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..::LvL Experimental Single Player Comp
Yep, an Experimental Single Player Comp using the Q3A engine as a base.

There is no physical prize, just bragging rights.

Submission deadline is 3rd Dec, 2010. More details on ..::LvL
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Actual link: Aug 2010&m=All&p=singleplayer 
Screw That Stupid Javascript Crap 
Don't bother trying to open the bottom links to the example maps in tabs, it won't work. 
Thumbs Up! 

Finally some Q3 maps to explore and actually do something with! 
Try This Link Then...

I'll add a 'permalink' to the page for people. 
All Links Should Now ... 
All links should now open in new tabs, but you may get a 'home page reload' when following links in the 'new tab' (no reload on Chrome, but yes on Firefox). This will only happen once per new tab. 
Thanks. :)

cinnamonpoptart is fun. 
Interesting Idea 
Let's discuss the SP potential of s(t)ock Q3A (or has this been done before in another thread?).

Seems like the limited entity variety of the game only allows for a) maze-like SP maps (=shit), b) explorational-type of gameplay with hidden pickups, c) obstacle courses with jumps and traps, d) logic gate puzzles like in Moteof, e) shooting gallery. What else?

I could imagine something like my spaceship arcade speedmap might work, too. And of course the most obvious thing, proper FPS gameplay. Shouldn't it be more or less possible to make a regular (linear) SP map by making the bots spawn in botclip cages and coming up with a way that prevents them from respawning in the same spots (killtarget the dm start or blocking it with an invisible object)?

Is it possible to hack some entities like in Quake? ;) 
@ Negke 
I remember Aliens vs Predator Single Player... That engine just kept throwing in aliens while you were trying to get to the map exit.

I suppose similar gameplay could be possible in Q3 but you'd need a way to 'end' the level... 
you could do some kind of survival map i guess? 
Yeah But... 
.. it's more fun if there's an exit you can reach. Otherwise you'll just have the timelimit factor = the same as FFA against bots as it is already in Q3A. So that would mean the SP map is actually a normal DM/FFA map which doesn't make sense in such a SP contest.

I think the only thing you'd need coded in Q3A is the trigger_changelevel thingy...Then you're all set. 
True. I haven't actually thought about that. A possible workaround could be using a target_score script that, upon walking through the exit, very quickly increases the player's score towards a high fraglimit. This would work even better if the map was set to CTF mode.

As for enemies, I think it would be possible to more or less recreate classic behavior/combat by using customized bots that only use a single weapon, have reduced aim accuracy and movement speed, and are prone to camping. Ideally they would spawn in teleporter closets outside the main map, where they also get their weapon, and be teleported to their positions (bot clipped) as the player enters the area. This would prevent them from respawning in the map, so it would feel more like a linear progression or distribution; and they could be reused multiple times. Items can be set not to respawn which allows for SP-like placement without special tricks. 
You Could Just Teleport 
the player into some special area at the end.

For bots, you still would need to solve the bot spawning/adding, and I don't know if there's "spawn only player 1 here" spawnpoints. If there isn't you'd probably have random enemies... 
There's an info_player_start entity that apparently is only used in single player mode. Enemy randomization can't be avoided, I guess, but if the enemy types are restricted to, say, machine gunners and shotgunners, perhaps with an occasional grenadier, that shouldn't be a problem. 
I talked with a friend about the idea of using bots as monsters after we read about that SP competition. We also had the ideas with teleporting bots into bot-clipped 'cages' when the player gets close to them. Maybe you could also kill all those bots he left behind when he enters a new area by activating a trigger_hurt/kill in the old area (since the maximum number of bots is limited you need to establish some sort of bot flow I guess). All of this sounds like tons of work for little gain though. And I can't really imagine it to be fun to play tbh. Who wants to fight q3 bots in cages?

On the other map types... hm. I like defrag and there's thousands of great maps already so making obstacle race maps in vq3 and claiming it was experimental doesn't make much sense imo.

Nobody likes mazes I guess so no need to talk about those (I'm not a rat and I don't get paid with cheese to do so - so why navigate mazes?).

Exploration/logic puzzles: Hm. A matter of taste I guess but for me it's very similar to the maze tbh.

I guess people will need to come up with something new. 
Or just use Darkplaces with your favourite Quake monsters. 
...that's what I thought when I wrote 'tons of work for little gain'. ;) 
Not To Forget: Monster Closets 
It doesn't have to be literal cages all the time. I thought more about clipping off smaller areas the bots can move around in, like a room, corridor or balcony. After all, one would have to make sure the bots don't kill each other. 
Just Put Them In A Team 
also, you'd need some complex triggering going on to teleport them into the right places 
Definitely. It would be possible but I guess the fine tuning for playability would be a real pita. 
Ugly Ass Proof Of Concept 
Oh Yeah 
if you die, q3 might randomly crash. haven't figured that out yet. 
Another One 
if i put the map in a pk3, my q3 crashes. 
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