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IGN Decides To "discontinue Free Hosting Services"
I know there are a decent amount of mappers who are hosted on a Planet site, and I was just wondering if we (mappers, modders, engine coders and others) were all affected in the same way by IGN's decision to change their approach towards free hosting services (presumably because of "compatibility" issues with the "new data center," which sounds very vague and not very convincing).
I received an email this afternoon basically telling me that a large number of hosted sites (including mine) will simply disappear after August 31st and was wondering if there were other people here in the same situation. I don't really have a problem with moving my site to my domain name, but I'm assuming that not everyone can/wants to do that. I'm also a little worried about sites that have been up for a while and whose webmasters have disappeared from the face of the earth. IGN made it clear in the email that no content would be saved. It might be worth it to back some of these sites up.
Do you think this decision will have a negative effect on the communities? (all games (all planet sites) are being targeted, here)
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Orl The Man With The Smrt's 
Well This Got Derailed Gud! 
"No but seriously, Half Life is just a modified Quake engine with a completely new set of everything like maps models textures scripts etc. "

That might be basically, sort of, at 50,000 feet correct but ... it really discredits what Half-Life was. Valve added a TON of new functionality to the engine, to the point where it was basically unrecognizable as the Quake engine (other than being able to enable the console with the right command line switch). 
there are a lot of weird things which point to the quake legacy... for example still using wad files to store textures, even with a bunch of hacks to get special effects. 
Sure, there's lots of Quake left in there.

I dunno, I guess I just take issue with intimating that Half-Life was some sort of advanced Quake mod. I think it was much more than that. 
Well I Agree With You There... 
but also, it doesn't really matter as long as the game is good; not every game needs to have its engine written from scratch (and few actually do.)

I was actually pleased to see what Medal of Honor did to the quake3 engine, it's a bunch of hacks, sure, but it's also clear that they are the set of hacks necessary to make the game. 
also, it seems like this is a hallmark of a game dev team that is game-oriented, rather than tech-oriented. If id software makes a new game, you can be sure the tech will be elegant and impressive, but when Valve or the MoH team make a game, the focus is visibly different; their engine's perfection is subordinate to perfecting the game itself. They are not purists, they will gladly use hacks to make the design 1% better. 
That's how we approach the UnrealEngine. We use hacks to get each game shipped but then those hacks are re-worked post shipping to be actual features that will be nice to use on the next game. It's how engines evolve, IMO.

id approaches it differently in that they are pretty much always using new tech for each title. 
A recent example of this is the checkpoint system in Gears of War. It was a pretty horrible hack that gave the level designers nightmares on the first Gears. However, for Gears2 it was streamlined into a completely automatic feature that was a dream to work with. 
Yeah, Carmack seems to be more interested in advancing the technology than the actual gameplay - kind of like science. In the end, it's the old but effective principle in the industy: creating an engine from scratch takes time and money but is eventually compensated by licensing (thus the need to produce a clean codebase), whereas licensing is faster and cheaper but less impressive.

However, arguing that HL is a Quake mod is absurd, a silly fanboy attitude. 
I Didnt Say It Was A "Quake Mod" In The Second Post 
I said it was a glorified Quake engine. And in the first post I asked the question.

But to accuse me of being a fanboi of Quake or Half-Life or whatever, well I say Guil-tey as Charged Sir!!!

Its not really that absurd though is it? Silly yes, absurd no. I resent that! :P 
Silence is a valid option, you know. 
"...silence Is Golden, Golden...." 
Showers, Showers 
Should probably read 'Last 25' instead of 'New 1'. 
Oblivion Q2 Mission Pack Website 
I moved the Oblivion Q2 website to since it was on planetquake (and becuase it's Quake 2, it was not part of the quake archiving efforts.)

Here's the new location, I also fixed the download link to point to a local file instead of pointing to fileplanet:

And i replaced all the ASP and SSI with regular html + javascript. 
and becuase it's Quake 2, it was not part of the quake archiving efforts

... that's fairly ridiculous 
i looked at the list on quakewiki, and it wasn't there. Anyway since I'm technically the maintainer of the Oblivion site, I might as well continue to host it. 
There I Go... 
How many active mappers are hosted at Planetquake nowadays? I can't think of any

So glad to get this elephant hosted but mentioning it was almost the same as "planetquake fucks".

People who still want to mirror something, please see 
The sites are coming back for the weekend, some are available already. sites are sadly excluded from this. Many thanks to Chris and Jube! sites are sadly excluded from this

My old site still seems to be functioning. (

I guess I'm not quite sure what your post means? 
I meant that sites like will not be available. Your site was not available until some hours ago and will be gone again after the weekend. ;) 
Metl Metl Metl 
Damn that truncating function is bad... Cuts of "ty" in favour of "...". 
Ah, okay. Thanks for the clarification. 
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