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QMD Hits The Blood Bath Party With An HL2DM Halloween Map Released
Halloween theme Deathmatch/Killbox that me and Kane made for 'Quebec Lounge HL2 deathmatch server' with some custom sounds and textures. The giant pumpkin was made by me, the custom model small pumpkin is imported by Kane a friend of mine and co-owner of the server. Kane is actually the guy that lived in real life of the Q1 map called RICH_BAR. Enjoy!

Screenshots & download here:
In Her Pants? 
The pumpkin looks cool, and lighting suits the theme, but theres no escaping the fact that this is a box with "stuff" in it :(

I've never understood the whole attraction to the "Killbox" style of level design, its really dull for the designer to make a box of arbitrary size, plonk some random things in it and call it a map.

Saying that, this is one of the prettier box maps I have seen.

Also, QMD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
I think a box map is acceptable for a Halloween gimmick map. This is more about environment art more than gameplay design. 
Holy bleeding eyeballs of Saint Teresa. It's QMD! 
who the fuck is QMD? 
He managed to start one of the most epic flamewars QMap (the precursor to func) saw.

And made maps. Kinda. Hence the flame war ;p 
Here's more about who is QMD. 
We're sorry, the page you requested is currently unavailable due to systems maintenance.

Which is ofc a lie. They just deleted it. But it's still useless either way... 
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