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New Q1SP From Necros - Moldy Tower
Originally inspired by negke's Skinny Norris, I didn't fully adhere to the 768x768 rule. Instead I just used it as a rough guideline that it had to be as vertical as possible.

Medium sized with a bit slower gameplay than usual. Uses id medieval textures and a mix of Kell's kdmtex.wad and apocrypha.wad.

Note: You need an engine that supports the -quoth command line (although it is possible to run it without that with some hackery). The map however, does require an engine with increased limits (such as FitzQuake 0.85 or AguirRe's GLQuake). Some of the mandatory limit increases are: Lightmaps, Edicts and Models. Other increases that help but won't cause a crash: Beams, Packet Size and MarkSurfaces

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Will check out immediately. 
Fucking wow that was good. Although I thought it would be a tad longer with the monster count, it turned out to be a pretty solid length. Surprised I actually made it through the damn layout, it's pretty confusing, but still workable.

Am excited. Wish I'd spotted this earlier this evening. Oh well, soon. 
The atmosphere in this map is incredible. The turning gears, the breaking floors, the body being pulled into a tight crawl space, with the end battle being the best of it all. There was never a moment where i didn't feel entranced in the game. Lighting was dark and moody, which suited perfectly. Difficulty was also fair. This is no doubt an A map. Fantastic work necros! 
Great to see a level of this format as I it rapped me from my mapping plans! Can't help my P3Gb is crying like a vacuumcleaner. Will turn the QuakeCd volume full to finish this monster.
Excellent job, Necros..,a true jewel!!! 
Why Is There Only 1 Screenie? 
Screenshots please (Ban Flash!).

I tried the map earlier and a totally stupid bug by nvidia makes the game freeze every few seconds. It is related to complexity or something. So I cannot play it right now, damn! 
i've found 3 so far, you just have to dig around his site. There's on in "work" for example, and another one in "news" that seems to be reused in "downloads." 
Yep Found Them 
hardly screenshots though are they :) 
Zommmgggg can�t wait to get home and put my hands in the last release of my favourite mapper work!!!

Will try it tonight for sure...

There is nothing better then 22:30 in a day like today at my home... kids sleeping and me with a glass scotch with water, enjoying an outstanding map that will be for sure :)

Anyway I still got a whole day at work :( I will try not to think on this or time will not pass today :p 
This was excellent! So wonderful. I loved all the machinery with moving bits and pieces, and the cramped battles, like inside a big clockwork.

The detail of mapping in the outdoors area simply amazes me. I mean, who puts little strands of seaweed by a shore that nobody normally has time to look at? I had to noclip around in that area for a while after finishing the map a first time (on easy).

FitzQuake wouldn't work on my rig; after about a minute (up the second case of stairs) sound would begin to stutter, and everything would play in slowmotion. Jardrup's engine worked better, but half way through my first play (I was even recording!) I had to alt-tab back to windows to see what the impulse was for that plasma gun. Alt-tabbing back into Quake did not work. So I have a half first play demo which I won't bother posting. Finished the rest of the map from my pre-alt-tab save game.

After that, I did finish it without dying. And it was a pleasing experience. Sortof short, but packed with fun. Yeah, the body being dragged into a hole was a definite mood setter =)

Always looking forward to a new Necros map (and occasionally enjoying one of the old ones!) 
try a larger -heapsize value with fitzquake 
Yeah that solved it for fitzquake :) 
Re Posts Above 
on the monster count,
the end fight is supposed to have continuously spawning monsters, so the hordespawner there is set to spawn 100 monsters.
unfortunately, the hordespawner adds the # of monsters to the kill tally right at the start of the map, so you end up with 100 extra monsters. to get around this and allow a player to get 100% kills, i made a second hordespawner that creates (up to) 100 'boss_death10' entities.
the great thing about boss_death10 is that not only does it add 1 to the kill score, it also fires it's triggers AND removes itself.

the way it works is that each monster spawned triggers a trigger_counter which is set to '100'. when you end the map, the normal monster spawner is killtargetted and the other spawner, that spawns 'boss_death10' is triggered to start. (this is why the monster count 'ticks' up after you win).
the boss_death10 spawner also targets the trigger_counter so when the counter hits 100, it killtargets the boss_death10 spawner.

on screenshots,
there's a pretty big thematic change halfway through which i wanted to preserve as a surprise, so i deliberately didn't take any shots from anything passed the first section.
however, the first section is also where it is most strictly confined to 768x768 and i wasn't able to get good shots that didn't completely give away the entire area.
anyway, here's a couple that i used for cropping:
screen shot 1
screen shot 2

thanks for the comments :) 
<- Func_ Ate My Earlier Post 
So I'll just say that this map is cool, the details i.e. corpse drag are great, I liked the "lightweight" gameplay (low tier monsters and weapons, little health), and the end was superbly spectacular.

Very refreshing to see a classic Quoth map again after seeing all those (not necessarily base) maps with quoth2 enforcers...

Any more Q1SPs in plans? (please say yes) 
it's still very early though, so i'll just leave it at that 
I'm Glad My Map Inspired You To Do This 
Slow and boring demo:

Very enjoyable map! Pretty atmospheric, good use of sounds (no cdtrack set, though). The corpse effect and the foreboding voreling ambience were great, too. I definitely liked the lowkey gameplay and the visuals - brushwork and machinery - though better texture alignment would've been good in some spots. A pity the map wasn't larger (higher).
The end battle worked well, but may also be somewhat luck-based for some people. 
at one point in your demo, you said 'invisible key?'

when i was watching, a lot of models weren't visible to me (like all the rotating gears), as well as the key you mentioned...

what engine did you use? i think something was up if you couldn't see the key or the rotaters and such. 
Sorry, My Fault 
For some reason I was playing on Fitz protocol 15, that's why some of the entities didn't show up. I missed some great cogwork because of this.

metl: feature request for 0.90 (as if there'll ever be another version) - dynamic limit breach detection/protocol selection 
i have considered that actually. on the other hand, the only reason to use 15 is compatability (for hosting a server, or recording a demo) and if you auto-switched to 666 halfway through it would defeat that goal. 
That was really quite strange, and brilliant. Yet another intriguing and entrancing progression in Quake mapping. 
Wow, Instant Classic 
What shambler said. This goes where no one has been before. Quoth showcase too, the sounds, the gears, the "horror" part. Just incredible work!

Just wish it was a bit longer or maybe there was some ultra secret, gonna explore later. (And those few pesky fullbright pixels... ;) ). 
So This Map Has Rotating Gears? 
Oh my oh my

I�m stuck in the outside area really hard on hard :)

Anyway got 3 first demos runs with nice noobish deaths

The map so far is what i expected... full of atmosphere and outstanding brushwork!

More feedback and demo after i kill those bastards! 
Very Nice Indeed 
couple of questions, what are the white beams of light at the start of the brown area and why is the monster count 156? 
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