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Mapping With Randomness
A while ago, I came up with an idea for how to let the mapper create encounters that were random, but in a controlled way (so that the mapper has control over the "worst case" scenario). It can be used to:

- Randomly select a monster or an item from a group and put it at a specific location,
- Randomly select a location for a specific monster or item,
- Randomly arrange a group of objects,
- Any combination of the above,
- Or whatever else the mapper can think of.

Less of a while ago (but still a while ago), I produced a working implementation of this. Now that I've finally documented it properly, it's ready for release:

It's been used already in the Remake Quake demos, but a stand-alone release was always going to happen. And now it has...
just by the way, as someone who works with this, you guys seriously have to try this stuff.

Satisfied customer here. It adds so much to a map's replayability if you don't exactly know which type of monster will wait for you in a certain place - if any.

Of course, your map will need to use its own progs (I don't get why this is unpopular these days, it allows you to do so much) and it gets ever more effective if your mod has a lot of monster variations...

for example in RMQ I can have a random group with 4 ogres, 2 flak ogres, 2 berserk ogres, and a shambler. Now the shambler will be picked 1 out of 9 times you play the map, and the other times you'll just have different types of ogre everytime you play it...

there is so much you can do with this.

Now combine this with skill levels!!! Awesome, the variability!! So much replay value you'll go blind!


Hey, why not randomize items. Oops. Just a thought. 
Just In Case Anyone Else Is Confused... 
this is a modified progs.dat (with source and an example map) 
Good Idea 
Careful with the monster choice though, ammo balance has to be kept in mind.

Now, imagine this worked on brush entities, too... 
It Can Work On Brush Entities 
If you use a misc_model and give it a .bsp instead of .mdl. But that's another story :)

This is a great feature, really. Even if just having the same monsters but stood in different places it means the mapper themselves can never just switch off and waltz through because they know where everything is.

It makes the map fun to test, replay and helps you balance your difficulty much better. 
You definitely got a point there. 
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