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Quake 2 High Resolution Texture Packs
I cleaned up the page at -
The most comprehensive collection of Quake2 single-player/co-op maps, enhanced engines, textures and models on the planet as of January 29, 2010 -
It's worth a look. If you know of any other SP/Co-op maps for Quake2, please post a link in a comment.
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Any Screenshots Of The Textures In Action? 
Re-Formatted The Page 
Thanks for the feedback - Is this layout Better? No screenshots - I will try to get around to it. 
Hm, It's Still Confusing 
I took some time to write some clean html for the first part of it:

I hope you don't mind. 
Just use <h> headlines and <ul> lists. 
there's a high res Duke3D pack out there. there's even 3d models for most (or all?) of the monsters and weapons. and strippers. 
Thanks Megaman And Spirit 
Is this more understandable?
- Content outlined and step-by-step instructions -

Duke Nukem 3D High Resolution Pack 
Very Nice! 
much much better :) 
pretty impress upgrade for duke 
Is it though? Higher res, higher poly, and now all the flaws come out. No self shadowing, etc. I think the pixellated stuff shows more character, you know? 
no self shadowing? they were sprites before. i think the fact they are 3d now is a huge step up.

anyway, i played through duke3d with it a short while ago and i liked it a lot. the conversions are well done and don't change the general look of the monsters. 
"no self shadowing? they were sprites before."

The sprites had shadows drawn on them. The model looks flat and uninteresting to me. *shrug* 
He Has A Point 
the skin just looks the same tone ad texture throughout. 
Quake2 Old School 
Willem - I know what you mean. "Chasm: The Rift" and "Eradicator" are down and dirty gritty goodness. For Old School Quake2 use AprQ2 Engine without the newer madels and textures.

Two days ago I found "Oblivion Mission Pack" and uploaded it to SP/Co-Op Maps/Mods m-o. It is the Bomb!

Stll looking for sp/coop maps. Any Links? 
still I can't find any screenshots :( 
man, i barely remember that. :o i remember getting lost in like the first level and being really frustrated. i think i gave it away because i can't find it anywhere. 
Will this site be around in 4 years? I guess I'm saying what will happen once you are no longer attending the university?

If not, you might consider setting up something at Wikia or something.

I say this as someone who has watched countless sites DIE and the only good site is a site that is going to exist. 
Lifespan Of A Byte 
I am on Staff at umich and I may even be able to maintian my site after I retire.

Any SP/Co-op maps and mods out there that are not in this Collections? I have not found any that are not in languages other than English. Post a link if you find some. 
Duke3D HRP 
I never really liked it, all the charm is lost. Not only that but I feel the colour sense gets lost and textures that used to blend well together no longer do. I generally feel this way with any high poly/res packs and never use them. I do see the work put into making the packs, they're just not for me at all. The classic sprites/textures and what people can do with it interest me the most afterall. 
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