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L4D Campaign Coordination Thread
For organizing teams of mappers to generate L4D content in an orderly fashion. Talk about themes, structure, game play, and who all is involved.
Just To Get The Ball Rolling... 
Who all is interested in joining up on a L4D campaign? Something like one map per mapper depending on how many mappers are interested in a joint-project? 
I want to, mainly because I have a map started:

We need a L4D icon, too. 
Sorry, Not Me 
But GO! 
I think it'd be cool to end a sewer map with a Fugitive-esque jump from a drain into the inky darkness below. Have the players land in the water unable to proceed to the next area because there's a safe room at the bottom. Just thought itd be cool.

Not sure how water works in L4D, but surely waist-high water could be ok? 
Water Is Cool. 
Only worked with waist-high thus far, but yeah, you can do all that combatty stuff with the nav sorted properly. 
Ooh I'd love to be a part of it if I can. I'm sure I could handle one map at least once I'm done with my TF2 bits. Would be nice if we could come up with a theme that doesn't end up like every other custom l4d map out there. I liked Biff's suggestion of a desert setting before. 
Yeh, already aye'd on #tf

I've also already started hassling you with a mini-design doc based on the desert theme 'cos I'm annoying like that...

We might need a texture/model monkee tho (I can do some, it's just not my speciality).

Oh, and I've got a sound boy or 7 for new sfx/voice stuff (depending on how much can be implemented) 
If you have specific model/texture needs maybe I'll be able to lend a hand. 
Oh You Rock Bal, Because 
I can't model for shit =D 
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