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FitzQuake And Colored Lighting ...

I've just moved over to using FitzQuake on my Mac, and one of the features I'd like to exploit is colored lighting on my maps.

Can anyone point me in the direction of a site/tutorial/post that explains what is needed to produce the .lit files and how they are used ?


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The maps have to be lit for colored lighting when built or light has to be rerun on them after they've been edited to support colored light. I use tyrlite on my newer maps which supports colored lighting. 
Okay, thanks.

I'm asuming though that I need to set some key/values on the light entities in order to have tyrlite pick them up. This is what I'm looking for guidance on ...


I'll Tell Ya! :) 
each light entity in the map has to be given a key called "_color" with a value of its RGB components, so white light would become "255 255 255", red light would be "255 0 0" and so on.

The tool you need to use is tyrlite 0.99e, available here:

In the "Win 32 Executables" .zip file you will find "light.exe". I would recomment using AguirRe's tools for the QBSP and VIS processes, available here (TxQbsp is probably the best QBSP tool):

You need to run the light.exe tool with the commands "-colored -lit -extra" to get it working nicely. The -extra option can be excluded to speed up the process.

The documentation says to use either -colored or -lit, but neither of these options on their own will produce a lit file. You need to use both.......

Good luck! :))) 
Thanks for that. I've had a good look through and there does seem to be some good posts on how to generate and use colored lighting.

If only this board has a search function ...


RickyT23 - Thankyou. 
Thats exactly what I was looking for ... brilliant.

Enter inurl:board and your search terms in your favourite search engine.

As nonentity hinted at, in the future please just use the general Mapping Help thread for things like this. 
somewhere in the bawls of his site/blog/stuff

seance when did he start on quake2 stuff? ?:O 
... At Least I Think Its There... 
had doubts after i hit submit 
On google at least, you can include subdirectories in the site specification of your search, so
is enough to ensure the search is directed here.

Having said that, you might find that adding
helps to filter out the results which will load a full 4000 post thread. 
"The documentation says to use either -colored or -lit, but neither of these options on their own will produce a lit file. You need to use both....... "

I can generate lit files by using only -lit. I run tyrlite directly from the maps folders though. If you run it in WC using F9 it won't copy the lit file created unless you add it in the advanced options. 
Y'all Missed Something... 
"fitzquake on mac"

Lemme see if I can help.

I'm aware that the BJP tools have a Tyrlite compatibility mode, but does it do .lit files? I actually don't know, but I was under the impression that Aguire didn't add colored lighting support to his tools for some reasons.

Anyways, if you want a mac port of real actual Tyrlite (admitedly an old version, but it does do colored light), then look no further:

Apparently it only works on PPC Macs...? I never had a problem because that's what I have. Glad to see another mac user out there making quake maps regardless. 
no, sadly aguirRe never added coloured light support to his tools. using -tyrlite95 only emulates the light falloff calculations and such.

i've been looking into haxoring it into his tools myself, but i know hardly anything about that stuff. 
-> Grahf ... 
Thanks for the suggestions. Luckily, on the homepage of Tyrlite ( the author makes the source available so I may have a look at porting it to the Mac as a universal binary ... 
If you have the know-how to do that, then go for it. Although BJPtools (aguire's) are pretty much better for everything except colored lit, so necros' suggestion to merge the two would be ideal, if perhaps more difficult. And I assume you've seen Willem's work on porting bjptools to OS X.

What I'd really like to see is an update and merge of some the qbsp and vis features of pOx's eUtils, like detail brushes. They really help with the vis times. But ah, just dreaming.... 
More On With 
the merging :D 
But They Smell Awfull... 
Sadistic Postmortual Ass Mutator 
Big Foot? 
Just reinstalled Quark63 and after adding the configuration I test a new map with one light.
To my surprise I enter a room with a yellow light.

I use Aguire's Txbsp Vis and light -dist 0.7 -range 0.7 
that seems impossible? aguirRe never put in coloured light support in his tool. 
I Know. 
I'm as surprised as you are.

I use Fitzquake085 and strange enough, other more complicated maps just turn out well.
Glquake gives normal light, so I think something triggers fizquake to apply colours.

Or my sight is troubled. See yourself. 
is there a .lit file in the maps folder for this map? If not, this must be a fitzquake bug. If you email me the bsp i can try to figure out the problem. (maybe related to the very small filesize or something?) 
in any case, glquake won't show colored light because it doesn't support it. 
Umm, That Light Is Green...? 
Or does it give different colors?

Perhaps try a different engine with colored light support like darkplaces. 
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