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Hellsmash Beta 3 + Stormbringer By Dr. Shadowborg
Released this last night, latest version of mod and also includes 1 start map, and 1 SP / DM map.

* Seven new weapons, three new items, loads more stuff
* Aforementioned maps.
* Frikbots
* Should be fully functional for any standard quake maps as well, should you want to play with it.
* Horribly crude mapper reference textfile incase anybody wants to mess with this.

Big stack o' Screenshots:
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Known Issues:
Help screen says +reload, use reload instead.

Inside 3d Forum post:

Have fun!
Played This A Little Last Night... 
pretty cool. The map could do a better job of being a "tutorial" for the various weapons and features, but with enough experiementation most people will figure everything out, i think.

(example: you start in a room with "destroyable" grating, and you're given dynamite, so i spent some time trying to use the dynamite on the grating, but couldn't figure out how to use it, and finally gave up and figured out that the melee attack could break it. The presense of dynamite just confuses what would otherwise have been a good tutorial for the melee attack. I still don't know how to use the dynamite.) 
Re: Dynamite 
I left the breakables as being destroyable with any of the other weapons for this beta. This won't always be the case in the future, so here's a tip in regards to dynamite usage on breakables:

Throw the dynamite so that it will collide directly with the surface to be destroyed. It should lock on immediately and sound it's beep-beep locked on tone. After that, just use the secondary attack to blow it up.

Very Nice 
Great-looking nonlinear map, varied enemies and fun new weapons (with good models). Interesting (but hazardous) items, watching monsters and gibs swirl around that force field thing was entertaining.
Some better documentation would've helped, e.g. I only found out half-way through the map that the Aida menu had subcategories 1-4.
Binding the additional keys didn't work with Fitzquake (0.85) so I had to use DP. Perhaps supply a hellsmash.cfg with the aliases and mention the impulse codes in the readme.

Is this going to become a whole episode? Would be awesome. 
Thanks for the feedback!

/me jots down Better Documentation for future releases

Re: alias / binding issues

Someone else had problems with this as well, so something must be going wrong with the included default.cfg file.

All that means is that I have to be a little more draconian in regards to making sure quake defines the aliases properly.

I'll see about cooking up a patch for this release to address that issue.

Once again, glad you liked it, and thanks for the feedback! 
Also, Forgot But... 
Yes, the end goal of this project is to end up with a full episode. 
The problem is that the default.cfg doesn't get executed automatically. I recommend putting all necessary aliases in a hellsmash.cfg and include an additional quake.rc file to make it load the config on startup. Probably better than a default.cfg that might overwrite custom control settings.

A bit more on the weapons: the secondary fire modes are cool. Nothing one hasn't seen in other games, but this time it's in Quake! I reckon the pulse rifle will be everyone's favorite - precision shooting with an additional bang.
I don't like the dynamite much (not only in this mod - I often end up damaging myself with manual explosives in games), even though I could imagine it to work well with Quake's limited AI and its tendency to cram groups of enemies in corners or below ledges.
Are there upgrades for the blaster? It felt like it sometimes did some sort of double shot or at least shots in quicker succession. I noticed a yellow light had appeared at some point. 
Update Patch That Should Fix The Alias Issue.

The blaster does indeed upgrade. At yellow on the indicator, if you hold down fire, it will do two shots in rapid succession. At level 3 it does more damage, and every pickup after that, you get special ammo for it that has a chance of turning the target into stone temporarily. (hint, hit them heavy at that point) 
Finally Got Round To Trying This 
the level was average. decent but nothing mindblowing.. i don't think i actually completed it in the end since i spent ages running around getting lost and eventually dying a long way off saving, so got fed up...

i did however, play through the whole of quake on nightmare skill with it.. the weapons are so immensely satisfying that i'm going to struggle going back to the regular ones!! the shotgun especially, think that even beats the HL2 shotgun for sheer awesomeness, especially taking out all the zombies in e4m3 with it, and killing shamblers up close with two shots. the nailbomb is great too. most fun i've had playing quake in a long time. killing obviously became a lot easier but so did dying.. especially when pulse ogres are concerned

and end.bsp is insane. it's about time someone turned shubby into an ACTUAL boss that poses a real challenge.. albeit one which i couldn't beat, alas :( 
Just replayed this (played episode 1 and a bit of episode 2 under this mod), and yeah, it still is very satisfying.

It has that silliness and gimmickry and overpowered weapons that are missing from modern games.

Ogres with pulse rifles, weird powerups, and the clout to make weapons that are really powerful.

It's that playfulness and that just-go-for-it game design that I love in things like DOOM and Malice. No overdesigned tedious crap.

Love the boomstick.

Keep going Khin. You're on to something. 
What I Mean Is 
Anything creative and anarchistic (like good game design) will quickly become un-fun when you turn it into a science. 
Only Three People Commented On This? 
It's a proper full-size map, yet no one here could be bothered to play this or comment on it? Wankers. 
It's A Mod, What Did You Expect? 
I tried it 3 times. Not my cup of tea but surely good work. 
I Missed This Somehow! 
metlslime, you and rj played this :)

and I played it and commented elsewhere I believe. From what I gather, Hellsmash is actually halfway popular.

And the map is not bad. Actually would like to see a Tronyn review of it. 
and, umm, it is a singleplayer map that should have been in that poll.

But we discussed this once already. 
Dude, Let Go 
no need to remind me that I failed to get my point across to you. 
I've played it. The button don't really look like button, so it was kind of hard of figure out what you need to press. 
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