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Kmquake2 Framerate Question
Hello, I am trying to play some old Quake II mods using the KMQuake2 engine. However, I am encountering framerate problems on certain maps. I was wondering if there are some specific commands for speeding up for KMQuake2 like there is for Quake 1, like disabling multitexture and shadows and so forth. Thank you.
Well multitextureing usually makes it faster, when your hardware supports it correctly 
Well, this kind of thing only happens on a single map. are there any other command to make Quake II run faster? 
Cvarlist Should Help 
and vid_mode 320x240 ;) 
maybe it's the map?

smaller resolution, yes. 
It's the mod "Hell is only for Heroes"

And how do I access the cvar list? 
>And how do I access the cvar list?

go to console and
type cvarlist

and vers of km do you using? 
I am using KMquake2 3.20 
you'll have better luck posting on the tenfour forums as knightmare regularly reads that one. 
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