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FitzQuake And Colored Lighting ...

I've just moved over to using FitzQuake on my Mac, and one of the features I'd like to exploit is colored lighting on my maps.

Can anyone point me in the direction of a site/tutorial/post that explains what is needed to produce the .lit files and how they are used ?


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that seems impossible? aguirRe never put in coloured light support in his tool. 
I Know. 
I'm as surprised as you are.

I use Fitzquake085 and strange enough, other more complicated maps just turn out well.
Glquake gives normal light, so I think something triggers fizquake to apply colours.

Or my sight is troubled. See yourself. 
is there a .lit file in the maps folder for this map? If not, this must be a fitzquake bug. If you email me the bsp i can try to figure out the problem. (maybe related to the very small filesize or something?) 
in any case, glquake won't show colored light because it doesn't support it. 
Umm, That Light Is Green...? 
Or does it give different colors?

Perhaps try a different engine with colored light support like darkplaces. 
Quark V6(1).3.0 
I think it isn't fitzquake085 that's causing it.

It only happens when I start Quark v6(1).3.0 and ask to start a new map.
If I save the file to a new map name it's gone so fitzquake is all right.
There are no lit files in my tmpquark directory. I'll send the file.

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wasn't the yellow suppose to sink and the white come up? 
that still doesn't make any sense to me. the only way for coloured light to appear is if the light compiler makes a lit file. (bsp 30 with coloured light info packaged in the bsp file is unloadable by fitzquake, afaik)
are you sure you're using aguirRe's light tool? not one that was bundled with quark? 
i looked at the bsp and there's no colored light when loading it in fitzquake. So if you really don't have a newmap.lit file in quake/id1/maps, (or quake/<mod>/maps) then i don't know what's causing it.

The Quark text in the console seems to be from quark launching the game with a custom config file. 
Fitzquake + Colored Lights 
Errr, it works fine for my last map, I can't see any good reasons it does not work for you....

Did you check the worldspawn ? Isn't there a _color field there that has been added making the sunlight becoming green ? Also, you need the .lit file in order to have the color information for your map..
So just check that in your tmpQuarK/map folder there is a .lit file that has been generated.
Check also the configuration options of the light tool you are using, maybe you forgot to add a -lit / -colored option in your command line

I hope it helped ;) 
I know it sounds silly and not logical.
I don't compile a colored file and have no lit file anywhere.

I just see it happen and remember I saw it before a few months ago.
I did make a message of it and was turned out it was not possible.

Mind...I don't care. Quark compiles well, Fitzquake works well, no point to get bored about. It just happens when I start Quark and in the taskbar ask to make a new map. I put a light in the center and there it is.

If I go to tmpquark and load the bsp, everythings fine. If I load the compiled map (without changing the name) it's there again.
If I place the map in a subdirectory and play it it's gone.

It is just the same big questionmark to me as it sounds to you reading this. It can't, it even ain't, it shouldn't, it couldn't, it won't.
So I load Quark47 and look its still there.
Wake me up at five in the morning, it's still there. Aaargh!

Must be an omission of my computer, although I searched my entire disk for lit files. 
that's wild. ^_^; 
Is Your PC 
Making some sort of ecological statement . . . 
I guess your PC has been possessed by Shub Niggurath... change it !! 
only you knew how tyran I was when I wanted colored lights! 
I Mean... 
I already saw this disco effect.. If I remember well, it happens when .lit file is not matching with the .bsp... like new bsp + old lit file... hence disco !!
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