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New Project - Few Questions
Hi everyone.
I'm new to this board, but i wanted to ask a few things. I hope you can help me figure out some stuff.

So here's the thing. I always made maps for doom and quake as long as i remember myself, but i never actually tried make any TC or even packs with new monsters/weapons and such for quake. Actually i dont even know how to do it... and i cant find a source where i can find some tutorials about it... no one interested in quake anymore? :(

So, can someone help me with this questions:
1. How do i make new monsters? I plan using existing models, so i just need to somehow put them in game.
2. How do i change textures on existing quake monsters to make them new with new parameters.
3. How do i make new weapons? Again, i plan using existing models from other TC for now.
4. Is it possible to make things like EXP and levelups in game so the higher level player is the more hp he has and higher max of ammo.
5. Do i wast my time...?

I need to know answers to this becaus i want to try to make TC. Fantasy world, bows, swords, magic wands, knights, wizards and stuff...
Also if anyone can help or take part in this it would be really great help.

I'ma run and get the popcorn! 
Start there, because you need to be coding. 
> 5. Do i wast my time...?

What Ijed Said is a good starting point, they've got a load of tutorials in QuakeC, the language you'll need to use to code up your mods. They've also got messageboards where a lot of knowledgeable coders/modders hang out. There are a load of coders here too, but generally it's more mapping focused. 
Thank you for your reply. I'll try to look trough stuff in

But if someone else have something to all please go ahead. 
*to add 
As others have said, is the place to look for coding help, they have tons of resources available to help people such as yourself.

If it turns out that coding new enemies etc is not your thing, perhaps the "Quoth" mod for quake will suit you as it comes with a ton of flexible options for adding new stuff to your maps without you having to learn the Quake coding language. 
I'll Give It A Try :) 
QC looks interesting and simple enough. So I'll give it a try :)
I even came up with the idea how to implement EXP and LVL system :) is great help. 
Sorry, I know a lot of hard work went into it, by people who I respect, but, well..


Qc is advanced scripting, basically. You will need a determined animator though, since coding without an end result is pretty depressing.

The animator / modeler has to be determined because the Quake formats are like a brick wall. All game formats are, but in Quake you're looking at dawn of video games technology.

Good luck. 
Simple Model Editing 
I guess you can start by reskinning, and giving monsters different weapons, such as arming ogres with nailguns, or editing their default weapons a bit.

Or you can have a sword as a HUD weapon: take death knight's sword and attach it to player's fist originally holding the axe. Most monster weapons are detachable, except the regular Knight's "spike" (sword) protruding from his fist.

NOTE: I don't know [i]right now[/i] what model editor to suggest. Last time, I picked up a shareware version of QME (lite). For being a demo, it limited me to 20 frames (not enough for monsters but enough for simple guns). However, I was pretty much able to do stuff like weapon detaching and reattaching (it's just a matter of dragging some things out). Try looking at the "Quake Terminus" for various editing utilities. 
there is a full version of qme floating around. quaketastic and/or quaddicted should have it. 
Quake Terminus 
As well. It's a full patch that you apply over the shareware version. It doesn't work on 64bit though, even though the shareware does. 
Hi Qrdude.. 
I'm not a qc expert but I suggest this
to have your new modified monster seen by Quake:

- extract soldier.mdl(example) from quake/id1 paks and load it in your model editor of choice(qme?)

-modify it as you want(colors,skins,vertices..)
and then save it in the format .mdl

-rename it as soldier.mdl and put it in Quake/yourmod/progs folder where yourmod is the folder you MUST create under Quake folder in order to have Quake engine "see" your new creation

-then launch Quake from a commandline with parameter "-game yourmod" (without quotes)
and you're done(hopefully)
"-game yourmod" 
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