn't suit the quake aesthetic at all. It would probably work on a whole new palette / texture set though.

The concept is interesting to me, I'm fairly sure particle effects would look nicer though. And would maybe be more "quakey". 
Snowflakes In #1428 And 1429... 
.. are a little bit too organized IMHO.
This would need a little bit more of randomness to show up like real snow fall... anyway...
Good try ! Keep it up ! 
It's a static entity of 90 frames and caused by a qc-file. Result is a coloured skin I added, but my main concern is the interpolation.

I know it's been a point in earlier statics I made, but the ignorant collapsing of the first frame destroys the view of it.
It seems to make no difference if I framegroup or not, the first frame keeps on falling back.

They are surely too orginized, but I have to take a little care with the amount of triangles. They now are on 1525verts/1830tris.
So it's more a case of seeing the engine can handle the lots of flakes.

Particle effects would look better, but imagine, this static entity carries 305 flakes.
If it would be individual ones 305 entities would be needed. Now they're closed in as one. 
Just an another stupid idea how to make it more optimal.. would it be possible to make circle raycast check or something, from player to some range.. increasing range more and more, grouping snowflakes and giving them different alpha values.. or just making them much smaller until they dissapear from player's view.. after all player wouldn't notice that if done right. But that should make it much faster I believe.

Hopefully you get the point, sorry my terrible English skills. 
Madfox made a model.

Models can't do raycasting. ;-) 
nononono.. I mean program code? 
Trimming Quaker Flakes. 
I trimmed the flakes into a circling motion so the symetry is broken, but by scaling them out the shape of the flakes become to pronounced.


In game the large shape is rather out of place, or I should try to make them smaller.

@newhouse- I'm already glad I can spawn the static without typo's. My first idea was to use the viewport to project a transparanr sprite, but that wouldn't have depth.
Maybe a sphere that surrounds the player could catch up with a static ebtity, but as far as I know statics are lame. 
New Monster 
Axe Effect

New: axe, grenade, nail, super nail.


- Lots of tweaks.
- Played around with Edge Split, mostly for source ports that use Gouraud shading in a meaningful way.
- The view weapons should look semi-inoffensive in FOVs up to about 130. In Quakespasm anyway. The value might be lower depending on your engine and settings.

Then there are optimizations of various levels of retarted. They were supposed to make the models look better in software engines, Darkplaces, and the like, without affecting how they look in Quakespasm et al. Results:

- My sources are a mess.
- The result for software engines is underwhelming.
- Darkplaces and DirectQ look serviceable.
- I introduced a very subtle glitch in the intended engines.

Nevertheless, I think it was educational. I probably won't do that again. Making two versions of each model (just like I wanted from the start) would most likely be a better solution. I thought it would make a mess, but now I'm not sure which of the two evils is the better one.

One thing the latter approach would certainly help with is getting 100% OK result for each engine (instead of 99% for half of them, and 80% for the other half).

One thing the current approach is good for is a partial conversion with maps. I wouldn't want to complicate it with two possible setups. Another reason to not redo everything immediately is the fact that I'd have to go over the skins again just to be thorough. Ugh.

Despite all this, I more or less got to the point where I almost don't really hate this thing all that much, so I'm considering it to be one-point-zero. 
Downloaded, Will Try Later 
Incredible work Dwere !!
I like them very much.

If you need some comparism screenshots or gifs, please visit this page:

Thanks again,
Heh, wow. Thanks.

Yeah, the gifs are appreciated, since I didn't make such comparisons myself (other than between versions, comparing new models to slightly older new models). 
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