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The Morality Thread
Hey, I thought this might be a fun philosophical thread discussing mainly twisted moral scenarios. So here's one to start off:

You are 6-10 years of age, and you take nude pictures of yourself. You hold onto these pictures keeping them secret until you are 20 or so. Once you are out on your own, you use the pictures of your nude 6-10 year-old-self to masturbate to. Morally wrong or morally ambiguous?

Also, where do YOU get YOUR morals from?
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... you should go to mental institute, you dam pervert... 
I don't judge you Zwiffle. 
How's This 
If a dog pissed on you, would you kick it?

I did, and every stinking hippie within 20 metres was staring at me with hate. 
If a dog pissed on you, would you kick it?

Obvious answer: it depends of the dog.... that's what makes the difference between a chiuahuah and a pitt-bull ;) 
Some Desert Wolf Mongrel 
In a country that still has rabies, but I was wearing jeans - reasonably bite proof. 
Is It Right For A Man To Perform Fellatio On Himself 
If he could?

Dude this is a good thread! 
I'd Kick It 
I find dogs pretty invasive in general.

as for morality I am generally convinced by Sam Harris's arguments that it can or will eventually be factually and scientifically established. 
Morality is evolutionarily explained as a(paraphrasing) "What's good for the whole is good for me" strategy, seeing as we're social creatures and cannot (although rarely we do) survive on our own. At the very least we cannot thrive on our own. Thus, what helps the whole of society in general helps the individual, and that's where these feelings of morality are rooted from. 
... it does not explain why you are so perverted... 
you use the pictures of your nude 6-10 year-old-self to masturbate to. Morally wrong or morally ambiguous?

Depends on what gets you off about those pictures. Is it the fact that it's you, or would pics of other 6-10-year-olds do the trick? If the former, you're very odd, but not necessarily dysfunctional. If the latter, you have serious problems and should seek help.

Is it right for a man to perform fellatio on himself if he could?

Some can. The internet is an interesting place. Is it right? Depends on whether he wants to, or he's being forced at gunpoint, I suppose.

I think it was the late, great George Carlin who said, "If I could reach, I'd never leave the house." 
He's Dead? 
Going to watch some of his standup on youtube as tribute. 
What do you mean "He's Dead?"

I hope you're not serious =/ 
Late Great 
I couldn't be more out of touch if I was on the moon. And that was before I left the northern hemisphere.

I only found out about him a few weeks ok.

And just recently TED.

I'm a hermit with some alcohol thrown in. 
Ok = Ago 
A litre of beer and a glass of Fiddich so far.

. . .

And we're about to release demo2. 
Re: Post 10 
well Bill Hicks said "if men could suck their own cocks then ladies, you'd be here alone, staring at an empty stage."

RIP, what a hilarious genius. Carlin too, not quite as much but overall yeah. 
Pft Carlin came up with the idea of getting rid of the game of golf and turning every single golf course into giant shelters for homeless people or otherwise doing something productive with such wasted land because golf is for rich white men who can afford to waste time, money and space all at the same time. 
its funny because its true 
If Feel Compelled To Contribute Now... 
only I just can't think of anything that would really advance the discussion. 
after days of perplexity I can only wonder about my first fiducious reflex, not the subject.

is zwiffle a boy or a girl? 
Or both? 
Or neither?

I'm a boy. =/ 
When I First Read The Title On This Thread 
about a week ago i thought it was "mortality" thread and i was not expecting such a shock 
If you could fuck yourself
wouldn't that be an awfull lot of waisting good girls?

My god, did I ever wrote this?

I admire your crazy idea, in fact it creeps in my head like a book I read once that went so crazy with people having chirugically implanted all their erogene zones everywhere on their bodies so they made much money with insurances for doing so that they could live by trade of the natural trust exposing eachothers extremest limb...

I couldn't read it out, my fault, shouldn't have started. 
In Anyway... 
... having a self-great-fuck (i.e masturbating or auto-fellatio) is the safest way to not get sexual disease... though 
Oh Forgot To Mention... 
... it is also not deceiving as you have sex with somebody you love (generally) :P 
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