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New DM Level By Distrans: "City Of Sin"
Posted by distrans on QuakeOne: Hey there, whilst chasing inspiration for the finale to Grendel's Keep I decided to get amongst the Kingpin textures I'd been drooling over for years. Here's the outcome disdm4: City of Sin. I think it'll play well 2v2, maybe even 4v4, but why not try it and let me know here.

EDIT: screenshots:
Screenshots Please 
Spoogeage! :DDD 
cant see a thing on work monitor, will check it out when I get home.

but good to see distrans mapping. 
oh wel i was hopping that someone whould add it in here... but guess nobody did :\

My time is very short at home but i did it last night!

he is a very talent mapper and i think this should be in the Quake mappers home!

Anyway map is very cool ;) good work Dis! 
Looks cool from what I can see in the shots but, damn ... dark. 
Neat looking level! I think the scale is ever so slightly off but that's almost always a problem with real life stuff like desks and chairs and offices. The sewers were a cool addition!

Oh, and I was desperately wishing that elevator would do something cool but alas... 
same problem at home with the dark shots. Is it the shots or the level? 
The Shot As Usual 
My pet peeve.

But the level is pretty dark, too. 
S00ry About The Shots 
I just took 'em with Fitzquake, exported them to jpg with GIMP. Heh - my new monitor is uber bright (1000, 20000:1) so I didnt realise. But yeah - the map is a little dark, it is afterall a night setting.

I was just too excited about the spoogeagenessness of the map that I forgot to start artificially increasing the brightness of the shots....

Best thing to do is download the map and have a look around! 
Utterly Nice Map 
It's something else for once. Hard to learn at first, but I picked it up within 5 or 10 minutes. Played with some bots under RMQ (no Quoth required, although some breakable stuff would have been nice - computers, for example).

Some more interaction with the map would have been cool. Trapping opponents in the sewers, then raising the water. That sort of stuff.

Someone should make a DM-only progs that has stuff like breakables, surveillance cameras, moving water, and so forth.

Placement of the rocket launchers is cool (RJ possible / required).

I'll probably have to nick some textures (cardboard boxes, wood). 
...has a great talent for atmosphere. I'd love it if he remade From Hell as a single player - like the original from long ago. 
Already Said Elsewhere... 
... but this small DM is fucking brilliant. Very nice details, sense of ammo/health placement, lightning effects, etc...
I tested the map with bots, and unfortunately there are some areas in which they are stucked... I think the better is to play the map with "real" opponents.
distrans is definitively a great mapper.. please come back with us ...
and keep it up ! 
I tested it in ez quake and it was as bright as day.. but my ez always is. Map is really nice either way and I'm a sucker for DM'ing in realistic settings.. especially when they're this nicely done in Q1. 
Can somebody make a single player version of this? 
somehow I never saw these screenshots before.

Welcome to Dark City: Q1SP. 
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