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New Q3 Tourney/DM - Carved Grounds
g0th and Bliccer have released their NoGhost mapping entry, a tech base in rock styled 1v1 level that is also (more) suited to 4 player FFA.

Title - Carved Grounds
Authors - g0th and Bliccer
Download -

Another Top Map 
from the comp IMHO.

Weapon load feels a bit heavy for tourney but suitable in FFA. I love the lighting in this level, it comes out perfectly contrasted on my screen. But as a warning (going by past experience) it may be too dark for some people's settings. 
Is Spams? 
Someone pumps out a new Q3 DM map that no one will ever play [because there are 15,000 of these] and looks more like a work of art rather than yet another new place to frag Sarge and Major.

There are 4 of these in a row on the news page with release dates within the last week.

What's so special about these maps other than nothing?

Sock's Q3 map was a single player challenge (and happened to be open source too).

Yet another Q3 DM map = NOT news

A Q3 single player map that can be played in DarkPlaces, that'd be news.

Others may flame me if they choose, but isn't this a very relevant point?
The Author 
It would be slightly different if, say, the map author posted it. That'd mean he would presumably be reading the thread and collecting feedback. 
How is it any less relevant than 'yet another Q1SP' release? 
Thanks for posting these, nitin. I love playing Q3 maps and would have probably missed these releases otherwise. The quality is amazing, I wish we had such contests for Q1. 
I think for the major part of the audience here a single post about the contest had been fine. But it doesn't hurt anyone and these maps are really great so why argue... rather give the maps a try if you don't hate Q3A. They're worth it. 
Debate Concluded. 
Well done all. 
you are an idiot.

Not every map released for the contest is good. Also, screenshots are not available for every map in one mapping contest type thread.

So I am only posting the ones I think are actually good.

If you dont like q3a or dont want to play them, IGNORE THE NEWS ITEM. FFS.

And yes some of the mappers do check the threads for feedback, I've been in personal contact with 3 of the 4 so far. 
I can be an idiot at times, it's true.

If this board had an edit button, I would have softened that post up a bit.

Still, a Q3 DM map is made every 45 seconds. Even high quality talent Q3 DM maps are made every 45 seconds.

And yes some of the mappers do check the threads for feedback

I'll believe it when one of the authors posts here. 
@Nitin Part 2 
Wouldn't these "news" items be more credible if the map author posted them here and not a 3rd party?

I mean, these kind of threads get almost no replies for a reason.

The lack a connection to this messageboard or even an interest in this messageboard. The author isn't reading it, isn't posting it, isn't replying.

I'm just saying it doesn't seem "legit".

As an example, there was this one guy who constantly asked me to do news @ QuakeOne for some Quakeworld CTF event he had every month. The guy didn't even post in the forums hardly at all. I did the news once, as a courtesy and then the 2nd time I told him "We do diverse news, we don't news the same thing over and over again."

He kept bugging me every month ... I ignored him.

My point is what personal interest or attempt to share are any of these authors making? I'd guy 3 out of 4 are unaware or uninterested in this messageboard.

@Shambler, Spirit

DM maps are like newbie maps. Even with great architecture, they are STILL newbie maps.

It demonstrates an ability to use a map editor and absofuckinglutely no mastery of "level design".

DM maps --- except expertly designed DM maps that none of these guys actually can do --- are lame. 
Sometimes? Might want to then demonstrate a lack of idiocy in the words following that comment.

Firstly, obviously 45 seconds is exaggeration to the point of undermining your entire point in the sentence (which, as far as I can tell, was that more Q3 maps are released than Q1 maps. Not entirely sure the relevance of this fact. And even so, high quality Q3 maps are still a rarity (which these clearly are, nitin isn't just posting all releases, these are the ones worth checking out).

As to whether the authors read these threads or have an interest in this board? That _is_ irrelevant. The news isn't for their benefit, it's for ours (see dictionary definition of 'news'). I'm fairly sure they already know they released a map. Personally I'm grateful to nitin for posting these. I still LAN Q3 with friends on occaision since they don't all have uber gaming rigs, so it's a nice way for us to shoot each other in the face. Knowing about good new maps is something I appreciate.

As for 'legit'? We've always supported Q3 mapping here (other than Shambler, who cries rl tears if games don't have SP ;). There's a reason there's a Q3 icon down there. Seems pretty legit from here.

Not sure what you're trying to say with your example from QuakeOne. This is a different site with different focus, priorities and style of news. Frankly it just seems to be veiled dig at the monthly LvL updates Tigger-ON posts and if you're going to insult someone who has diligently served the mapping community for over a decade, you might want to have the fucking balls to do it directly rather than with petty, snide asides. That's just cowardly.

And DM maps are newbie maps? Do you have any idea how fucking stupid that sounds? There is as much thought and design put into the gameplay of these maps as any SP map. The balancing and gameplay design of multiplayer content is just as difficult as single player.
Yeh, making a few interconnected rooms and dropping some weapons and DM spawns in is relatively easy, but then so is creating a linear route out of rooms and corridors and throwing a few hordes of monsters in. Neither are shining examples of their respective gametypes. Not showing mastery of level design? That's fucking moronic (and can just as easily be applied a SP map as a DM/CTF).

And then insult the authors level design ability? Nice. You are aware that certainly Hipshot and possibly Phantazm11 (iirc) are professional level designers who easily have the skill the create great multiplayer content. Denegrating their abilities without (I presume) even playing their work is ridiculously snap judgemental and petty.

And absolutely none of the above affects the (already stated) point that you don't have to read these posts if you don't want to. They're hardly knocking news off the front page (the two items previous to this were over a week old and seperated by a week between postings). I skim over various threads (such as the QC one) that I have little interest in, surely it's not that hard for you to do the same. Hell, I manage to blank the weekly posts about RQ being the fucking 2nd coming of jesus without feeling the need to start bitching and moaning (let alone insulting the talent of people), since I don't care. It's hardly difficult.

So yeh. You're a fucking idiot. 
Holy Cow Mantra 
Damn good map ;> 
baker, can't you just appreciate good brushwork when it's there? i don't play q3dm at all but i still enjoy running around the map just to look. why does everything have to be 'the pinnacle of mapping as we know it'? 
Oh Dear 
can we at least please take this to GA and not spam this thread. 
Yeah I overstated it a bit and was a tad overly dramatic about it. I should have phrased it more politely.

Nonentity ... No I like to read the monthly Lvl updates, you can quickly skim through the maps and see the pics of latest creations. I wouldn't like it if there were 18 Lvl updates a month. @ necros I do appreciate good brushwork.

Ok then! That's that. 
So here I am.
We created a thread at Now I've already posted the final version, but if you would have been registered there or at Maverick's board to actually GIVE feedback taht would've been more than welcome!!! 
Broken Link 
Download link seems to be dead...
Does anyone know a mirror ? 
Thanks #18 :) 
I'll be sure to play your map thoroughly now and post back my experience.

I have a tendency to at times post myopic spur of the moment shortsighted posts from time to time, with my heart in the right place but otherwise making an ass of thyself. ;-) 
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