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New Q1SP From Necros - Moldy Tower
Originally inspired by negke's Skinny Norris, I didn't fully adhere to the 768x768 rule. Instead I just used it as a rough guideline that it had to be as vertical as possible.

Medium sized with a bit slower gameplay than usual. Uses id medieval textures and a mix of Kell's kdmtex.wad and apocrypha.wad.

Note: You need an engine that supports the -quoth command line (although it is possible to run it without that with some hackery). The map however, does require an engine with increased limits (such as FitzQuake 0.85 or AguirRe's GLQuake). Some of the mandatory limit increases are: Lightmaps, Edicts and Models. Other increases that help but won't cause a crash: Beams, Packet Size and MarkSurfaces

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sry - nope, just a rick-fail where I evidentally uploaded the wrong archive top the demos/ folder on quaketastic. Bugger. There is actually a demo, but its on my home PC, I'll post it later

OK, Here Is The Actual Demo:

Willem - Im sorry about this but there's a copy of in the demos dir on Quaketastic

Necros - promise its the real demo this time :)
Also its Fitz 0.85, so protocol 666 'n stuff.

(sorry Willem, I know 'uve had probs with .85, heh, dont even know if you'd really want to watch me die anyhoo! :P) 
OK, I removed the map from that dir. No worries, Ricky! 
ricky, that demo made me laugh, thanks man! ^_^ 
I was looking forward to play this one since the very first green teaser screenshot pop-up on your webpage, necros. the map does not dissappoint: the sounds, the cogs, the ladders implementation, the style-change halfway though+the final epic battle (haven't managed to survive there yet)! wow, all great, superB level, thanks 
Taw Review 
I Didnt Even Know About That Site 
Yeah, I Am Trying To Pimp It A Bit. 
One cog too few. 
Wow this is just so good, fantastic visual, awesome atmosphere and the way things move around and lock together is breathtaking. Plenty of 'is this really Q1!?!' moments for me. The skill levels were good, I actually completed the map the first time through. Plus I still felt like it was a challenge. Need to play this a couple more times through. :)

This is the sort of map I would love to make with Q3 visuals but it seems necros has done a better job with the Q1/quoth engine. 10/10. 
thanks! :)
i'm glad the map didn't stomp on you. ;) 
I Must Be Cranky 
I am sure most people think I am some noob quake 1 player here but I do play games to enjoy myself and not be tortured with crazy hard skill levels when I first play a map. If a game has easy/normal skill levels, they should do what they say and not pretend to be hard/nightmare. Necros, your map skills were good and to me that is a big part of what game design is about. Balanced AI encounters depending on correctly worded skill levels. :) 
sorry dude, i wasn't trying to have a go at you.
honestly, it really was bad luck that you chose both tronyn's and then negke's map to start off your venture into custom maps.
you're probably no worse than most of the guys here. i died a lot on both those maps as well. 
negke's maps are really weird-smart hard whereas mine are just really brute-force hard. I'd reccomend (in addition to Necros' The Living End/Elder World Waystation) my 2005 map The Masque of the Red Death, if you get a's much fairer than my more recent ones. But aside from my maps or my reccomendations there's tons of great stuff in modern q1sp (travail, war spasm, quoth, etc). 
You might want to put that one on the back burner for a bit. It's not exactly a walk in the park. 
I never actually tested easy skill, although some played through on it and said it was reasonable.

Normal and above are pretty terrifying tbh - especially given the play times.

Moldy Tower is indeed a great map. 
can't believe I missed this one. Absolutely wonderful atmosphere and gameplay throughout, and some extremely creative use of Quoth entities.

Loved the gears etc. early on, and the second section being empty for a while really created a lot of tension. Interesting boss fight that I died on and didn't manage to finish (will probably go back later...)

Anyway, I really wanted to ask if there is source for this, as I'd like to see how some of the plats are set up so that I use them better in my own level. The Quoth mapping guide is good, but missing a whole bunch of Quoth functionality, so getting a hold of the map source to this would be excellent. Any possibility of that happening, Necros? 
Map Sources 
Glad you liked it!

As linked above, there are map sources for lend, doom, tower and ruins. I can probably dig up the older stuff if anyone cares, but I didn't bother since they're just really old. 
Doh, I Suck 
I went to your page but didn't think to look there for sources (just assumed they'd be in the original zips... doh!)

SlipgateConstruct Was Exploded By A Vore 
Anybody still got the sources? 
Found them, nevermind. 
FFS They all give me a 404, and there are no sources beyond the one for ne_ruins.

I need to think before I post. 
no they're gone for now. sorry. :( 
Look At Me, I Am Amazing 
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