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Research & Development For HL2 EP2
A great series of top-quality single player maps focusing on puzzles and environmental challenges, rather than straight up shooting.

Screens & Info :

Download (81mb) :
thanks for posting this, i love this kind of stuff. :) 
Just Finished This. 
Its fucking fantastic. Shutup and download it morons!

It certainly saves the best until last, but is continuously commercial quality all the way through, with some fantastic puzzles and gizmo's that you can use and abuse.

Some of the later puzzles take a while to figure out, which can be a little frustrating, but I persevered and cracked it in the end! 
Some Kind Of Bug 
prevents me for going furthur... you get to drive that vehicle, but i can't get out of it later on.
when i press 'use' again, i can jump, but my wasd controls still control the vehicle, so i can remote control it while i stand around motionless.
still, it's fun up to that point, anyway. :P 
Amazing Quality 
Unbelievable quality level to this, it almost made me start mapping for HL2 but I need to finish other stuff first. 
i will play HL2 in August :)

new pc will run much better then in my oldest... i liked the game but didn�t run in my old pc :\ 
So damn good! Really inspirational, love these puzzles. 
Insanely Good. 
Still haven't finished it yet, but will this weekend (I hope). Looking forward to your HL2 maps, sock and Trinca! 
This Is Excellent 
Glad I reinstalled. 
Yeah, that was awesome! 
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