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Quakespasm Engine
This engine needs its own thread.

Feedback: I like the OS X version, but I have to start it from the terminal for it to work and can't just double-click it like a traditional OS X app. I'm sure you guys already know this, either way great engine.
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Map69 is the "Castle Of The Bad Die".

And I'm still asking for a map which randomize the map loading from a maps list. This is a Must Have Feature. 
Onetruepurple And Nitin 
It is so scriptable!

1) Copy a random map to randommap.bsp.

2) Use whatever MacOS offers to monitor file access to see when the engine accesses the map (might need to look for "Open"). Apparently you would want "fswatch".

3) "map randommap"

4) Sleep for some moments

5) Copy another random map to randommap.bsp so if you do "map randommap" again, there already is a new one there. 
In Linux 
while true; do inotifywait --event open /home/me/games/quake/id1/maps/randommap.bsp && sleep 1 && file="$(ls -1 /home/me/games/quake/id1/maps/*.bsp | sort --random-sort | head -1)" && echo $file && ln --symbolic --force "${file}" /home/me/games/quake/id1/maps/randommap.bsp; done

This uses a symbolic link instead of copying the file every time. 
Hey This Is Fun! 
Map Randomizer In Qc For Barnak 
Open up your id1/maps folder...

Right click in empty space and choose on of the following: "Arrange icon's by" - size, date, alphabetically etc etc...

Close you eyes, NO peeking, this is important for it to work...

Raise your hand, forefinger pointed out, move it spiraling in towards the monitor...

Until it touches...

BAM, there's your random map generator ;)

You can restart at step one and choose a different option to keep it random too...

All done with "qc", short for quickly conceived!

Realize, eventually all dogs let go of the bone sooner or later. 
Meant Random Map Selector 
He already specified several times that it needs to work without leaving engine. And playing for my solution for a while I have to say, yeah, it absolutely does. 
Spirit, Correct Me If I'm Wrong But... 
Both of our methods are initiated before the engine is even started right? None of what you suggested works "in engine"? 
With "in engine" I meant that you can get a new map without leaving the engine/game. My script needs to be started before the engine but then it runs as long as you don't kill it. 
Gotcha ;) 
Can I run this in a terminal, and end by closing the terminal? 
exactly that, ctrl-c to stop. making it into a systemd service that launches on login would be easy too. I think the sleep is unnecessary (since the file was already opened and thus the link can be changed) but I am not entirely sure. 
Had To Install The "inotify-tools" But Worked Like A Charm Spirit :) 
You have to start a new level before the next "new" randommap.bsp symbolic link will work. Dropping to the console and "disconnect"'ing doesn't trigger it.

bind m "map randommap" worked fine for me in a some days old QS. 
All Of The Above Made Me Slightly More Happy 
Ah, of course, it needs an initial map. Sorry!

I made it into a script:

It's awesome to go through sm* maps. sm161 had some fantastic ones. 
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