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Quakespasm Engine
This engine needs its own thread.

Feedback: I like the OS X version, but I have to start it from the terminal for it to work and can't just double-click it like a traditional OS X app. I'm sure you guys already know this, either way great engine.
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Cutscenes wouldn't be affected.

Zerstorer happens to be particularly uncoopable in a way that is more than having extra coop spawn points (I recall be pretty disappointed but can't recall the reason why it is uncoopable).

[Nehahra has at least one cutscene but is coopable (although if I recall a couple of rare maps failed to have multiple spawnpoints), but I don't recall anything about the cutscenes in coop (i.e. did they happen or not).

I know there are a couple of more single player releases with cut-scenes, but I can't their names and whether or not they are coop friendly.] 
Config File Organization Tips Requested 
How do people organize their config files for Quakespasm and multiple game directories? I mean the dirs that are selected with the -game option, of course.

I understand that I should put the bindings and options I want into autoexec.cfg files and it is probably helpful to delete the engine-created config.cfg files after modifying the autoexec files. However, what exactly happens if there are several config files that might apply for a given game setting? In what order are they processed?

What config files should I backup/copy, so I can reproduce my settings on another Quakespasm installation? I don't necessarily want to backup my whole .quakespasm subdir, because I don't want to keep all the saves, screenshots and whatnot.

Basically, I'm asking that if someone has worked out a good practice to follow, could they be kind & share the details. I'm asking here because QS is now my engine of choice for SP Quake. 
Preach has a great explanation of how the different config files relate:

autoexec.cfg runs after config.cfg. You can put an autoexec.cfg in id1 and it'll get run on all mods (as long as the mod doesn't have its own autoexec.cfg), so putting all of your custom settings in id1/autoexec.cfg and backing that up is probably the way to go.

I'm pretty lazy and only change a couple settings from their defaults - always run, r_oldwater, statusbar size - so I don't bother with an autoexec.cfg. 
Thanks Ericw 
Thanks for the link. I also found this useful guide with a Google search.

Thought for the day: If I ever get confused which config files Quake is actually execing, I can put a lines like echo "this is from the foo directory" into them and see at the startup what is prints into the console. That'll help clear any confusion, though I think I got how it works already with the help of these links. 
When Quake starts up --- and this is in your console output:

execing quake.rc // This is in a pak file
execing default.cfg // This is in a pak file
execing config.cfg // This is YOURS

couldn't exec autoexec.cfg // This is YOURS

This always prints to the console so you don't need to put an echo in there.

If you are putting your personal settings in autoexec.cfg, that is the only file you need. 
I've run into too many mods that contain an autoexec.cfg, so now I just always launch with a command line that will explicitly +exec a file that has the stuff I'd normally put in autoexec. 
Wrongly Cfgured 
If it's any comfort, the post on how not to do that is one of the most read on my site, so it may happen less in future... 
I read it, agreed with the logic and then went and broke all the rules in a fit of malaise.

I didn't force a resolution afaik though. 
I might have asked this before but cannot remember where. Do any of the modern engines support Nehahra or are they too man mod specific hacks in that for that to be possible? 
is that a fitz derivative out of interest? 
Joequake mostly from what I know. 
I think I found the reason why gamma is not working for me in recent builds.

I have 3 displays connected to 2 videocards (nvidia + intel).
When only one of the displays enabled (whether it connected to intel or nvidia) /gamma starts working.

But it doesn't work with 2 or more displays enabled (and even connected to the same card).

Can you guys nail this bug, please?
Asking because despite the fact that 0.85.9 spams to the console it actually changes gamma with all 3 displays enabled. 
Nehahra Compatibility 
darkplaces is fully compatible with nehahra. i tested it accidentally just a couple of days ago and everything worked fine. new monsters, weapons, powerups and cutscenes.. it's all there. 
Could you give the quakespasm-sdl2.exe a try from here? 
Directq v 1.88 patch 1 also supports Nehehra 
The Requiem menu is hard to use with the backspace key, is there a new version with the traditional menu? 
just rebind keys as you like in the options. the next release will use esc for both Back and Close 
This build do it right - changes gamma only on the display with app (windowed or fullscreen) and restores original value on quit.

Also, there is one glitch - if you change gamma then move window to another display, change it again to another value and then close app, then display's gamma will not be restored to original values, i.e. a reboot required to restore the gamma.

Restarting QS 0.9 does not reset it, BUT 0.85.9 does.

So, you could use some bits from gamma init logic from 0.85 in 0.9, I guess :) 
Quakespasm Bugs Etc 
*qs still lags in big, complex maps/mods. adding "-zone 65536" "-heapsize 92000" "-surfcachesize 320000" to the commandline doesn't fix the problem

*cannot return into the game after alt-tab out to desktop from the menu (no map loaded)

*Use the DirectQ style of having only the muzzleflash have no interpolation; while all the objects of the gun/monster are interpolated

*Read files directly from the game folder, so user can drag & drop models/sounds etc

also, how can i play a music track from the console? "play" looks for wav files in the sound folder (not music) and "cd" looks for a physical disk in the drive

lastly can i restore the old quake menu background? 
remove the visible console bar going up when the map transitions to a cutscene

btw am using ver 0.85.1 
my mistake ver 90.0 
*qs still lags in big, complex maps/mods. adding "-zone 65536" "-heapsize 92000" "-surfcachesize 320000" to the commandline doesn't fix the problem
what are your pc specs? you were saying before that armagon lags - how low of an fps do you get (scr_showfps 1)? what are the first 3 lines of output from running "gl_info" in the console? (on windows, you should be able to copy and paste it from stdout.txt) Make sure gfx grivers are installed... what FPS do you get on the same maps in DirectQ?

remove the visible console bar going up when the map transitions to a cutscene
as a workaround you can make the console speed fast, e.g. set scr_conspeed to 10000

lastly can i restore the old quake menu background?
launch with -fitz or delete quakespasm.pak

also, how can i play a music track from the console?
"music track04" should work

*cannot return into the game after alt-tab out to desktop from the menu (no map loaded)
weird, i'll see if I can reproduce that 
Another Example Of A Disappearing Object 
I found another case of a moving object disappearing when viewed from a certain place. I'm posting a description and a screenshot in case the devs have a use for another test case. If this is already well-covered ground, just ignore my msg.

This happens when walking through the silver key door in e1m2quoth. I'm using Quoth version 2_2. I have not yet upgraded my Quakespasm to the latest SVN version, so I don't know if the latest changes affect this. (This is the second time I spot one of these minor glitches, so it's not like they bother me.)

In the pictures, the missing object is in front of the button near the center of the viewport. It's a moving mechanism that activates the button, and you have to first trigger it with a floor button for it to move into this position. 
That's Fixed In The Upcoming Release 
thanks for the note though. 
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