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Dawn Of War 2 Map, (2p) Mirage
I've released my 1v1 Dawn of War 2 map, (2p) Mirage that I've worked on for the last week or so for the Community Map Contest run by and Relic. Figure some of you may be interested.

Mirage was a once idyllic paradise world, it's strange climate creating what Man would see as beaches in the middle of mountainous jungles... but the discovery of it's wealth of resources thanks to this unique atmosphere has guided the Imperium of Man to set up a discrete mining operation on the planet. The world was plunged into the chaos of war when the Eldar returned to the world, an ancient home to the Extrodites, to find it had become yet another prospect for Men. Amidst the fighting, the Tyranid Hive Fleet inevitably arrived to devour the world and the Orks came to sun bathe, and noticed there was a fight.



Nice Description 
The map doesn't look bad either. 
Say again though, more stone structures. Collapsed walls, caved in buildings, seemingly random stone blocks. 
I think you mean Exodites ;) 
Now I have incentive to stop playing TF2 and play some DoW2.

Anyone want to game on it?? 
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