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New Q1SP: Conflagrant Rodent
After a year and a half of on and off working, my map is finally ready for release. Get ready for a journey through a broken down castle, flooded with water and lava, inhabited by over a hundred baddies.

The first part of the map may seem a little dull, climbing through the cave. But once you reach the castle itself is when the real fun starts.

All skill levels are supported. Hard is hard, easy is easy, etc. So if you play on hard, be prepared for a tough fight.

I have spent so much time and sweat into making this map look the absolute best it can possibly be. To make it not only look good, but play good. This map is more complex than anything I have ever built in the past.

Because of being such a large map, it pushes the boundaries and limits of Quake, so an enhanced engine is required to play. Fitzquake, Enhanced GLQuake, DirectQ, and Darkplaces should all suffice.

Map info such as vis time and construction etc can be found in the oms2.txt. The texture .wad is also included in the .zip

Thanks to my testers: Necros, =peg=, Polarite, Cortex and Rocketguy for their very helpful advice.

Thanks to Willem for his modified multithreaded vis tool.

Thanks to Metlslime for his newskip tool.

And finally, special thanks to aguiRe for his patience, tools, and skills, for without his help and dedication, this map would not have been possible. You rock man :)

The only thing left to do now is download and have fun! And as always, first run demos are appreciated :)


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megalodon download


or fitzquake

they both run this map pretty fine 
Thanks, but I'm already playing it with Baker's new 'EngineX'. Too bad it won't save my settings, but I'm sure he'll fix that. 
Engine X 
I'm ripping apart JoeQuake and building it back together the way it should be (from my perspective).

I haven't got to the cvar system and the effects system. Once I do, everything that should save will save.

I am also building "blow your mind" features into the engine that will give the "Holy shit!" experience I think you should get when you load up a non-conservative engine. After you see what these are, I hope these ideas get quickly copied by non-conservative engines and other engine coders will be smacking themselves on the head saying "Why didn't I think of that!"

But I'm keeping these to myself for now for the shock value. No a built-in mod downloader/installer isn't what I am talking about; it will have that too.

p.s. ProQuake 4.66 uses the FitzQuake protocol and play this map too. So far I have only released the OS X version of 4.66.

I'm hardly the only person who thinks Mr. Fitz made a huge contribution to Quake by documenting the FitzQuake so thoroughly in the engine source; soon it will be a defacto standard ... if it isn't already --- there are 5 engines with FitzQuake protocol support now. 
My Demo 
Orl, very nice map. But indeed, sometimes a bit frustrating. Not because of enemies, but because the quake engine is sometimes a bit unforgiving when it comes to climbing & jumping in tight areas.

I think everyone will find my demo... interesting :)


Can be done much faster though, I took my time and I've done faster attempts in certain sections.

Thanks for the map. 
looking forward to it baker. i like joequake; i think the limit restrictions were all that was keeping me from using it as a first choice engine. well, that and some of the .cfg settings seemed to clash with other engines when i loaded them up, which was a minor pain. 
New Demo 
my time on normal skill:


This map becomes fun when you know what to do :)

file size 1.22 MB 
Very nice demo megalodon :) Seems like you have really mastered the map inside and out, as well as your Quaking skills.

I'm curious to see if you, or anyone can pull off a speed run in this map. 
Well, I'm not a speedrunner. I'm a QuakeWorld player and movement is different there. You can therefore see me struggle here and there when I try to get some speed going, because I automatically try the continuous qw bunnyhopping technique, but it doesn't work here.

I also struggled at the end of the map, getting into the hole in the wall via the rock. I've done tests before making this demo, and it IS possible to do it flawlessly before the monsters even spawn there. But that was from a quicksave and this demo was from info_player_start, so things didn't always go my way :)

Also, if I would ever become a speedrunner and do this map, I'd have to figure out a way to immediately do the grenadejump instead of having to deal with the Shambler and his friends.

To me, learning to speedrun seems to take too much time to be really worth it. I find it more appealing to deal with human opponents in QW. But it's awesome to watch these speedrun freaks do their thing. I have to say though that, with your map, I did really like to mess around with shortcuts. Perhaps I'll make another attempt. 
Go On #Terrafusion 
See if Nahkahiir or whatever his name is is there, and ask him to do it. He's amazing :) 
Shambler boost maybe? 
I just found out: no grenadejump needed at all. I can just jump to the ledge, but it's tricky for me, 'cause I'm no real speedrunner. But basicly, on easy skill, you can just blaze through the map. My uploaded demo is not a real speedrun. 
Great Map. 
As others have said, it is frustrating in places, but it's a great looking map and I rather enjoyed it.

As for that cave secret: I actually had not too much trouble just jumping into off the bridge (did take a few goes, though). What's more, I even fell into accidentally! I was dodging scrags that come later, backed out of the tunnel and found myself in the cave to the MH.

Getting the silver key before entering the castle seems to make for more ammo, and a respawning health/armor supply is nice! (needed it once after getting the gold key).

Frame rate's usually pegged at 72, but does drop to the 30s in places (5 year old system: amd64 3800, nv7800, linux). Noclip to the outside drops the rate to the 20s. This is with the latest QuakeForge (I spent the last week poking at fitzquake's code (thank you!) to get QF able to play the map :)). I hope the demos work in QF.

Orl: nice map, interesting layout. I'm looking forward to studying the source. I have to check out your other maps.

For those that are interested in QF (note: windows support is currently unknown, the bindings menu is currently broken), grab the source from git:;a=summary


What little user docs we have: 
The Site Is Borked 
Is there a good link to this map? Otherwise, I'll look on Quaddicted.

it's also in quakeinjector :) 
I did a crap one before this week, and dont feel like trying again due to a couple of reasons: most technical (only got it to run with a certain engine and then i cant exec my standard cfg or it 'll crash) 
Thats More Like It 
Since i made new cfg earlier today to rerun digs06 I didnt encounter the troubles i had with this one either. Not only was the execution realy poor in the previous demo, i completly missed a shortcut :) 
Nice Demo Orbs 
I've never seen the map completed that fast before, very impressive. How fast do you think you can complete it killing all monsters and finding all the secrets? :)

And just as a polite request, please don't use dzip anymore. Dzip really screws up my system in ways its not supposed to. Its just a hassle and having an extra program lying around with unnecessary options in the right click menu. That, and it doesn't seem any better than .zip, .rar, or .7z. 
Agree About Dzip 
I love watching speed runs (since I'm not skilled enough to record them) but hate that program. 
dzip is loosing it's relevancy these days with all the custom protocols. from what i've heard, as soon as you use a non-stock protocol, you loose all the extra compression.
7zip is king for super compression, but if you don't want to use that, you may as well just use zip, because that's what you get with dzip on custom protocols. 
from what i've heard, as soon as you use a non-stock protocol, you loose all the extra compression.

Either that or it corrupts the demo by making (incorrect) assumptions about the file format. I believe that mwh reported this happening with DarkPlaces demos a few years back. 
Is Dzip Open Source? 
The source is available at but it's not necessarily open source... 
actually the license does appear to allow any modification and/or use you want, the main issue is probably that you have to reproduce the text of his license in your version. 
It looks like dzip doesn't check the protocol version at all, so yeah, I can imagine things might go wrong.

Can't really see the need for dzip at all on today's internet. Times have changed! 
not that much.
also, a lot of us have fairly low bandwidth caps with no other options. 
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