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Left 4 Dead 2
Most forums threads on this are pointless flame shit.

Not that I'm not expecting that here, but it'd be nice to hear some opinions anyway.

I'm enjoying the demo quite a bit - despite the shortness. The variety in just about everything is refreshing, as is killing a witch with a guitar to the back of the head.

My general impressions:

Tier 1 weapons are pretty lame, but they always were. At least now they feel more unique and suited to particular purposes.

Tier 2 weapons are great, without exception. The Spas auto shot is a laugh, even though it doesn't feel as powerful as the L4D1 version.

The changes to throwable weapons are pretty good overall - the pipebomb having a shorter range and the bilebomb outperforming it in the 'horde summoner' category being a decent modification.

Melee is dangerously fun - brawling typically gets you shot up by your team-mates. Kind of dissapointing that it doesn't seem possible to time a 'perfect strike' ie. 'Dead Stop' on a Charger. The big problem with the melee is the camera. Despite the HUD warning it's very easy (thanks to the blood all over the screen) to not know where your attacker is. It should be third person cam I feel.

The Jockey is great, his supposed ability to leap from survivor to survivor will cause havoc in versus.

The Spitter seems more at home in the enclosed areas of L4D1, but its only a map and a half in the demo, so we'll see. She also has the potential to be very nasty in Versus.

The wandering witch is ok I spose. Really I'd have liked to see a completely new non-playable, whilst keeping the original witch. Will be interesting to see if day/night affects how the witches behave.

The Charger is great - I wouldn't change anything, except maybe how light the ragdoll seems when he's killed. He often floats towards the team when killed in mid charge.

The various reskins to the original SI are businesslike. It'd be nice to see some proper reskins as well though, not just modifications /re-imaginings of the original meshes. Might cause some confusion but I doubt it - they each move in a very specific way.

The new health systems are generally welcome, although defib seems a bit pointless. The Adrenaline is much more tactical than the pills and very useful for the new style crescendo event.

AI Director2 seems pretty functional, although the demo maps don't seem to show it's ability to mix stuff up so much, although we have ended up wandering around in circles (in a good/terrifying way) a couple of times.

[Edited cos most people are playing the full now]
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You guys tried I Hate Mountains yet? If not you should, nice campaign. 
Yeah, it's gorgeous. Some odd bugs like walking near the downed helicopter causes you to 'fall off' of it and hang there, stuck. But it was good. And very very pretty. 
Highly Impressive Release 
Huge and extremely detailed maps, with multiple paths (the fourth map in particular is some sort of explorational wonderland). Easy to get lost during gauntlet events.
Excellent build quality, very professional. Sometimes it was slightly laggy, but for the most part the performance was fine.

I totally dig the attention to detail. There seems to be something unique in almost every room/area. Decals, mapobjects, survivor graffitis (a bit excessive in number maybe - French Bal references, too?!), and things like domo dolls hidden here and there.

Gameplay seemed okay, challenging on Normal. Lots of items scattered about, exploration is usually rewarded if items are needed. 
Will Need 
To download again. 
Steam Summer Sale 
L4D2 for $10.20 today. 
Custom Campaign: Detour Ahead 
Great-looking quality maps. Very large. Too hard though. Still worth a try. 
Need To Play 
a bunch of those L4D2 custom campaigns. There's nothing quite like playing through a good zombie-infested area for the first time. 
Re: Detour Ahead 
Fucking ace. Best L4D2 campaign I've played. Better than the Valve ones. Just really top notch stuff. 
Next Week....

Another great cinematic. I'm liking the way L4D/2 has it's own kinda culture and iconography now.

Sounds a great DLC - new campaign PLUS a L4D campaign ported to /2 
I really hope there are 3 tanks at once during the final. :) 
And I Hope... 
You're by my side* in coop against them. Wed night I reckon...

* by "by my side" I mean, well in front of me getting up close and personal with the tanks, while I cower on top of a truck or something... 
Sacrifice DLC 
Good stuff, short though, hard finale. Be sure to get Bal or Preach on your team.

However, I'm a tiny bit disappointed they just did a straight port to L4D2 - same with the No Mercy campaign. Kind of expected them at least to add a few L4D2 touches to the old maps (not just items and new special infected), and the new survivors. That as well as the fact they simply copied the finale map from The Passing makes it a bit of a lazy shot. 
I want my money back!!

I think we did okay on the finale on the last time. Be sure to get The Fence on your team :).

I don't mind the straight porting. I find a lot of L4D2 tweaks enhance the game anyway - new weapons, new items, melee, new specials....well apart from the fucking Jockeys AAAARRGGHH.

I like L4D/2, really quite a lot. 
I enjoyed it. The Vs mode is pretty good here. 
I'm still hoping for a proper Func_group Versus event some time. Getting eight players together is definitely possible without much trouble. It would certainly make for some fun rounds - less potential for annoyance as with strangers. 
I'm down. 
I'd be up for some Versus, gotta convince Shamb to play too. :D 
I'm A Bit Too Remote To Play Sadly 
The sacrifice is cool, played through it yesterday and enjoyed it very much!

Not tried the l4d1 version yet, or the l4d2 version of no mercy, but will get around to it.

Func_VS does sound very cool, im down with that 
The Question Is 
will there be a server that can handle cross-world play well enough? 
Just played though it with biff, cardo, and his mate on a community server. If I recall correctly, Biff had a ping of around 150 and ours was at ~50, so that should work out fine. 
Poor Biff........ 
Accept For In That Alternate 1985 
when he was rich 
except it 
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